Welcome to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Well, hopefully I can stay awake for this one as I went to see Star Wars: The Phantom Menace at midnight last night, and oh my was it great!!! I suggest for everyone to see it! Best special effects that I have ever seen, and Darth Maul is a badass! Well, anyways, the ratings are in!! So on to the PDC Phat Chat is Tonight at 7:30 Eastern...more info below.


WCW Monday Nitro

First Hour: 3.9 Second Hour: 3.5 Third Hour: 2.6 Composite: 3.33


First Hour: 5.6 Second Hour: 7.1 Composite: 6.35


Raw: 6.35 Nitro: 3.05

-Alright, this week proved that when Nitro puts up a good new match, it makes a difference in the ratings other than long, boring, repetitive matches. The match I'm talking about is Flair/Robinson vs. Madusa/Macho. That match must have grabbed some ratings for that first hour. I can't think of anything else that would get Nitro ratings in the first hour besides basic matches. But anyways, after the first hour, it proved who's on top of the wrestling business, as the WWF nail a 7.1 in the second hour to a measly 2.6 for Nitro in their third hour. Now that's sad, because the second hour is supposed to feature better matches. Looks like WCW has a lot of work that still needs to be done.


-So the word is for Hogan to come back as a huge, evil heel. That's nice, just continue the legacy of Hogan trying to be the most evil heel in the business, you know, when he tried to set the Warrior on fire. Do something else please!! Give him a new gimmick. Let's look back. He started out his career as a heel. The second he turned face, and thus Hulkamania was born! When Hulkamania was dying out, he turned into Hollywood, and thus WCW actually was winning ratings. Hollywood is obiously dying, so why not change it again!! Maybe repeat history for count it, 3 times, 3 Times, 3 TIMES! (sorry DDP) It can be done, but it's just up to that moron booking team and how much control Hogan wants over his character will decide that. -HA! The word is that the Macho is becoming a real head case now that's he's back wrestling. Reports say that he acts like he's younger now that he's dating a 20(?) year old, and that he's always around 3 women. Alright, I like Macho, but I agree. He is acting way too young, but why not? People like younger wrestlers, and he now looks younger in my mind because of his hair. He has the front pulled back to cover that annoying bald spot, and that makes him look much younger. I'm sure every wrestler would act young and cool if they were dating Gorgeous George! -Kudos to Charles Robinson. He took all kinds of bumps Monday, including a very harsh elbow from Savage that took him to the hospital. Anyways, I give him a lot of credit. He's very entertaining to watch wrestle, because he can do it to some capacity. He takes a ton of bumps, and for some reason he has decent mic skills as well. Not bad. I'd really like to see him fight David Flair. I hope he kicks David's ass, because Robinson represents Ric better than David does in the ring. David Flair just plain out sucks.


-Word to the wise, if Madden says something on his hotline report about something in the WWF that seems strange, like the Austin and Debra McMicheal dating, don't consider it to be true. He could obviously be starting crap, so until a good source like WWF.com reports something like that, don't believe it. Now if it were true, that would be cool. WWF top face and top babe hooking up, but until there is legit proof on this, don't believe it. If it were true, I'm sure good old Mongo would go crazy, as I heard somewhere he's not all there anymore after his seperation from Debra. (Hotline part from Calvin Martin) -Just think of the WWF if they get their way. They will have two good heels coming in, that they so desperately need. Word is that they just about have Shane Douglas, and it seems that Jericho is looking pretty good as well for the WWF because WCW is dumb as they seem to have given up on signing Jericho. If the WWF gets both of these wrestlers, their future looks real good! I don't think they could be killed with conventional weapons. -Boy does the WWF love to give the Rock fake injuries. What the hell, first they supposively break his arm, and now he is supposed to be bruised and cut badly from Triple H jackhammering the casket that he was in. That's stupid, cause I really hate fake injuries. Is the WWF trying to hold the Rock back from having these fake injuries? Just let the People's Champ wrestle, and quit giving him fake injuries because believe it or not, fans sometimes get worried if they are real. Check Yo'self WWF.

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