Welcome back, to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Ah yes, nothing like a wonderful night of Thunder to make you feel *that* much better. I'll give you some interesting thoughts on Thunder today, along with many other goodies. So without further introduction, on to the Phat Daily Column.

BUT first, thanks to the two signs at Thunder last night! I really appreciate the fact that one would spend all of that money for the seats and spend valuable time making the sign just in my honor. Thank you very much! All publicity is GOOD publicity. That makes #22 and #23.


There is one thing that goes on in WCW, more than others, that I just can't stand anymore. All of these fake injuries that occur just for the purpose of an angle. For those fans who DON'T have the internet, they are at home thinking that Kanyon is actually hurt. Oh yeah, they are getting the angle across, but at what cost? The actual concern of a wrestling fan. That Kanyon skit was garbage last night, and a finger of shame goes to WCW for this.

However, I think that the Ric Flair incident is real. That's not the only time he's collapsed while in action. Flair definately needs to consider retiring because wrestling seems dangerous to his health. Yes, he still can perform, but it seems that his body is giving. With the shoulder surgery coming up, this recent incident, and the fact that the World Title was given to him for the 15th time, it's a good time to retire for the Nature Boy. Any more collapses or injuries could be fatal to Flair.

I like how Booker T is running in to save the Misfits from the attack of the Filthy Animals, but how far can that take him? Seriously, does anybody in WCW want to push Booker T? Do they notice his great in ring ability? It doesn't seem like it yet, but I'm hoping that this thing with saving the Misfits leads to something. It's time somebody pushes him to the moon for all of the hard work and jobbing that he's done over the past year.

Alright, Lex Luger really tore Chuck Palumbo up at the weightroom last night. That's good, and I hope that WCW sees that Palumbo is WAY out of even Luger's league; and that says a lot.

I will say this: I loved the hardcore match. That was a long battle between the Cat and Terry Funk. The Cat was taking some good shots in that hardcore match, and Funk was taking a lot as well. That was some good stuff, and probably the best hardcore match I've seen out of WCW in a long time. Big props to the Cat and Funk for that match.

What is with all of these ambulance matches? That's all WCW has now, especially with Mike Awesome. WCW pulled a WWF in this match, as they brought a rather large vehicle to the arena with Goldberg's monster truck. Anyway, the world waits for Goldberg's return. Oh yeah, for those who ACTUALLY think that Goldberg's driving that truck, well just consider that a fan spotted a blond guy hopping into the truck right before the show. That's funny that some people were fooled by that.

Oh baby! An Inferno match at Great American Bash between Sting and Vampiro. Let me see here....oh, 3 pay per views in a row that they are fighting. Hell, they are pulling another WWF by adding gimmicks to matches so that they are believeable and fresh to fans. As long as it's better than that terrible "House of Pain" match, they should be alright.

By the way, there was no Sid tonight on Thunder. Reports say that he was a little sore from his injury because of his run in, and that he's taking some heat for an ackward chokeslam on Diamond Dallas Page. Whatever you believe, he wasn't at the show. (Insert Softball Joke Here)


I've handled a lot of ECW on TNN ratings excuses, and the ones I posted yesterday were the best. With all of the reader input, I have come to a conclusion to why ECW can't get past a 0.9 rating anymore. For one, it's Springtime. The weather is getting better, compared to the winter season where it was too cold to get out. I think that is probably the biggest factor in this equation. I also personally feel that Mike Awesome's jump to WCW has hurt ECW's show. A lot of people were really catching on to the Awesome character, and they loved to tune into ECW on TNN for him to destroy somebody. There are probably little excuses, but I think those two present stronger cases. Therefore, I'll try not to rip on ECW so hard when I do the ratings analysis on Tuesday mornings.


Oh joy, we might be treated to many run-ins during the Ironman Match. It seems that the WWF doesn't have much faith in either Triple H or the Rock to carry such a long match. I think they can, if and only if there is many pins during the match. Both are very tough competitors, and they have both at least went for 30 minutes before. With proper timing by both, it can work out. I hope there isn't any run-ins, unless the big bad Undertaker happens to show up...

Speaking of the Undertaker, I keep getting e-mails about the Judgement Day site having something relating to the Undertaker(Note: I wouldn't know because Shockwave pounds my computer. I don't check those sites until the day of the Pay Per View). Well, just remember that the Undertaker was on a poster for one of the Pay Per Views last year in the late Fall/early Winter. He was on the poster then, and he didn't show up at all. Just keep that in mind if he happens to NOT show up at Judgement Day.

Smackdown is tonight, as it's the final show, besides Jakked, Heat, Superstars, and Livewire, to hype the Pay Per View. Here is the NON spoiler line up, and avoid the bars if you can't stand any matches being revealed.

Scotty 2 Hottie vs. Kurt Angle
Dean Malenko vs. Perry Saturn
Christian vs. Grandmaster Sex-ay
Odd match involving Jericho and Benoit
Edge vs. Rikishi
Shane McMahon vs. the Big Show
Gerald Brisco vs. Crash Holly
Special match with the Rock

This show looks unimpressive to me. Matches just seem to be poorly booked in MY OPINION. I don't know, it could end up being a good show on television instead of what I see on paper. At any rate, enjoy the show.

@That's it for today's edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow to discuss Smackdown, along with other topics in the wrestling world. Enjoy your Thursday!

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