Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Phat Chat went very well yesterday, as I thank Curt Creighton very much for stopping by. Come back next week for another edition of Phat Chat with another special guest. This has been a rather interesting week in wrestling, as words of a few wrestlers jumping ship. Is it true? We'll find out officially, and hopefully in the upcoming weeks. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Well, I see posts about Jericho giving notice to WCW that he's leaving, and I see posts that Jericho is negotiating still with WCW. Remember, only if Jericho officially announces his leaving, it will be true. So until then, don't believe anything until it's true. Jericho is wanted by the WWF though, as they need some big time heels, plus they could probably turn Jericho into a main eventer, which is exactly what the WWF needs, another main eventer. Don't count WCW out of the race though, as they have deep pockets to spend on him. I'm wondering, with all of the non-sellouts their arena shows are having, could they pay Jericho the 1 million he wants? -I am actually excited about Raven and Saturn as champs. I feel they are very deserving wrestlers, and they are good tag team to watch, unlike the former champs who were cruiserweights. Their title run depends on a few things in my mind. One, how long Saturn can hold up. If he needs surgery in the future, they'll lose the straps, and thus another torturous WCW tag tournament. Of course, WCW has that new rule where you don't have to be the same duo to defend the belts. Also, I think Raven wants to wrestle singles, and I think WCW will eventually want him for that lame hardcore division. Yeah, that's right, I said lame, because fools like Brian Knobbs aren't hardcore. -With Scott Steiner on the shelf now for injuries, many wrestlers can breathe a sigh of relief. That crazed steroid abuser is really going nuts on wrestlers in the ring. The steroids, along with him hard-ass gimmick make his attitude and ego go way up, and he now gets mad very easily(roid rage). Funny, I laughed at Inside the Lines when he said he's all natural. If he's so natural, why the hell is he so crazy in the ring? No wrestlers in WCW want to wrestle Steiner because he's so stiff in the ring. If you don't think he's on roids, just remember his attitude before he was Big Poppa Pump. WCW needs to have a little talk with Steiner.


-Well, our lady Sable seems to be the most hated individual in the WWF locker room. Wrestlers are absolutely sick of her attitude, and they have never liked Marc Mero either. She feels she's "all that" ever since she has been in Playboy. The question is, do you actually think that the WWF would release her? Like it or not, she's still a goldmine, and the more Playboys she's in, the more publicity for the WWF. They will milk her popularity with the public until even they hate her, then they will get rid of the bimbo, and someone like Debra, who seems to starting to become the top Lady in the WWF, to take the top spot. -Reports say that the channel USA is extremely happy with the WWF's success. The are really enjoying the huge ratings their shows are recieving, and they are very happy on how much RAW is beating down Nitro. I'm sure with this, USA won't really care what the WWF puts on the air, so you can probably expect continuation of sleezy angles, like the ones involving Debra among other things. Just imagine what would happen if the WWF was below WCW in the ratings, and they were doing the sleezy stuff. That wouldn't be good for the WWF. -It seems that the dirty UPN channel will get the Smackdown show. Oh joy, that means I don't get to see it. Thanks for maybe signing with a worthless station, instead of a station that is actually carried by cable companies. Anyways, the rumored time slot is from 8-10 on Thursday. It's just a shame I can't see it...wait a sec! That's going up against Thunder! Uh-oh, more head to head wrestling! Chunder, I mean Thunder will now have to get the wrestlers who refuse to wrestle Thunder, to wrestle it again to fight off the WWF. Smackdown is really going to pound Thunder, but it's a damn shame I'm getting the shaft by not having UPN. Now I have to watch Thunder!!

@Well kiddies, that's it for today's Phat Daily Column. I, hopefully, will be back tomorrow for yet another editon, so until then, just chill...till the next episode!

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