Welcome back.... yeah, so I took a day off yesterday. For the time I sat down to produce the Thursday PDC, my mind just drew a blank. I was in the process of writing a paper for Urban Economics, which totally burnt me out. I had a good idea on what to write, and I'll save that for another day.

For those wondering, I'm at home this weekend, which means slow e-mail. Yeah, I've been slow overall lately. It's the last weeks of the Spring quarter for me, and I've been pounded with schoolwork. I've got the Economics project I just told you about to handle, and I have to keep doing those damn Sociology books. Argh, I soooo hate school!

If only this were my full time job, I could do wonders. But I'm just a regular person like those reading this column, with everyday problems, stresses, and whatever else to deal with instead of just writing wrestling columns all day long.

On to the PDC.

First off all, my local UPN here at home was in terrible quality! Also, the tape I taped Smackdown on has been recorded over many many times, so if I miss something that went down, blame technology!

Phatdown Smackdown started out with an interview with the Undertaker (ZZZZZ), to which he revealed that some savage made up the car crash with his wife. Gee, can't the writers create something else to put heat in this feud? Undertaker blames Austin for the set up, which makes me scream about buying Judgment Day this weekend.

I really hope Eddie Guerrero finds a purpose in his odd relationship with the Hardy Boyz. The first match of the night was Hardy Boyz/Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko/Perry Saturn/Jerry Lynn. Wow, what a fun match to watch! Good booking by the WWF here, as Eddie/Hardys provided the crowd reaction, while the other 3 worked hard in the match to make it excellent. I can't believe these guys were given time to work a match on UPN, no less. Anyways, it was a good one, as I hoped for momentum to continue throughout the evening, thanks to the disappointment known as RAW this past Monday. I can't say that I'm too high on Eddie's new submission hold, but oh well.

Backstage, Steve Austin and William Regal were discussing who may have called the WWF about the Undertaker's wife being in a car accident. *Sniff* *sniff* I smell a swerve coming....

Next, we get the Big Show coming out. I wonder what the WWF feels about his Mtv Heat appearance drawing a super low rating? Unfortunately, we're getting Rhyno vs. Test vs. Big Show at Judgment Day. It could be a decent match, depending on Big Show.... which is what I'm scared of. Big show was fighting Bradshaw, who's in the early stages of his new singles career. Faarooq was quite funny on commentary, by the way. Good finish to the decent match, with Test running in with a big boot and Bradshaw winning with the clothesline from Hell.

Backstage, we get the Undertaker attacking Steve Austin. Stone Cold admits to it being Triple H, which ends up being a dirty swerve later. I'm sure a lot of fans aren't thrilled about this, as I'm not exactly either. I guess they believe it will hype Judgment Day, so it will be PUT UP or SHUT UP once Sunday rolls around.

A tag team turmoil match was booked, since the WWF believes the attention span of their fans is short. However, putting the sloppy booking aside, the match should be pretty fun to watch.

Lots of backstage stuff going on. Undertaker reveals that Triple H did indeed make the calls from his cellphone, and then he yells at Regal for a match with Triple H. If that doesn't scream swerve once you hear it, then I don't know what to tell you.

The man, Kurt Angle comes out to a possible interview. Too bad his matches with Benoit have been way too technical, because he's been a tough heel character lately. Angle claims to have a "perfect" match, to which Benoit comes out to confront our Olympic Hero. This feud for this month is much better than the previous ones. We've got two matches, regular and submission (sound was bad here), and a ladder match for the third match! Sweet! Let's hope it doesn't fail to disappoint at Judgment Day, like it sort of did at Wrestlemania and like it really did at Backlash.

This segment forms a Kurt Angle/Regal vs. Rikishi/Benoit, which has the hot crowd going! Excellent worked match, with some funny stuff with the medals. Need I say more? After the match, Triple H and Stephanie arrive and they question what is going on backstage.

Now, we get Paul Heyman asking Triple H why he fooled Undertaker about his wife, and how Stone Cold ratted on him. Swerve is coming a mile away!

Chyna, who wants you to treat her how she is, comes to the ring to a whatever response. Gosh, will someone turn her a full fledged heel already? I have a feeling she'll go back to her sloppy seconds (Eddie Guerrero) this sunday at Judgment Day, but who knows? Molly Holly and Ivory get to fight Chyna, and maybe get spanked. Poor ladies. After Chyna manhandled the two unfortunate souls, Lita came down. Then, in a twist of irony, Eddie Guerrero comes out to clap the ladies in the ring. Very interesting......

Now we get a confrontation between Austin and Triple H, setting up the swerve for later on. Pretty good acting job by the Game and Austin. Call them two guys with clout or whatever, but cut the bullshit aside, they are the two best overall workers in the business, period. Shame they won't have a rematch from No Way Out anytime soon. Damn that match was sooo good.

Chris Jericho comes out, which makes me wonder who he's fighting at Judgment Day. He's going up against Edge for some revenge from previous matches. LOL @ Christian calling Jericho "Y Tool J". Edge and Christian are so damn funny. They need more mic time these days, if you ask me. It appears that the best mic guys are getting less time, while the big guys are gaining more time. Excellent match between these two, as Edge got a great cheap win at the end. Wow, some great matches tonight with lots of time!

Triple H and Regal keep the swerve going, which is at least built up well. I saw it coming a mile away, but I guess I can see where many fans could believe it. Backstage with Lilian, Jericho said that he'll be in the Tag Team turmoil match, as he may have a mystery partner. (I'd mark out if Lance Storm showed up as his partner, reuniting their old team). Next, we get Debra and Stephanie argue about those darn phone calls. They are really working at the swerve! Next, we get a Holly segment with Bob Holly and Molly Holly, as the Hardcore one promises to destroy Spike Dudley. Undertaker talks about how he wants a piece of Triple H, without Kane's help. Predictable by now, but oh well. Entertaining show at this point.

Our next match is Hardcore Holly vs. Spike Dudley. Hey, Crash Holly is with Hardcore, which means that he's going to tell a story and be soooooo entertaining. Like that? After watching Spike in the land of the Giants for a while (the WWF), I'm convinced that even I could throw his skinny ass around. Spike can take punishment like no other! He can make anybody's move *that* more vicious. The very ENTERTAINING Crash Holly tried to help Hardcore win the match, but his storytelling tactic failed. Bob Holly later won the match with a vicious finisher. Crash later took a 3D, which was quite entertaining to me.

Nice of Stephanie to do a bad acting job about the cell phone backstage. She basically threw it away there, but she's the head writer, so it's ok I guess. Our final match, of course, is Triple H vs. the Undertaker in a rematch from their Wrestlemania bout, although it wasn't about Triple H vandalizing the Dead Man's motorcycle this time around. Basically a brawling match, with Triple H bumping around. It's very understandable, as the Undertaker about had his damn ear ripped off 2 weeks ago in England. Very watchable match, with a dead ending with Austin calling Undertaker's wife from backstage. It's a swerve!! It wasn't as bad as I thought it was or heard from online reports.

LAST WORD: Wow, what an incredible improvement over RAW. If every WWF show was set up like this, with longer matches and better backstage angles mixed in, then there would be no complaints from me about the WWF shows. None whatsoever. Very satisfying show, which gets an A- (A minus) in my gradebook.

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