Welcome to the Judgment Day edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll look at how Judgment Day was set up and then I'll give my predictions.

But first, a word about the British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith who passed away at the age of 39. It's very sad to see yet another somewhat big name superstar passing away, especially one who has been on television for quite some time. He was a part of the famous tag team, the British Bulldogs in the 1980's for the WWF, went to Japan for a while, came back to wrestle in a singles career, went to WCW for a big payday, back to the WWF a nice run as the first European champion and many great tag title runs with the late Owen Hart, on to WCW in support of Bret, and back to the WWF for one last try there. This is very sad indeed.

He was only 39, too. Damn.... yet another bad thing for the Hart family.

Damn it, I have nothing else to say in the introduction. On to the PDC.


-The Story-

So where do we begin? The original plan for Judgment Day was to have Chris Jericho vs. Undertaker vs. Hulk Hogan vs. Triple H in a 4 way for the World Title. That's why we saw the ending of Triple H vs. Hulk Hogan at Backlash. HOWEVER, plans changed, probably out of ignorance by the WWE or paybacks to the Undertaker for not giving him the World Title shot at Backlash. Either way, we're in for a BAD match between Hogan and Undertaker.

And just how did this feud get hyped, so to speak? Motorcycles, baby! Hogan would try to chase the Undertaker with the Taker's motorcycle, only for it to stall out on Hogan on national television. HA! Hogan would later run over the motorcycle in question with a semi truck. Then, on the latest edition of RAW, the Undertaker was dragging Hogan around with a motorcycle, making every WWF fan just craving Hogan vs. Undertaker at Judgment Day. Looks like Undertaker will win the title, given McMahon interference due to the Smackdown altercation.

What about Triple H vs. Chris Jericho? In bad need of a drawing match, the WWF kept these two out of the 4 way and put them against each other in the famous Hell in the Cell. Jericho has been lethal as a heel, attacking Triple H whenever and NOT using the assistance of that bitch Stephanie this time around. Interesting how Triple H was mentioning Mick Foley as a man he beat in the cell one time...

The RAW booking has been a mess as of late, and that's after the decent build up of Ric Flair turning on Steve Austin. However, it was done in a way where Flair now associates himself with the New World Order, and then declaring a new member which nobody cared about. To get the Big Show in the act, the match will now be Big Show/Flair vs. Austin.

After a great match at Backlash, Edge and Kurt Angle are at it again. However, a page taken out of the 1980's handbook was used here, as it's a hair vs. hair match. At least it will keep the crowd into it the whole time. Plus, hair vs. hair isn't really bad in comparison to a KISS MY FOOT (or feet) match.

The rest of the show has been booked very poorly...

-Tito's Predictions-

Women's Title: Trish Stratus vs. Stacy Keibler
If Trish carries Stacy to a watchable match, she's an angel sent from heaven. Seriously. Trish just won the title to lose it, therefore, Trish is the winner of this match. Interesting note, though, is that both the Dudley Boyz will be at ringside...
Tito's Pick: Trish Stratus

Hardy Boyz vs. Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman
Ah yes, punishment for Curt Hennig's childish pranks and immaturity. It's clearly obvious that a certain MANAGER or AGENT will probably get pinned in this match. Gee, who could that certain AGENT or MANAGER be? Why it's very possible that the MANAGER or AGENT might not have any wrestling experience, with the exception of hitting people with foreign objects, such as the AGENT or MANAGER's cell phone. How dare I assume the obvious.
Tito's Pick: Hardy Boyz

World Tag Titles: Chuck and Suck vs. Rikishi/Mystery Partner of Vince McMahon's choosing
Gee, a HEEL owner of the company choosing a face's partner. It wouldn't put it past me that Vince would trash the tag title's credibility even further by making Rikishi and a joke wrestler win the match. However, Vince still enjoys that knob job that Billy Gunn continually gives him to get the constant pushes he's had throughout his career.
Billy and Chuck

Intercontinental Title: Eddie Guerrero vs. Rob Van Dam
Build up for this match was just so poor. Because of that, Eddie retains, and a ladder match may occur soon between these two. I still have money riding on that, and it could possibly happen at King of the Ring 2002?
Tito's Pick: Eddie Guerrero

Hair vs. Hair: Kurt Angle vs. Edge
The long blond hair MAKES Edge what he is. Plus, I believe the WWE recognizes that the time is now to finally push Edge to top billing, and Kurt Angle is the man to go over. This should be a classic like the Backlash event, and with extra drama from the hair gimmick, I suppose.
Tito's Pick: Edge

Ric Flair/Big Show vs. Steve Austin
I believe that the WWE is holding back Flair vs. Austin, one on one, for a future date, possibly at King of the Ring 2002. Because of that, Big Show and Flair will win here, thereby putting heat on the Flair vs. Austin match, I guess? Austin and Flair will work great together, but the Big Show will just badly stink up the match as usual.
Tito's Pick: Big Show and Ric Flair

Hell in the Cell: Triple H vs. Chris Jericho
Although Jericho winning would make more sense, Triple H will win to keep the heel-face balance around for the top of the card. Plus, Jericho beating Triple H at a Pay Per View, or all places? HA! That won't happen.
Tito's Pick: Triple H

World Title: Undertaker vs. Hulk Hogan
My eyes! Oh my eyes! This horrible match will end with Vince McMahon screwing Hogan out of the World Title, which could set up Triple H vs. Undertaker at King of the Ring 2002. YAWN! Hogan's gonna lose, brotha.
Tito's Pick: Undertaker

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@I'm still shook up a little bit by Bulldog's death. It's a bloody shame. RIP Davey Boy.

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