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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column - WCW Angle Predictions Issue
Submitted by Mr. Tito on 5-17-00 @ 10:13 EST

Thanks to Patrick Cosner for the banner!

Welcome back to the ONE and ONLY Phat Daily Column. The ratings are in, and my oh my, are they very interesting. One side gained some ground that nobody, including myself, anticipated. But hey, I like to be proved wrong on that sort of stuff, and I hope to be that way for many other times too concerning ratings. Also today, I have the WCW predictions done and ready. Onto the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.4
Second Hour: 2.9
Composite: 3.15


First Hour: 6.0
Second Hour: 6.3
Composite: 6.15


RAW: 6.0 Tito's Pick: 2.4
Nitro: 2.9 Tito's Pick: 2.4
Nitro vs. Heat: Nitro: 3.15(2.9, 3.4 hours) Heat: 2.9

Lower End Shows vs. ECW

WWF Livewire: 1.5
WWF Superstars: 1.4
WCW Saturday Night: 1.3
ECW on TNN: 0.9 Tito's Pick: 0.9

Congrats to WCW this week. Although I didn't enjoy the show, they proved me wrong on the ratings this week. What Russo considered his "best Nitro he has ever scripted" turned out to show good numbers in the ratings. Both the first and second hour improved in the ratings, so for that much, it's good. The advertising and the ongoing staleness of the WWF helped them very much this week. Look at the WWF. Only a 6.3? Come on. These aren't good numbers for the WWF heading into a Pay Per View. Also, Shawn Michaels didn't deliver ratings in the first hour. Still, anything above a 6 is good work. The WWF just needs to do something to remain up there for a while.

Nitro's composite actually defeated Heat's this week for the first time in a while. Now that's pretty good! On the lower end, Livewire finally had better ratings than Superstars. Anybody notice how bad Superstars is? Good God. It's just a bunch of Livewire segments recycled with some bad commentary by Kevin Kelly. Livewire has some good narration of what happened earlier in the week. Anyway, WCW Saturday Night seems to be slipping, thanks in part to it becoming a re-cap show. They threw away a lot of opportunity for younger wrestlers by changing the format for that.

As for ECW on TNN this week. I held a contest, and I had many replies to this. I was basically looking for some very creative answers as to why ECW on TNN isn't drawing higher ratings than a 0.9 everyweek. I had many of the same, like "TNN SUCKS", people go out on Friday Nights, and that ECW has just a cult following and nothing else. Some of them were too extreme to put in this column, and they had me laughing when I was reading them. Here are a few good excuses:

Chris Lambrenos:
"The reason why Extreme Championship Wresting (EcW) wratings have not beengoing up his because people get it ocnfused with Martha Stewarts new promotion on TV called Excellent Clothing Wraps (also ECW) which has been drawing viewers away from Extreme Championship Wrestling."

"We can't keep up with that damn TGIF on ABC... its killing us!"

"We can't let WCW get ALL the bad ratings."

Again, thanks in part to those who participated. Hell, if you want to keep sending the excuses, I'll still accept them and maybe post them in tomorrow's column.


Word is that just about everyone backstage at WCW Nitro was happy about Ric Flair winning the World Title for the 15th time. I'm glad to see that happen, because he deserves it. Although I'm not a die-hard wrestling fan, I do see how much he has contributed to this sport. I grew up watching him in the classic NWA, and I remember getting mad everytime he disqualified himself to retain the title. Flair set the standards for today's heel, and he should be commended when actually does retire.

Thunder is tonight, and with a good ratings night for Nitro, this show SHOULD increase as well. Here is a NON spoiler preview, and if you don't want to see that, just avoid the bars please.

Filthy Animals: Rey Mysterio, Konnan, and Disco Inferno vs. Misfits: Hugh Morris, Lash LeRoux, Van Hammer, and Chavo
Mike Awesome vs. Scott Steiner in a stretcher match
Horace Hogan vs. Hulk Hogan
Shane Douglas vs. Kronic
Terry Funk vs. the Cat
A special Main Event tag match

The main event is interesting as it pairs some former partners together versus some unlikely and young opponents. This looks like a decent line up for Thunder, and WCW is really hoping to keep the momentum going.


The biggest question I get in my mail, now that Shawn Michaels has returned, is "will HBK stick around after Judgement Day?" Well, I couldn't answer that, as I don't know what an official spokesperson for the WWF does. I'm sure we'll see him sometime in the future, or maybe not? His contract does run out in August of 2001(Credit: Wrestling Historian), so the WWF has a good year to make the most out of the the showstopper and the main event. I think we'll just see him occasionally, especially when he has his TWA wrestlers travelling with him. The only way I see him having a BIG role in the WWF is if he does something bad at Judgement Day. I'd personally like to see him wrestle Vince, and I was hoping that would be the outcome of HBK pushing Vince this past Monday. Talk about a ratings draw.

