Will the real Mr. Tito please come foward. Oh wait, that's me. Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. This has been a strange week for wrestling. First, we have WCW doing ANYTHING they can for ratings, and then we have the WWF setting themselves up for their latest Pay Per View, Unforgiven. I guess we'll have to see in the upcoming weeks where their efforts will take them. On to the PDC.


Thunder had a 2.55 rating from Wednesday, which is about the same as last week if my memory serves me right. Thunder, every week, has been at least watchable. Whereas, Nitro, well.... I will say this though. Bobby "the Brain" Heenan was making some great calls on Thunder. He had me laughing for a while on certain comments, and it reminded me of the old Bobby Heenan on WWF Primetime Wrestling. Oh, those were the days. With the announcing, I'd much rather watch Thunder than Nitro. Shiavone as the main guy(he has a more limited role on Thunder), and high pitched Mark Madden just don't cut it on Nitro. Hudson struggles too because he's working with two thoughtless goofs.

DOUBLE Fingers of Shame to WCW for having Ric Flair's collapse as an angle. No, in fact, SCREW YOU WCW for doing this. Don't you guys realize that fans actually care about wrestlers? No, they are only out for the simple ratings, and in the long run they will get burnt! Especially with Flair though. They've done it to him before, and now they do it to him again. People, across the nation, have grown up watching the Nature Boy wrestle. When they had Flair fake his collapse for the second time, it made many fans stop and show their concerns for Ric Flair. When it's revealed that it's all an angle, that concern turns to hate, and WCW will be in trouble for this. If this is the only type of booking that Vince Russo can do now, then he's doomed.

Speaking of that guy called Russo, he's planning on stripping Ric Flair of the title Monday Night. Oh yeah, care to make the title even more worthless than it already is. Even better, hand it over to Jeff Jarrett to have for a few weeks before he loses it again. Jarrett is NO world champion, and the fact that they keep having him lose it within weeks of his title reign shows that he can't hold up as a champion. But hey, if he didn't jump to WCW, he'd still be the WWF Intercontinental Champion, and that's a title worth more than the World Title in WCW.


Well, I would have had some Smackdown thoughts for everyone, BUT, good old AT&T cable had to make UPN come in like a scrambled Pay Per View. In the good words of Eminem, thanks a lot assholes. So NO SMACKDOWN THOUGHTS! Hopefully, those people, who I screamed at to actually get UPN, will fix the reception for UPN.

I do have one thought, and that's the new Hardcore Champion, Gerald Brisco. There's a tough man there, and it shows on Wrestlemania 2000. His character, for some reason, is a tough individual to use and to wrestle against. Oh wait, I shouldn't talk about that game, because it's already obsolete!

Many insiders are predict that the Undertaker will indeed make his return Sunday Night, and he's most likely to be the big bad man to run in on the Ironman Match. Here's the image that I was talking about the other day, as a thank few readers for sending it in.

So whether or not he shows up, well, that's the WWF's decision.

Well, I have nothing else to say, so it's angle time!

WWF Angle Predictions

These are NOT factual, since they are just predictions.

The Rock- I have a feeling that the Rock will get screwed at Unforgiven, and possibly immediately feud with the Undertaker. Although rumors are floating around that the Rock might turn heel, I don't believe it. He'll win a world title here or there, and eventually headline Wrestlemania 2001 with Stone Cold in the main event.

Chris Jericho- Jericho will probably stay in the Intercontinental Title fight for a while, until the WWF throws him in the World Title division by around fall. There, he will slowly defeat top contenders on his way up. I do think, however, that the return of Stone Cold and the Undertaker will do nothing but hurt Jericho's chances of actually becoming World Champion again.

Triple H- I think the Game might walk away the World champ at Judgement Day, because the Game needs the title to really stay on top. Without the title and a title shot from the Rock, who could he feud with? The World Title puts Triple H in the spotlight more than it would if he wasn't champ. I see a feud with Stone Cold immediately as Stone Cold returns to wrestling. Who knows, the Game could pop in as a third man in Wrestlemania 2001's main event. I think we'll see the McMahon-Helmsley era crumble soon with Stone Cold getting the best of them. The marriage will end, but this won't happen overnight. Give it till after Summerslam.

Stone Cold Steve Austin- The Rattlesnake will return to the ring like a ball of fire, and I bet Triple H is the first he will feud with. The WWF will probably play off the personal feud they had together, as Stone Cold refused to job the title to Triple H at Summerslam. Austin will possibly win some world titles, and will probably headline Wrestlemania 2001.

