Welcome to the 50th consecutive Phat Daily Column. Well, I've finally made it! I never thought I would ever get 50 in a row, but here I am. Well, here's the 50th PDC in a row!


-Well, I didn't get the ECW pay per view, but I've heard that Shane Douglas didn't show up at the Pay Per View, and with all of the WWF rumors going around Shane going there, this pay per view no show, and the fact that Joey Styles said that he's probably never going to wrestle in ECW again before Sid replaced him in his match against Justin Credible(thanks Christopher Micheals), makes it pretty clear that he's headed for the WWF. What a time for Shane to come in too, as he'd be perfect as a heel in the WWF as the Franchise. He'd be good for the Corporate Ministry, since he could join Shane since it was Vince that gave him the horrible Dean gimmick. We'll just have to see if Shane enters the WWF..-Oh my God, Michael P.S. Hayes is back! He's with the Hardy Boyz too? Oh my gosh! I hope they don't become the Fabulous Freebirds, because that would be defacing on of the best stables ever. The Hardy Boyz, although I rip on them very harshly from time to time, need a better gimmick other than joining forces with an old Michael P.S. Hayes. I mean don't get me wrong, I like Michael P.S. Hayes back in the day, as I was cheering for him in his old feud with Lex Luger over the United States belt, but come on, he's much older now, and he's no where near the shape he used to be in, plus the Hardy Boyz are too young to have him around, and the Freebirds are oldschool, as they are new, and fresh. -The word is that Shawn Michaels isn't going to be in DX! He'll just have his usual role as WWF commissioner. Joy, because I don't think he would fit in at the moment as part of DX. Sure, if he would join, his attitude would bring some heat to DX, but the DX gimmick, to me at least, seems to be wearing thin. Sure the crowd loves X-Pac and Road Dogg, but who do they fight? Anyone big? Ever since HBK left the WWF for his back injury, and when Triple H took over, DX went straight downhill. The original DX had Triple H, Chyna, and HBK, and HBK was the World Champ, and he really drew heat with wrestlers. Triple H was also great, as he really pissed off the likes of Owen Hart as well as other wrestlers. If HBK could wrestle again, then maybe it would seem good for him to rejoin DX, but since he can't, all it would do if he joined is add more mic time to WWF programming. Joy.


-Alright, I am hearing another great Monday Night of NBA action. It's fantastic!!! Let me see here, can those NBA playoffs defeat the worst Nitro in a long time of a 2.8 rating? Last week they were in the low ones in ratings. Looks like another week of huge ratings for the WWF, which makes me believe that WCW is really in trouble. With all of these rumors going around about some struggles, it all just makes us hope that WCW is really looking into their storylines a little, maybe scripting them for once, instead of just making stuff up as the show rolls around. And to think, every title but the Cruiserweight and the US title changed hands at Slamboree. I wonder how fans will recognize the new champions if they didn't watch Slamboree. Not good at all.-Wow, the annoying saga of Goldberg complaining in the back continues, as he wants more money! He "claims" that he works harder than any other wrestler that makes more than him, and he thinks he's much more popular than any of the wrestlers that make more than him. Alright Goldberg, you want more money? Well, considering that you've only been in this sport about 2 years or so kinda makes it a weaker case. You, like I keep saying, haven't worked for over 10 years in wrestling like the likes of Sting, Hogan, Macho, Flair, Luger, and whoever else is pushing 40 in WCW. You make around $850,000 now, which is very good for your short wrestling career. He's probably not getting it because WCW might not be able to pay him with the non sellout shows they have been having. Not good at all.-This is something odd that I just thought of. Does WCW have any enforcement about their wrestlers or staff talking stuff about their federation? I mean in other pro sports, if you talk crap on your organization, you will be fined or suspended. It seems that any WCW wrestler or staff member can say anything, and they won't get any punishment, nor a slap on the wrist for what they did, and that's pathetic. Wrestlers like Goldberg, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, and many many others, and staff members like Mark Madden talk trash on their own federation, but does anyone take action?? The only thing that happens is if a undercard wrestler talks trash, and they are put in the "WCW Doghouse" which means you just have to job more. WCW really needs some enforcement to control their federation, before it's over.

PDC News!!

Well, I finally made it. Big 50 PDC's in a row! This is a big accomplishment for myself, as the most I have done in a row was 12 before this streak happened! A few of you want me to go to 100. Hmm, if I can find ideas everyday, and no emergencies or vacations or sick days happen, maybe I'll try. Now I don't want to get burnt out now, do I. A few of you have asked how many PDC's have I ever made? Well, considering that I started in late October, I have 149 Phat Daily Columns in my archive, and I'm sure there is about 10 of those missing from misplaced ones, or ones that I didn't archive from Matt Monroe's Diamond Cutter Union. So what will be new for the PDC? Well, the Wrestlemania thing is going down in the summer, I hope. Other stuff, like the 10 most influencial wrestlers of all time, and maybe the future of wrestling segment might be on its way too. I just want to thank everyone for their support on the way to 50, and I want to personally thank Calvin Martin for making this column possible in the first place.

Phat Chat News!

Well, after an insane Phat Chat last week, this week's guest will be none other than RWIN's very own, Curt Creighton. Phat Chat is back at its normal time slot of this Wednesday Night at 7:30 Eastern. Come on it, and ask questions to Curt, and talk some wrestling!

@Well, that's all for the 50th consecutive Phat Daily Column. Be back here tomorrow as I will continue the saga, and it will be Monday Night Impression time. So until next time, just chill...till the next episode.

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