With the lawsuit coming up in a few weeks, USA Networks is throwing up any offer to settle this disput with CBS/Viacom over the television rights. Looks like USA knows they might have a bad chance at winning the lawsuit, so they want to make up anyway to get something out of this deal. That's what I'm seeing out of this whole settlement. It looks like Viacom has basically won it all, and we'll be seeing RAW on TNN come September. Ugh.

WCW Angles Predictions

Since I have a lot of free time this morning before class, I figured I'd throw up some angle predictions. I haven't done these in so long, and with a better understanding of WCW's position right now, this is a good time. I'll have the WWF's at a later date. Remember, these are just predictions, and NOT fact or actual booking by WCW. Enjoy.

Sting- I think the feud with Vampiro will ultimately lead to Sting losing in the end, but I see a title shot for Sting. The crowd pop Sting had from Monday was very loud, and he can't be denied that. I don't see him winning the title, but I do see him in the hunt. He will continue to work with the up and coming wrestlers as well.

Diamond Dallas Page- I'm thinking that his current feud with New Blood won't end for a while. I'm thinking that Kimberly will eventually jump back to DDP's side in the storylines. It's very hard to say if he'll win the World Title again. DDP is very unpredictable.

Bill Goldberg- His return should be HUGE, but if not done right, it could hurt his career for a while. He will ultimately crush Tank Abbott at the first Pay Per View for his comeback, and he will go through thugs like Sid to get to the World Title. The feud with Scott Steiner will come later down the road, and that feud alone will help boost ratings.

Hulk Hogan- I see one final World Title for Hulk Hogan, as he'll probably defeat a New Blood member for the title. Other than that, he'll keep trying to use this new attitude to rehatch his career.

Ric Flair- This title reign will be short lived for the Nature Boy, as he will lose the World Title back to Jeff Jarrett. He will then fight David Flair in a retirement match, as rumored, and go for his shoulder surgery. That surgery could end his career, but at least he went out putting over his son.

Mike Awesome- Mike Awesome is the man at WCW. He's already recognized by WCW fans as a badass, and I see that US title heading his way VERY soon. WCW must keep confidence in this man, and to make sure his stiff style doesn't get out of hand. This guy is an awesome asset to have, and they should use him right. Definately a US title soon, and maybe a World Title down the road.

Scott Steiner- Nothing is finer, than Scott Steiner. I'm thinking he'll keep this rebel attitude for a while, as he'll have to fend off his brother and Tank. His feud with Tank will be short lived when Goldberg comes back, and he'll probably crush his brother at a PPV coming up. I'm thinking that Steiner will turn heel, and then win the World Title. That should enable a tough feud with Bill Goldberg.

Tank Abbott- I don't think Tank will see title success in WCW, but his push as a main eventer will be steady. He will be used, for the most part, as a tough individual for Goldberg to fight against. He'll lose that match, and possibly chase after Sid again?

Billy Kidman- I'm sure he'll continually aim at Hogan, but titles won't come easy for Kidman. Without a third belt, the only belt I see him going after or actually getting is the Cruiserweight title. The US title seems to be for powerful heavyweights, and not him. I'm thinking he'll lose Torrie over something and feud with whoever has her.

The Wall- He'll need to develop more before he gets any titles, and I look for Russo to book him into a program where he can be noticed as a very tough individual. Who knows, maybe that US title might head his way, but I don't see it happening unless he gets more over.

Chris Candido/Tammy Sytch- The Cruiserweight title will be around Candido's waist again soon, but Candido's future, I think, heavily depends on Tammy Sytch. If she can get over like she did in the WWF and ECW, Candido's career will shoot straight up. If not, we'll just see him continually wrestling in the Cruiserweight division.

The Artist- He'll keep attacking for the Cruiserweight title, and he'll probably win it once again. I don't really know what to say about this man, but he could add an interesting twist to his gimmick to get him over. I doubt it though.

Sid- Possibly another feud with Kevin Nash, since Sid is now New Blood and Nash is such a renegade. I doubt any World Titles will be heading Sid's way, as Russo knows how bad he didn't get over as a champ. (Of course, the whole show was bad then, and not just Sid)

Rick Steiner- Probably just put over his brother, and maybe might fight some younger wrestlers too. Maybe a hardcore title shot?

Jeff Jarrett- After winning the title back from Ric Flair, Jarrett SHOULD keep the title for a while. I think Goldberg will be the one to dethrone him, and after that, his future seems uncertain. Maybe go back to the US title?

Kevin Nash- He will continually side with Hogan, and he'll probably aim for Sid. More matches with Mike Awesome seem very likely as well. If Nash starts catching on with fans again like he did when he was an Outsider, then maybe the World Title could return to his waist.

Filthy Animals- As a group, they will just continue to be thugs for the New Blood. They will fight off the Misfits and the Millionaires' Club. Individually, I see Rey Mysterio possibly getting his "giant killer" image back, or he'll just dominate the Cruiserweight scene again. Juvy will attack the Cruiserweight divison as well, when he's not making the gang attacks. Don't see much for Konnan, besides being part of the thugs. Same with Disco Inferno. Disco could find a tag partner to attack the Mamalukes.

