Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we are going to focus on the latest issues of professional wrestling, since you know, there are no shows to hype or review on Wednesdays! Just the way it is...

Late last night, I reported the newsbyte about Bill Goldberg possibly negotiating with the WWF from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, which I'm the only one to credit it for the news. Anyway, after I posted it, I thought to myself, oh damn, that's going to start a crapload of rumors. Sure enough, about a half an hour later, every fanboy site had the news up on their boards, but adding their own touch to the story. I heard everything from how he has already signed, he'll be on the RAW show, he'll be on the Smackdown show, etc, etc. All I can do is just shake my head about how insane a credited newsbyte can travel, and how badly reworded it can become.

I believe that my column is at a perfect medium now. For every show review I do, I get many who say I'm too generous and many who say I'm too harsh at the grade. Geesh! I clearly state my feelings on every show, and from today's shows anymore, I believe that the lack of booking and focus on the undercard will hurt the WWF in the long run. Especially on RAW, where the undercard always sucks, wrestling-wise, insomuch that you have to pray for a decent Main Event.

On to the PDC.


-Looks like the RAW product is slowly starting to lose momentum. Their rating this week was a 4.4, down a good 0.4 points from the previous weeks' 4.8 ratings. Looks somewhat significant to me. Again, I want to keep stressing this: the lack of good wrestling and storylines with the undercard and midcard wrestlers really hurts RAW as a whole. The Austin-Flair storyline has been good thus far, but the rest of the card is a laughing stock right now. Shawn Stasiak squashes? Hardcore title matches? And then, we get our everybody bounce off the Big Show matches, which we didn't suffer through this week, and who could forget the Mr. Perfect matches? It's scary, too, for the WWF has some really good ones on the RAW roster, such as Brock Lesnar, Hardys, Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam, and Booker T, but yet they are booked either in comedy roles or their matches are shortened for Sports Entertainment.

And you know what I'm truly curious about? How did William Regal vs. Hulk Hogan do as a Main Event in the final quarter hour of RAW? I bet you that the ratings somehow get buried to hide the fact that Hulkamania is slowly rotting away the product, again.

-Mtv Heat got torched with a very low 1.1 rating for this week's show. Ouch. Having bottom-of-the-barrel wrestlers on that show isn't going to help the WWF's success on Mtv that much. Let's look at the past week's card... Crash Holly vs. the Big Bossman?!?!? HAHA!! Wow, I know already why the show's rating is so low. Justin Credible vs. Tommy Dreamer? Could be good, but neither man has been properly introduced to the WWF audience, and the ECW audience doesn't bother with the WWF anymore. Same thing applies to Stevie Richards vs. Raven, although "Steven" was well known. I guess nobody has explained his current role in the storylines yet, though. I would have liked to have seen Eddie Guerrero vs. D'Lo Brown... damn. Of course, anyone wanting to see the Main Event of this show could have been bored with the undercard, especially starting with the first match. :)

When is D'Lo going to debut on RAW, anyway? They could use a fresh face on television right now. I'm assuming that the WWF will run RVD vs. Eddie Guerrero for another Pay Per View, but why not a 3 way match pitting the Frog Splashes against each other for King of the Ring? Of course, that would mean that any of the 3 wouldn't be up for the King of the Ring tournament.

-I was talking to my good friend "Shooter" Shawn Valloric (from WrestlePalooza.com) the other day about the Wheeling Civic Center WWF houseshow event tonight. Now, I'm not going to this local WWF event, as it's the first time the WWF has been in Wheeling since the summer of 1998, but he told me that it wasn't quite sold out and there were a few people in the Valley who just couldn't give away tickets. Oh man, after roughly a 4 year drought by the WWF, it doesn't come close to selling out? Hmm... Could it be from the current product? Possibly, as the WWF isn't as hot of an item as they were in 1998. With the rise of Stone Cold back then, the Civic Center sold out in March of 1998 for a RAW taping.

Or maybe, how about this dilemma? For the past few years, the WWF has been touring only the major cities or big campuses. The smaller towns they used to tour were now abandoned from having the WWF, despite the high demand for tickets. Maybe my area just said "screw you" to the WWF for one last time, after neglecting Wheeling for so long? I don't officially know... But what I do know is that many smaller venues aren't selling out for WWF houseshows.

-I'll admit it, I'm not a big fan of the WWF's names for Pay Per Views. I like the fab 5's names... Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, King of the Ring, Summerslam, and Survivor Series. But yecch at the rest of the names. They are just so plain, and boring. Judgment Day? Armageddon? Vengeance? Backlash? No Way Out? No Mercy? And other names... The PR department must be a group of 60 year olds, thinking of the COOLEST names for the WWF's younger audience to get attached to.

If you didn't know by now, Vengeance now takes over for Invasion, and Armageddon is back on for December. Vengeance was the new name for the December Armageddon Pay Per View, in the light of what unfortunately happened on September 11th. Invasion took over the lame name Fully Loaded, and now the lame name Vengeance will take its place. Of course, we can't use the term "Invasion" anymore, especially since that main angle only drew big numbers for ONE Pay Per View, thanks to very very poor writing at the time. Stephanie in charge of ECW? Don't get me started......

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