Welcome back to the special Monday edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Monday Night just went right by, and as usual, I have my gradebook ready to lay the smackdown on the shows. On to the PDC.

Oh yeah, before I do the Phat Daily Column, I want to address a correction in the column yesterday. I stated that there was going to be NO Nitro yesterday. Now when I typed up the Phat Daily Column around 1 in the morning on Monday, I went to WCW.com to see if there was a usual Nitro preview. There was no Nitro preview, as they had some kind of feature on Raven. Plus, my TV guide had something about a Best of Nitro in it, so I assumed that there would be no Nitro. Later on in the day, after all of those kind e-mails yelling at me to get my facts straight, I went to WCW.com, and sure enough they had a Nitro preview up. I'm sorry for stating that Nitro was pre-empted again, but as you can see the facts mislead me.

Monday Night Impressions

Hey, I have a new feature for the Monday Night Impressions. The new feature is called Phat Stats. They are...well, just read the impressions for them, you'll see!


-First Hour Blues: It had the usual Flair interview, and Asia has the same exact physique as Chyna. But anyways, the big shocker was WCW's invulnerbility, as they admitted to being behind. Eric Bischoff admitted it in the interview, and Shiavone was mentioning it too! Wow! Rey Misterio destroyed some loser, Booker T called on Steiner, and Flair wants Buddy Lee Parker to take a fall for his son. Hmm. That match with Buddy Lee was stupid, but he didn't take a fall for David, so David actually beat him? That's sad, because David, with his love handles, is the worst wrestler in the world today. Crucial 2 Hours -I thought the mixed tag team match was rather interesting, and I'm really impressed with Charles Robinson. That man can really take a beating for being just a referee. That's unfair having Madusa as a partner instead of Gorgeous George(Change that name!!). Very entertaining match. -Alright, that interview with Piper was the lamest thing I've seen in a while. What's with that stupid Top Ten list? It got better though, as Eric Bischoff came down, then Macho came down and he called on Nash, and Nash came down. Now wasn't Nash and Macho good friends before Savage left last time. Hmmm. -Hak vs. Fit Finley was alright, but I hated how it ended with stupid Brian Knobbs interfered causing a countout. Since when does a hardcore match have a countout? I was really hoping for an actual winner. -You know, I actually like Rick Steiner now. His career was going no where fast, but now he's actually getting heat as a heel. He took out Booker T, but little did he know that Sting wanted a piece of him stemming from Slamboree. They had a good match too, but of course it ended with Scott Steiner coming down, and then Lex Luger came down!! I was waiting for him to turn on Sting, but he didn't! Could they be united once again? -Konnan vs. Hennig was very boring to watch, and there was interference with Savage coming out. Hmm..that allows Hennig for the win. -It was good to see that Arn Anderson's interference didn't work in the Raven/Saturn vs. Benoit/Malenko. Good tag match though, with an attempted screwjob not working. -Nash vs. DDP. Well, in WCW you forget your enemies. About two weeks or maybe 3 weeks ago, DDP fought Bam Bam in an intense match after talking trash on each other. So what does DDP do? He gets the help of Bigelo. I wish I could make up with my enemies that easily. As for the match itself, it was alright, but of course Savage came down and attacked and embarassed Nash causing a DQ. Joy

Nitro Phat Stats

Keep in mind, I'm only counting the crucial two hours. Total Matches: 6 Clean Wins: 2 Matches with screwjob endings: 1 No Decisions: 2 Disqualifications: 1 ====$Alright, judging from what I saw, and my new Phat Stats, it appears that WCW was plagued with some crucial matches that were thrown out or disqualified. It was a decent show, but WCW needs to put on a better show if they are going to compete in this business. I'll give them a Tito grade of a


for their show which I thought wasn't going to happen. If you strongly disagree, read my reasons again as well as the Phat Stats. Professor Frank McHone says: Well, I didn't know that Nitro would be on, so I missed the first hour of it. I wish I would have missed it all. The first part I saw was the Piper interview. I saw this and thought man, this show has promise. I was wrong again. The best match I saw was the tag match between Raven/Saturn Vs The Horsemen. I can't believe that WCW doesn't like tag team matches. They have been carrying their shows. Everything else that occurred on Nitro was horrible. I wasted two hours on it. This Nitro gets a C for it's effort. I have actually seen worse.