Debra- Her return will be the exact time of Stone Cold's official return. Who would have thought... I'm thinking that the WWF will try to put two guys together, just like Jarrett and Owen(RIP), and use Debra to get those wrestlers attention.

Dudley Boyz- I have a feeling that after T&A fizzles, and this feud with DX fizzles, it will be back to bad Dudley Boyz again. These guys are the top team in the WWF now, and the crowd simply loves them. Many more World Title reigns coming their way, and final revenge on T&A is coming.

Chris Benoit- This man needs to find some kind of angle or edge to his character to really get to the next level in the WWF. He's already the best in wrestling ability, but all he needs is a mean attitude. I think the WWF is happy with him as a wrestler who is feared, yet can make a good wrestling match with any wrestler in their federation. They must think long run though, and Benoit will be a World Champ in a possible year's time if the angle and situation is right. Until then, lots of IC titles and some feuds with his fellow Radicals. He'll probably feud with Tazz as well when the bicep heals.

Rikishi Phatu- I'm predicting an Intercontinental Title reign for this big man soon, because his ability to get over deserves it! It's hard to say if the WWF would take a chance with him getting the World Title, as he somewhat seems injury prone. Maybe in time he'll get it, but for now, IC title.

Crash Holly- He'll continue this Hardcore champ thing for a while, until the WWF finally realizes how old it is actually getting. They will keep Crash out of it for a while, have him piss off his brother, and possibly go after the Lightweight title. Possibly, as the WWF could make him Hardcore champ about 50 more times.

Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero- He'll make the most of the European title, and probably go after Chris Benoit next for the IC title. Remember, these two had some classic matches in WCW...before they started having them wrestle EVERY night. WWF should keep that in mind. He should remain with Chyna for a while too.

Dean Malenko- Ain't nothing but a Lightweight champion... Well, Dean will probably remain the strongest Lightweight champion, and defend it whenever. The other lightweights really need to be built up much more than they currently are for that division to truly work. Other than defending this title, I just see him having small feuds with former Radical buddies.

Perry Saturn- I'm thinking the WWF might give Saturn the European title just to see how he does as a champion. Then again, with Eddie as champ, the European title could be built up with a strong heel champion. Well, I see the feud with Tazz continuing, whether they like it or not. Saturn needs a gimmick to go along with his cold personality or any kind of angle.

Undertaker- Upon possibly returning at Judgement Day and screwing the Rock out of the title, the Undertaker will start a high profile feud with the Rock to help out those ratings. I see Kane joining him as something like a disciple as well. It's hard to say right now about the Undertaker, as his returns are very unpredictable.

Kane- He too could return at Judgement Day, and he'll crush Buchanan and Bossman for the first month of his return. I have a feeling that he'll become close brothers with the Undertaker, again, and he'll continue his role as the guy who puts everybody else over.

Big Show- After this feud with Shane, I see the Big Show continuing his gimmick where he's dressing up. I figure that one of those times will really catch on with the fans, and BAM, Big Show has a strong gimmick. That could be a matter of time though. I don't, however, see him as world champion for a while.

X-Pac- Probably just remain a flunky of DX, and nothing more.

Road Dogg- Same with Road Dogg, only he'll get into a feud with Mr. Ass when he returns in a long 6 months.

Mr. Ass- Remember him? He'll return with nothing but revenge on his mind, and he'll feud with Road Dogg at first. Now, he'll have to live up to being a singles wrestler, which could lead to Billy Gunn rejoining Road Dogg down the road. Ugh.

Viscera- He'll return from injury, and assume the usual role: jobber.

Hardcore Holly- He'll continue what he keeps doing already. He'll tag with Crash, chase Intercontinental Champions, and occasionally win the Hardcore Title.

T & A- They WWF will continually try to shove this team down our throats, and I see the World Titles heading their way someday. Ultimately, I see them breaking up. I'm thinking that Test would get Trish alone, and Albert would be back to the role which he had before T&A.

Edge and Christian- Expect them to continue with their heal reign as champs, and they will only lose if the fans stop cheering or booing. The WWF seems to always be in test mode for these guys, and will go as far as Edge and Christian can take it. I think they are now a permanent team, so don't expect any break ups. They need a tag team name badly!!! I'd expect another feud with the Hardys down the road.

Hardy Boys- Never fear, their days of wrestling Heat everyweek will come to an end soon. I think the WWF is seriously thinking about breaking them up now, since they wrestle them as singles more than ever. They will always *hint* a break up, but remain a solid team. I think they will re-challenge Edge/Christian for the titles down the road.

