Welcome to the wonderful Saturday edition of the Phat Daily Column. For some reason, this one seems to be one of my favorite days to do a column. Maybe it's the wonderful ECW on TNN impressions? Who knows. Probably because I have no classes to rush to immediately following writing this very column. I could go on and on about this, but what's the use? On to the PDC.


Yesterday, I botched up and called Judgement Day, Unforgiven. Doh! Well, I guess it's just the fact that the WWF Pay Per Views, besides the big 5, are hard to remember or care about. It would be real hard to say all of the WWF PPVs in a row. The names for the PPVs formerly called "In Your House" are so one dimensional and lame. You have Judgement Day, Armageddon, No Way Out, Unforgiven, to name a few. Those are weak names to always remember, as the same effect of having them as In Your House 6363 would work just as much.

WWF Smackdown did a 4.3, which you could say is low, but then you look at what it was up against Thursday Night, and you say "wow, that's pretty good!" Along with sport playoffs, we had Friends at the 8 pm hour, and we had Frasier at the 9pm hour. Both scored over the 20s in their ratings. Oh yeah, Millionaire was also on Thursday, and that was at 9pm as well. That's tough, considering the WWF peaked in their overnights at 9:30. But then again, RAW had lower numbers this week and a slightly higher rating would have had much more praise. This is still very good in these conditions though.


If you haven't read Bret Hart's wrestling column, you should Click Here to read it. In it, Bret talks about his injury, and how WCW made him work once he had his concussion. To top all of this, he just recently had his pay cut in half. Ouch. It was nice of WCW to implement that program back when their wrestlers took months off at a time for personal reasons, but for injuries caused in their ring? Come on! He suffered the concussion in the ring, and WCW forced him to work more, and made it much worse. Now, his health is in bad risk, and he may never return to the wrestling ring again. Now, you cut his pay? That's not right.

Some people are throwing heat my way because I am angry with WCW for "worked injuries" like the one they are doing with Ric Flair. They cite different ones, like the WWF's false injuries and so on. Some cases, yes I'll agree, but this is twice now with Ric Flair. They gave him a heart attack a year ago, and now they make him collapse? That's what I'm getting at, especially when a person at his age could be having those medical conditions bothering him. Now that's what is disturbing about this whole thing, and we have Vince Russo to blame for his wonderful booking.

Analysis: ECW is TNN

First, we start off with the Sinister Minister and Mikey Whipwreck. I think I'm turning into a mark for those two, because I enjoyed every moment of their skit and match! The Sinister Minister dogged WCW hard. He compared WCW to Keith Richards, in that they were dead but they just didn't know it yet. How true some people can be sometimes. Mikey tries to ride a tricycle down the side of an empty pool, but takes a spill and does his wonderful laugh. I was laughing too. These two are great! Mikey Whipwreck then fought Little Guido, in what was spawned off of Kid Kash and Johnny Swinger. Mikey Whipwreck has went through a career without a strong gimmick, but now he has one. LOOK OUT! Whipwreck defeats Guido with a mean Stone Cold Stunner Whippersnapper.

Now here's what disturbed me about ECW on TNN. The 3 way dance match between Doring/Roadkill, the Baldies, and then Chetti and Nova had the potential to be a classic, but what does ECW decide to do? They have Steve Corino come in, and they have him interrupt most of the match! He cries about Tajiri beating his ass, and he shows many highlights..instead of the match at hand. Instead, we get to see SOME spots of the match, but not all. It's this kind of organization that drives me nuts about ECW sometimes. Baldies got the win, and they waited until New Jack arrived. Same stuff, different day. I still say that Stapler gun is STILL ridiculous to have as a weapon. You ever see one of those staples for those guns? You ever see now far it can go into a board? I think it would literally penetrate the skull, and then do some other damage. But hey, it's ECW, so we accept it, right?

Again this week, Joel Gertner did an excellent job. He's finally getting the swing of being the ECW on TNN announcer, and the producers are getting confidence in him to say much more. Again, big props to Gertner, as he gets better each week!

Final match had a good match between a guy who has lost a step, Raven, and a guy who shouldn't be world champ at this point in his career, Justin Credible. Both of them carried a good, long match, with a semi-weak ending. Raven kicks out of a the "That's Incredible" piledriver, but he can't kick out of a very weak DDT. Hmm. I do think it's still funny how the DDT means something in ECW, but yet it's a regular move in the other federations.

We were treated to a few interviews in this show. Backstage ones that is. First, we have Rob Van Dam. He discusses how he wanted his first loss to be to Jerry Lynn, but not how it ended at Hardcore Heaven. Jerry Lynn was up next, talking some weird nonsense, but he said that he didn't know about how RVD was screwed in the match. Then we get Cyrus in the end, and Rhino attempting badly to look really pissed off. Cyrus is getting better too, but the gimmick of being an official of TNN is wearing thin.

ECW on TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 4
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: This was a good show, especially considering that some of the best talent weren't on it. That's what I enjoyed from it. No Tajiri, RVD, Sandman, Super Crazy, or Jerry Lynn tonight, but the rest of the guys did great. I'm not much for all of the WWF and WCW references that keep getting made, although the Sinister Minister's message was funny. They should strive to get noticed on their own, and NOT by ripping other feds. I liked this show, therefore, I'll give it a generous


for this week's show. I predict a 1.0 for this week's show. Bad storms in the East COULD have kept people inside. :)

@That's it for today's edition of the Phat Daily Column. Enjoy your Saturday. I'll be back tomorrow with Judgement Day predictions, so just chill till the next episode.

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