-Hey, we have X-Pac, Kane, and the Road Dogg vs. Sexual Chocolate, Mr. Ass, and D-Lo. Makings of a great match, eh? Too bad it was a no decision! -Shane says that 3 people will suffer tonight. Uh oh! They take out poor Vince early on. Awww. -Wow, the Blue Blazer and Jarrett vs. Val Venis and the Godfather was an interesting match. Lots of interference, but a clean victory in the end with Godfather getting the pin on the Blue Blazer. -Now Meat vs. Test was a great match in my mind. Both are young, big, and talented, and they put on a great match with some awesome power. Too bad PMS had to run in and save their Meat. Tori coming out for Test? -Well, the Austin interview was alright, as Stone Cold should thank the Union for saving his ass. Of course, Stone Cold didn't help fight the Corporate Ministry, because all he did was play around with Paul Bearer. -Poor Rock. It's just too bad that the casket would have crushed him literally if he was in it. HA! If the Rock was actually in that casket, and Triple H was putting holes in the casket, don't you think the Rock would be more than just bleeding. Well, anyways it's too bad that the Undertaker needed Triple H to help him beat a man with a "broken arm". (I know it's not broken!) -Now the Hardy Boyz with Michael P.S. Hayes vs. the Brood was a great match, especially with the Hardy Boyz and Christian and Edge. Those 4 have some great moves. I will say that I misjudged the Hardy Boyz for all of these months. Sorry! Too bad the match was thrown out, because I would have loved to see a winner! -Al Snow is one messed up individual! Having a funeral for Pierre. Man, he's lost it! -Union saving Austin again?? Austin better pay them back somehow. -Oh cool, Big Show defeated Bossman, which I'm glad the Corporate Ministry didn't come down to mess up. Nice choke slam by the way. -Triple H vs. Stone Cold was alright, but too bad it ended in a DQ with the 'Taker coming down. I will say it was nice to see the Undertaker get crucified on his own cross. Very cool.

RAW Phat Stats

Total Matches: 7 Clean Wins: 2 Matches with screwjob endings: 1 No Decisions: 2 Disqualifications: 2 ====$Well, like I always say, the taped matches are always weaker than the Live shows. The Phat Stats tell the story, only 3 out of 7 matches had an actual finish, but one of those were a screwjob. Does either federation know how much I hate matches with lousy endings? It was nice to see the Undertaker get a piece of his own medicine, but I really thought that the WWF should have had better endings to their matches. They get a Tito grade of a


for their show this week. The WWF put on some great matches, but no great endings. If you strongly disagree, read my reasons again as well as the Phat Stats. Professor Frank McHone says: Ok, I knew this was a taped Raw. It was still entertaining though. Val and The Godfather look great as a team. I like the new Freebird angle also. It is about time the Hardy Boys got some sort of push. They have true talent. The main event was really good also. Austin took some hellacious bumps on that table. Overall, this show was solid, but not great. Raw gets a B+ tonight.

These are just opinions, nothing to go crazy about.

Wrestling News

-Alright, if you want to make a challenge, take it to the Jay Leno show. You know, I'm surprised of how much garbage that WCW puts on that show for their programs. First you have Hogan retiring on that show, then you have that ignorant Goldberg challenge, and now this Nash challenge to Bret Hart to wrestle on the tonight show. Oh yeah, Bret Hart will be on the Tonight Show to answer that challenge, joy. I wonder if this garbage is dragging Jay's ratings down, because DDP and Hogan and Bischoff were on his show for a while during their Road Wild feud. -Well, shoot down all of the rumors that Sid might be going back to either WCW or the WWF. Of course, the big goof will do something as usual to get himself out of ECW, and we will be hearing of these rumors some more. I really wish Sid could stay somewhere. Remember his great WWF run? He did a great job, and he was always around during that time. Hmm, it must have been that World Title push. I just wish Sid could just stay in one federation and not get injured, or get sick of it. -Reports say that Goldberg might be coming back sooner than expected. Oh joy, now we can see his two moves in the ring sooner than we thought. I hope when he comes back, that the Hitman pounds on him. Now it's not to say that I personally hate Goldberg, although it seems like it. I just don't like how Goldberg was pushed to the heavens, when he never worked his way up to the top. If you even tell me that Goldberg's the best, I'll tell you that Sting had Goldberg beat on a Nitro. He had Goldberg in the scorpion death lock, and Hogan had to hit Sting while the ref was distracted with Goldberg. Goldberg doesn't get crowd cheers either, dirty WCW pipes those chants through their sound system. Maybe Goldberg got too much success too early?

Phat Chat News!!

At Wednesday Night at 7:30 Eastern, Phat Chat will have RWIN's very own Curt Creighton as a special guest. Curt Creighton is in my opinion one of the best internet wrestling reporters out there, and this Wednesday you can come in and ask him questions and talk some wrestling. To get there by the Java chat, go to http://talk.to/mrtito. To get there by mIRC, use the server irc.webchatting.com and use the channel #phatchat. You can come to Phat Chat at anytime though, you never know who will be there!

@Well, that's it for today's Phat Daily Column. The ratings will probably be in tomorrow, so until tomorrow's PDC, just chill...till the next episode.

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