Tazz- He'll return, and possibly aim at the current IC champ, Chris Benoit. Remember, Tazz was supposed to win the IC title at the Smackdown following Tazz's injury. I'm also thinking another feud with Saturn, as he'll be forced to actually go through with it.

Acolytes- They will continue the APA gimmick, and wrestle whenever they want. I don't see the World Titles coming their way, even though I feel they are the best tag team in the World right now. They will just be paid off, and jump in some tag matches to help put over other opponents. Plus, Farooq could be out for a while from possible knee surgery.

Val Venis- I bet he'll chase after the European Title soon, but I think the gimmick is overdue. That's just my opinion, and his matches on Heat and Jakked are proving that.

Head Cheese- Probably hint break up all the time, and just be a jobber team for anybody else. Nothing new here.

Bossman and Buchanan- Don't be surprised if these two do break up, especially since Buchanan is showing lots of ability lately. Buchanan could chase after the European title then or so, but then again, he'll probably just be with Bossman and letting himself suffer in the tag division.

Too Cool- Ugh, those tag team titles are theirs soon. Oh, the agony!

British Bulldog- I can't predict much on the poor guy, as he's here one moment, and gone the next. Maybe he'll eventually return in the role that he had when he came back from WCW, and that's as a strong midcarder. Remember, the World Title is the ONLY belt he needs in the WWF. He could feud with Benoit to possibly relive real life heat between Bulldog and Dynamite Kid. You never know.

Stevie Richards- Expect him to lay low on Jakked until the WWF finds a new flunky gimmick for the man. Big Show took a lot of his thunder, which was making him famous during the Jericho-Chyna feud before his injury.

D'Lo Brown- An always personal favorite of mine, as he needs to be put in some kind of supergroup to help him get over as a heel. Yes, I'm making reference to putting him in DX, because I wish Boyd's prediction would come true!! It probably won't, since the WWF seems to be blind lately with D'Lo's gimmicks. Unless the WWF finds the angle or gimmick for D'Lo, he won't get pushed. Euro title at best, and if that.

Gangrel- Poor guy. So much talent, but jobbing seems to be his success...if you call it success.

Essa Rios- He will try to test the waters with the heavyweights to build himself up as a stronger Cruiserweight, and he will then win the title. Along with Lita, his Lightweight title reign should be stronger.

Godfather- Pimpin' ain't Pimpin' ain't easy man... Look for Godfather to keep up his continued role in the WWF, and that's pimpin' Hos, NATIONWIDE. Nothing new, so role a fatty, for this pimp daddy, and light that blunt up and say "HIS CAREER IS GOING NO WHERE!!!"

Mick Foley- He's not like some oldtimers in WCW, he's actually retired! I expect him as the next commissioner though....

Headbangers- Say it like the Thong Song: Job, job, job, job, job!

Kurt Angle- One of the brightest stars in the WWF. It's true, it's true. Both the European title and the IC title will go around his waist many times, and I'm wondering when the button will be pushed to elevate him more? That won't happen in time, so expect him to be a very strong contender in the other title divisions.

Shane McMahon- This feud with the Big Show will probably end, and I see him picking up another wrestler to guide. OR, he just might lead Big Show again, I don't know. I do see him siding against his sister again in the future.

Stephanie McMahon- Something about Triple H will eventually lead to Stephanie snapping, and leaving her husband. Either that, or Triple H will dump her from a disagreement about power.

Vince McMahon- I see the Vince vs. Stone Cold thing rehashed for a few months until Stone Cold gets the best of Vince then. I bet Vince will take a long time off again, especially to set up the XFL, and he'll return just like he did before Wrestlemania.

Linda McMahon- Always there to make those wonderful decisions.

And finally....

The Showstopper, the Icon, the Main Event....Shawn Michaels- It's just tradition to always have HBK last on these things. Well anyway, I predict Shawn to somewhat call it down the line in the Ironman Match. I smell other factors in that match, and just having the special guest referee attack has been done sooo many times. After Judgement Day, only expect a few appearances from HBK. Maybe once every 2 months as the "special" spokesperson for the WWF. He'll be used to get Linda's point across to make her look good in her decisions.

Yes, I could have went over the WWF valets, or a few jobbers like Kaienti, Mark Henry, Mae Young, Fabulous Moolah, Mean Street Posse, and even the Brooklyn Brawler, but they are very one dimensional.

@Phew! Those things take time to type up! That's it for this edition of the Phat Daily Column, as I hope to be back tomorrow for the ECW on TNN review. By the way, make sure you leave your televisions on when you go out tonight so that ECW on TNN can get a higher rating! See you tomorrow!

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