Welcome to the almighty Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss various wrestling topics and then hype tonight's Smackdown. Excuse me if I'm a little tired today, as I was up late to see Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones. Was it worth staying up for? You're damn right it was.

So what was my personal take on Star Wars: Episode 2? I really enjoyed it. It told a great story and set up many things to happen in the future, such as the early foundation of the Empire for Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Special effects were great as usual, and the fight scenes were quite exciting. I do, however, recommend that you have some great knowledge on Star Wars before you see it, because if you don't, you'll be lost.

And then you'll get these fanboys saying that they weren't excited as the first or later 3 movies. They cite that it doesn't have the adventure type feel that Luke, Hans Solo, Chewie, and Princess Leia brought in their fight against Darth Vader. Huh? These are PREQUELS and the sole purpose of the movies is to explain HOW Anakin became Darth Vader and HOW the Empire was formed. There's a lot of suffering to get to the Star Wars: A New Hope movie, and many can't deal with that.

I guess with those who are too picky about their Star Wars, I can see how many in professional wrestling view me and my views on current WWE television shows. Hell, I'll admit it, I expect a bunch of things to happen every week on Smackdown or RAW. With that, whenever I see any matches that look bad or any storylines that seem ridiculous to me, I'll rip into it.

Hmm... On to the PDC.


-Jerry Jarrett and his NWA have announced the official signing of Ken Shamrock. Big deal? Who is going to pay to see him professionally wrestle in an unknown organization? Plus, I don't see him lasting in the NWA, anyway. The WWF will show some interest in Shamrock, give in to his part-time needs, and sign him to cripple the NWA. The WWF did the same exact thing when they signed Curt Hennig away from the XWF. Of course, I don't see Shamrock acting like a drunken idiot like Hennig did in his final WWF days.

-I really like the idea of the Rock fighting All Japan's Keiji Mutoh (known as the Great Muta to most American fans) when the Rock goes to Japan to promote the release of the "Scorpion King". Can you just imagine the interest that will get in Japan? The WWF's recent tour of Japan brought in a great number of Japanese fans, and Mutoh (or Muto or Muta) is just HUGE down there in popularity. It's a sure money maker. Now if the WWF and All Japan can work out a deal or not, well, that's unknown right now.

-From the Observer, the Wrestlemania 18 buyrate came out, and it's not the record breaker the WWF even expected. Also, it's not even the second highest Wrestlemania buyrate ever. Despite the promoting of Hogan vs. the Rock, the show couldn't draw the large amount of expected buys. Could the reason be that the storylines were so poor heading into Wrestlemania that it didn't bring out the fans in record numbers? I believe so, as the World Title match between Jericho and Triple H was poorly built in the storylines and the rest of the card was somewhat slopped together. It's just another case of how bad things are becoming with the storylines...

I don't know if I've said this or not, but SIGN BILL GOLDBERG ALREADY!!!!


Amazing... they announced some matches this week.

WWE.com was hyping the confrontation between Vince McMahon and Triple H. Wow, another cross the boss feud. Triple H attacked everyone and their mother with a sledgehammer, which will lead to Vince trying to put Triple H in a screwjob match on Smackdown, just days away from Judgment Day. Hey, maybe a Handicap match will occur?

Time to put some bets down... With the Triple H and Vince feud, how long will it take for Stephanie to start showing up? I give it a little bit after Judgment Day...

What shape will Hulk Hogan be in for tonight's show? Well, he's old and injured already, so selling the injury sustained by the Undertaker dragging him around the arena won't be hard for him to do...

For proof that the WWE completely lacks originality, we'll see yet another Stacy Keibler vs. Torrie Wilson bikini contest. How many is this, what, the 4th or 5th contest held? Come on! Sure, both are extremely hot and do a mean thing in a bikini, but doing the same thing over and over and over again hurts the shows. You can't do the same shock value all of the time. You wonder why many criticize the WWE for lack of orginality or repetitiveness.

It what would be a great match on a Pay Per View, we'll see Tajiri vs. Billy Kidman vs. the Hurricane in a Cruiserweight Triple Threat match. Give some credibility to the Hurricane for a change. Despite being "entered" in the Cruiserweight division, he's nothing more than Tajiri's jobber, which is truly sad. Let him win a little bit, please.

Also, D'Von Dudley will take on Maven. Why are they fighting? Explanation please? Oh no, D'Von will bring down that dreaded Deacon Bautista! Oh, I just shake in fear when I hear that evil, evil name. That's a great way to start off your WWF career. I guess Leviathan is just "paying his dues" with a poor name to start with instead of making a better impact with a better starting name. Just call him the Deacon to make it a little better, although not by much.

In a surefire RATINGS GETTER, Rikishi will take on Rico. (Insert curse words here) I guess it has something to the feud between Chuck and Suck and Rikishi, but it will produce the same old Rikishi crap that we've seen millions of times. When will the WWE learn? It's funny how the WWE pushes Rikishi based on the pops of ONE SPOT, the stink face, when fans could care less about him otherwise.

Now, we COULD have a solid midcard tag match here. The team of Val Venis and Randy Orton will take on Hardcore Holly and Lance Storm. Val saved Orton for some reason, which I hope gets explained, and Storm and Venis have heat with each other over the Angle/Storm vs. Edge/Venis match. Let's hope that the crowd gets into it to make it go maybe 5 minutes or more.

Doesn't look too good on paper....

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