Kronic- Although I don't like them, they seem to be getting all of the tag team pushes coming up. Lots of world titles for these guys!

Mamalukes- Two very talented guys, but they will slowly have to grow as a tag team this time. They could feud with the Filthy Animals cause of Disco.

Harris Boys- I see them as hired guns to go after Kronic real soon. Especially when the team of Buff and Shane Douglas fizzle out.

Shane Douglas- He'll now become a full blown singles wrestler, and take his potential to the limits. US title could be heading his way too, as it seems I keep saying everyone will win that title! I bet he'll feud with the likes of the Wall, and MAYBE his future former tag partner Buff.

Buff Bagwell- If he comes back, his role will be limited...bigtime! Bookers will be very cautious when using Buff, especially now that he could have any embarassing incident happen to him. He could return to feud with his partner Shane Douglas, but who knows?

Booker T- Another contender for that wonderful US title, but I'm too hesitant to predict whether he'll be pushed or not. It seems that everytime he's about to be pushed, he ends up putting over another wrestler. I bet he'll chase after Mike Awesome for injuring him.

Chris Kanyon- I have this feeling that Kanyon will eventually turn on his friend, DDP. I just see that patern where the guy who was injured, sold out to the big guys to ensure no more injuries. If this doesn't happen, he'll just keep siding with DDP.

Curt Hennig- Well, this new odd gimmick of his where he helps Stasiak won't take him far. Hennig probably won't be resigned by WCW. He's done.

David Flair- After beating his father in a match, expect any who worked with Ric over the past few years to come after David. His wedding with Daphne could produce some interesting results too.

Crowbar- Probably just keep on fighting in that Cruiserweight division. I don't know where this co-title stuff is going with Daphne though.

Bret Hart- This is a wildcard due to Bret's bad health lately. If he comes back, he'll continue to be the "hitman" for the New Blood. That's all I can say really.

Scott Hall- If he returns, he'll probably side with Nash. Maybe turn on him? I don't know on him either because he's always coming and going.

The Total Package- I see this feud with Palumbo and Russo stretching for a while. He'll probably defeat Palumbo, and feud with someone like Kidman or something. I don't expect for Elizabeth to eventually turn on Luger.

Chuck Palumbo- He'll eventually lose to Luger in a "HIGH PROFILE MATCH", and ditch the Package gimmick for who knows what.

The Cat- Continues to side with Bischoff, and he'll probably be the one winning the Hardcore Title from Terry Funk in time. Not soon, but eventually. Other than that, it's hard to say for the Cat. Maybe just a continual thug for the New Blood.

Harlem Heat- They will tease the split between the two, but it won't lead to much. I don't see titles coming their way, but they could be a roadblock for Kronic to knock down.

Misfits- They will attack like a group, and help Hugh Morris to attain his dreams. This group is to mainly push Hugh, or Captain Rection, to a better position. Whether it actually works, we'll see in time.

Norman Smiley- This ongoing saga with Ralphus should keep Norman busy for a while, until somebody realizes that Norman was one of the most popular wrestlers in WCW. Only then, he'll return and go after the Hardcore title once again.

Roddy Piper- If he returns again, he'll try the same role he had last time with Russo. Controversial, but always against him. Nothing new here.

Demon- Contract MUST be lived up to, so expect him back jobbing shortly.

Vampiro- After FINALLY defeating Sting, Vampiro could break away from the New Blood. Only then, will he also go on the chase for the US title. His career direction changes way too much.

Terry Funk- He'll keep the Hardcore Title for a little more longer, until somebody like the Cat or a returning Norman Smiley defeats him. However, he'll probably retain that wonderful belt several times after that.

Vince Russo- He will play a role in Ric Flair's defeat at the hands of David Flair, and he'll keep bother guys like the Total Package. I'd think a lesser on camera role is heading his way.

Eric Bischoff- With Russo, I expect him to start booking evil and corrupt matches. I mean a lot more than we are used to now. He'll keep fighting against Hogan, and pushing individuals like Awesome to get the shots.

Wrestlers or personalities like anybody from 3 Count, Asya, Bam Bam, Brian Knobs, Fit Finley, Jim Duggan, Jerry Flynn, Jung Dragons, Pyschosis, or XS to do that much. Also, it's a hard call with Medusa and Mona, along with many other valets.

From doing this, I've noticed that WCW has a HUGE roster of Wrestlers. Now whether or not it's the best roster around is another question, but they have many many wrestlers. I will say this about WCW: they are trying to use most of them.

@That's it for today's column. I hope you have enjoyed the WCW angles analysis, and I plan on doing the WWF's in the near future. I'll be back tomorrow with the usual Thunder thoughts, and then some. Just chill....till the next episode.

Phat Farm: 3 spots open?

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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