Welcome to the very latest edition of the Phat DAILY Column. I stress Daily, as we'll be doing 2 columns this weekend, given the fact that Judgment Day is on Sunday. Today, though, we'll take a look back at the week's news and results and give the top 5 wrestlers of the week, known as the Jackson 5. I'll also experiment with other stuff, too.

I caught the movie Unfaithful last night, and in the movie, Richard Gere's son was watching wrestling. It had two women wrestling each other, with Bobby the Brain Heenan doing the announcing. I'm assuming it was the WOW organization, namely their Pay Per View they did one time. I don't know for sure though?

Looking in the theater today, I've seen nearly every movie there. From Spider-Man, to the Scorpion King, and even to Star Wars, I've nearly watched everything in the theater. If you didn't know, myself and Mrs. Tito lean more towards watching movies in the theater than renting. The only new movie I haven't seen is the "New Guy", and with my needs to see Star Wars several more times, I doubt I'll get to that one.

Before I get into a big Star Wars discussion, I better start the column. By the way, on the Entertainment Board of the LoP Forums, you can discuss lots of Star Wars. I have been posting a lot on that board about Attack of the Clones, and other things. You can check that out by Clicking Here.

On to the PDC.

Apples Per Day


Monday was somewhat short of news, with the exception of X-Pac being revealed as the man who cut off Michael PS Hayes's hair on the airplane ride from England 2 weeks ago. Aside from Curt Hennig and Scott Hall getting fired last week, no punishments were truly issued, although one could argue that Brock Lesnar was made to look bad on Monday Night RAW where he lost via disqualification to the Hardy Boyz.

The main focus of Monday was of course, Monday Night RAW. A really dull show, in my opinion, and the ratings would show it later on the next day. Not much in the way of hyping a Pay Per View, as the only hype it can do for Hogan vs. the Undertaker has been motorcycle stuff. It's the only way anybody can feud with the 'Taker, I'm assuming? I was guessing that Hogan would have brought out his monster truck by now.

On RAW, though, Hulk Hogan did beat Ric Flair in a match. Ontario fans were loving it, as anyone would live who saw two legends fight. It was probably done to spike the ratings, or at least hope that. However, a lower than recently rating would come out Tuesday...

Congrats to Trish Stratus, our new Women's champion. In my opinion, she's really stepped up her effort lately, in terms of trying to be an actual wrestler. She most likely won the title since Jazz will now be out 4 to 6 months with a knee injury. Jazz's spot as champion appeared to be close guarded, say by a former ECW owner (and I'm not talking about Stephanie).

Finally on RAW, Booker T was revealed as the NEW nWo member. Huh? After struggling to get along with Goldust for a while, Flair decided that he was the new nWo member. Let's face it, the nWo gimmick has now diminished completely, and it was dead in the water the second Hogan left the group. X-Pac's credibility with the fans has been shot for a while now, and the Big Show... HA! He's a large shell of the Giant he once was in WCW. Doesn't look good.


RAW's rating was a 3.9. That is bad news, folks, but much deserved because RAW was truly a poor show. As I just explained above, the focus on the older wrestlers just won't get it done. Pushing new talent and doing anything interesting or fresh with existing talent is key to making the ratings higher or at least stable. The WWE did a 4.6 in the previous week, so this number is very significant, showing the loss of fans that night.

Both the Torch and the Observer, two of the top newsletters around, talked about how Scott Steiner passed his physical to POSSIBLY enter the WWE. However, he was recently crowned with WWA champion and there's always Jerry Jarrett. I believe, and don't quote me on this, that Steiner and Jeff Jarrett get along well in real life. They worked together a lot during the last days of WCW, and could possibly do it again in the new NWA that's forming. However, the WWE sees their drop in the ratings and could be in the need of a talent that would draw interest. Could it be Steiner? Maybe. I know the WWE pushed for the recent examination of Steiner, and he passed that one, so now what?

It was announced that Judgment Day tickets were still available. Huh? This is with a show that contains a Hell in the Cell match, and then both Flair and Hogan wrestling on the same card? Amazing. The Hell in the Cell match is worth it alone, and I'm amazed that the deadly match isn't selling tickets. It just goes to show you that fans in the area aren't too thrilled enough with the WWE to spend their well earned money on a show.


