Welcome back to yet another edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Man oh man, did my mailbox flood about the Smackdown show. I guess I'm not the only one without a dirty UPN station. I have 2 WB stations, so if someone has 2 UPN stations, how about trading? : ) Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Professor Frank McHone, who lives in North Carolina, reports: I saw a commercial on TV, and it said "coming to the Bi-Lo Center in Greensville, South Carorlina, see WCW Monday Nitro featuring the stars of WCW like, Hollywood Hogan, The Nature Boy Ric Flair, Big Sexy Kevin Nash, Goldberg, and Scott Hall on May 24th". Wait a second, Hogan is said on the commercial that he'll be back by the 24th. I guess it's an early return for Hogan, or it's just a commercial error by WCW. Either way, it makes you think. I hope it's a slip up. : )-WCW, and Kevin Nash were very impressed with Hak's performance at Thunder. Kevin Nash was said that he had fun wrestling Hak in his match, and he was amazed on how much skill Hak has. Maybe now Hak will start winning and get some respect in WCW. Having him lose the 4 way match on Nitro was a joke, when Nasty boy has been Brian Knobbs won the match. I think though, with his match against Hak on Thunder, that Nash will realize the potential he could do with Hak, and maybe make him into what he was in ECW. At least I am hoping for that.-Well, Thunder did a 2.5 rating against Smackdown, and that is the worst rating Thunder has got in a while. Hmm..and Thunder was decent too. I guess it goes to show you that wrestling on a local channel, which I can't freakin' get, will defeat a cable show. Thunder had many of it's stars wrestling last night, but WCW's only Ratings draw, Sting, doesn't wrestle Thunders. When Sting recently re-signed last year, he made an agreement that he only has to wrestle Nitros and Pay Per Views. So Thunder's in trouble.


-Well, Smackdown, which I could not see, recieved a 5.8 rating last night. That's pretty good, especially considering that many have their Smackdown completely missing, like me, or they have their Smackdown delayed due to a baseball game. One thing I heard though, is that Smackdown will be #3 in WWF's show. That makes Heat #2, and Raw #1. That means the show will be somewhat watered down, kinda like a good Shotgun Saturday Night. This is good for me, because whatever "great" happens on it, I'll probably hear about it on Heat or Raw. -Oh man, the Fabulous Freebirds could be coming back. Ok, you got Dok Hendrix, or Michael P.S. Hayes, and who else? Will they bring in Terry Bam Bam Gordy? How about Jimmy Jam Garvin? Or will the WWF find new blood to become part of the Freebirds. I'm not sure if Terry Bam Bam Gordy would come back, as he is a bit bitter towards the WWF from his days with that lovely gimmick as the Executioner. We'll just have to see on this one.-Well, good old Mankind's knees are really starting to bother him more and more as time goes by. For the love of God Mick, take some time off! You can't risk going on much anymore, or you will have to have both of your knees replaced later on down the road. I love to watch Mankind in the ring, but it angers me that he's not taking any time off, when he should to allow those knees to heal. (Ross Report)

@That's it for today. Have a nice day, and thank you as always for reading the Phat Daily Column. This is Mr. Tito, Never taking a day off, signing off!

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