Welcome to the wild and wonderful Wednesday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Well, not only did I see NO good reviews about RAW, but I didn't receive a single e-mail saying that I was too harsh on my own review. So the final concensus is that the past Monday edition of RAW was one of the worst ever.

Excuse me when I curse, by the way. I guess when I get mad, I let go a couple F-bombs or whatever else. I apologize, but at least you know when I'm pissed off about something. I suppose you could say it's a "warning" or whatever.

On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 4.4
Second Hour: 4.6
Composite: 4.5
Composite Last Week: 4.6
Composite Last Year: 6.1

WWF Weekend Shows

Livewire: 1.0
Superstars: 1.0
Mtv Heat: 1.1

Congrats to the WWF. One of their worst shows ever continued the declining streak in the ratings. The wrestling was terrible, the storylines were terrible, and the Pay Per View hype wasn't there. The WWF should really worry about the buyrate after this type of show, and a possible disappointment of a Smackdown as well for this week.

But take a look at the chart I whipped up using Excel. Take a look at the drastic increases during the Royal Rumble time and the Wrestlemania era. After Wrestlemania, especially, the WWF has been on a free fall to what they started the year with. That's with competition of another wrestling company, too! The WWF has failed to capitalize on one of the best Pay Per Views ever, and also the extra WCW fans roaming around. That's simply pathetic.

Go ahead and call me "negative" for saying this, because I've whipped up a chart to prove you wrong this week! I'm sure we'd get similar results for the Smackdown rating, only probably worse. To make matters worse, Sunday Night Heat drew a terrible rating of a 1.1. I guess Big Show isn't a draw, and that nobody cares enough to watch any more WWF, let alone WWF on Mtv.

Numbers don't lie. Neither do line graphs.


Kurt Angle should make his match with Benoit a "Crowd Response Match," first one to get a response from the crowd wins .... he CAN'T lose!!

If Perry Saturn gets to be on Raw Is War for roughing up a wrestler, would he get to main event Wrestlemania for killing someone?

Just because the WWF bought WCW doesn't mean that they have to start putting on boring shows like them.

Is it just me, or does it seem like J.R. is the ONLY person pumped up for Judgement Day? (And he's paid to do that, too)

Amidst the Boos during the "sports entertainment" on RAW this week a giant sucking sound could be heard as the ratings continued to go down the toilet.

Before RTC officially breaks up, could they please censor Grandmaster Sex-ay?

If you get hit with Edge and Christian's conchairto, then your head will certainly b-flat.

Credit for Screaming: PC Rock, Angel Perez, Alan Russell, Jonathan Tenhonen, Cliff Keevan, and Bucho.

--------------------- -What the hell is up with you people and Chris Benoit?!? Don't you know how to read? Are your high schools or elementary schools, at least, not teaching you to read? Are the Hooked on Phonics not working? For the recent columns, I'm taking crap that I've been dissing all of Chris Benoit as a wrestler. Nooo, I've always stated that Benoit has one of the best in ring abilities around. I've F'N said that since the WCW days! What I've said is that Benoit is terrible on charisma and mic skills. No, that's not from being an "insider" in the business; that's from watching him on television for about 5 years now. And if you think I'm wrong on that, how about this Jim Ross quote: "I believe Chris Benoit should get more mic time" or something of that nature. The charisma part is from the crowd noise, as I'm not deaf. Obviously, some people are blind.

-I'll agree with Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live in that Stephanie could be the one giving Triple H the appearance that he has a lot of pull. Well, it wasn't worded that way, but implied that way. Think about it. Ever since seeing her father Vince and her brother Shane getting television time throughout 1998 and 1999, she probably became hungry for the exact same thing. Eventually, she was made part of the creative team by daddy, and the Wedding angle was made. Triple H was the chosen one for the angle, and Stephanie has been riding his back to get her own self on television. So maybe Triple H doesn't have the backstage pull that everyone says, as it's just a Head writer using Triple H for her own gains. Notice how any Triple H-Stephanie break up angles are just dropped, in fear of Stephanie losing her top spot. Hell, if anything, just commend Triple H for using his storyline marriage to elevate himself!

-On Kevin Nash's latest online commentary, he made this comment about why WCW went down: "So what was the downfall of WCW? To me, when Bill Busch came in, thatís when this place went down the tubes. Then, you had people who didnít even have a clue how to run a wrestling business, and yet they were running a wrestling business. " Now I'm not on the "inside" as a few idiots will say, but come on. It's well known that Kevin Nash was the Head booker from late 1998 to early 1999. He wrecked WCW totally with the "new" NWO, and also trashed Bill Goldberg's credibility by putting himself over the undefeated champ in a very crude fashion. Then, he wrote himself to lose to Hogan by laying down. So in reality, Nash's little stint as head booker wasn't exactly helpful for WCW, and probably started WCW in 1999 in a terrible direction.

-Rikishi suffers yet another injury. I hate to break it, but Rikishi is just a very fragile wrestler. It just seems that something will tear, sprain, rupture, or whatever else on Rikishi at a higher rate on him than others. Poor guy. He's just another person added to current WWF injury list, which includes the Undertaker, William Regal, and Chris Jericho. It seems like the same few are getting injured, or working terribly with injuries. Even worse, your main eventers are quite brittle themselves, as Triple H hurts himself by working hard in his matches, and Austin's body is the most delicate of all. Point being, the WWF should watch themselves by pushing certain wrestlers who could get hurt at any second, and not insist on elevating any wrestlers who can carry the federation on a clean bill of health.

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