Ken Shamrock has officially signed with the Jarrett/NWA organization. NWA is quite proud of their accomplishment, as they quickly sent out a press release to get some interest. Shamrock signed a 29 date deal, or something like that, which is a very light schedule so that he can also fight in Mixed Martial Arts competitions. Shamrock will be making some good money this year...

Not that much on Wednesday...


In some very sad news, the wrestler who wrestled as Big Dick Dudley (named in real life Alex Rizzo) died at the age of 34. Big Dick Dudley had a good run in ECW for a while, where he was vital in the early goings of the tag team, the Dudley Boyz. He was a big force that put over many of ECW's top guys. May he rest in peace.

1wrestling had some reports on how certain WWE events weren't selling very well around the US, such as a Houseshow that was cancelled and a Smackdown that's not doing well. With the lower ratings now and the poor attendance, it's safe to say that the Wrestlemania momentum is now dying. Not good whatsoever. It's best that the WWE does something to build up the King of the Ring Pay Per View, which is considered one of the big 5 WWE shows of the year.

Thursday was Smackdown night, and we saw a decent overall show. Edge and Triple H confronted each other, thereby possibly planting seeds for a feud later down the road. They were to be a tag team later on that night against Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho, in which the heels prevailed. And speaking of confrontations, Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon had one, where Vince ripped on Hulkamania and then slapped Hogan. Hogan pounded on Vince to the delight of the Montreal crowd.

Hurricane is the new Cruiserweight champion, as he beat Tajiri and Kidman in a 3 way match. Instead of bothering with a Pay Per View match, the WWE pushed it to occur on Smackdown. Rey Misterio better have a HUGE debut or the Cruiserweight division is already dead.

On Tough Enough 2, Hawk quit, citing emotional problems. It's more like everyone picked on Hawk to the point where he just snapped. Also on the show, woman hopeful Jackie hurt her knee which will get checked on next week. The Tough Enough instructors were saying that she was good enough to win it.


Smackdown achieved a rating of 3.6. Competition was insanely stiff, especially given that 34 Million viewers tuned into the Season Finale of "Friends" (got that news from Fox News). I'm sure it's nothing that UPN is satisfied with, HOWEVER, they should note that at least the WWF provides NEW programming throughout the summer, unlike the rest of the shows who won't be back until next September or October with new material.

In more ratings news, the Osbournes continue to pound on RAW. But that's creating a whole new audience, as that show is so addicting. The show that was rated was the Season Finale of the Osbournes, and that scored a 4.5. I know that the Osbournes will be back for a 2nd season. We'll see, next week, if a repeat of the show will defeat RAW or not.

The Jackson 5

5. Chris Jericho - How hard is it to be a heel on your own, eh Stephanie?

4. Triple H - This guy badly needs a BIG Pay Per View match to prove that his added muscle mass hasn't affected his wrestling ability.

3. Hurricane/Trish Stratus - New champions.

2. Edge - His character is starting to come through now, and it's time to elevate him to the next level.

1. Kurt Angle - Looked strong in the Smackdown tag match, winning the tag match by pinning his Judgment Day opponent, Edge.

Weekly Awards

This will be a new experiment for the column. I'll just give out any awards that come off the top of my head, with a few awards being the same every week. Note that on the "Weak of the Week" award... this comes from John Simonson sports show that comes on at 10 am on Saturday mornings on WWVA radio. A local caller calls in and give his "Weak of the Week" for the worst that week in sports. It's quite amusing.

MATCH of the WEEK - Chris Jericho/Kurt Angle vs. Edge/Triple H

WEAK of the WEEK - Monday Night RAW as a whole.

FINGER OF SHAME - Undertaker headlining a Pay Per View, despite the WWE changing that idea last month from the original proposed Undertaker vs. Triple H match.

BIGGEST LETDOWN - The "new" nWo member.

JUST HILARIOUS - How the Canadian crowds simply love Hulk Hogan.

DAMN SHAME - Big Dick Dudley passing. May he rest in peace.

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