Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column! This is #49, so tomorrow should be #50 in a row! Joy! Well, we have Hardcore Heaven tomorrow, but I'm sorry to say I don't have any predictions on the matches because I don't get to see ECW everyweek, so for the matches, I have no clue. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Alright, WCW has big plans for their return to Monday Night on May 24th. What plans you say? Well WCW has plans of starting off fresh. They want to start with a clean slate so to speak, so look for maybe some surprises. Hogan will probably return, as I reported from Professor Frank's info about a Nitro ticket selling anouncement. But with Hogan returning, what could this mean? What exactly will he do? I think, like I've said many times before, that he should get a new gimmick! I hope, with the two weeks off, that they have worked on some storylines too. Lately, WCW story lines have gotten way too confusing, and garbage like Savage helping DDP is getting frustrating. Who knows.-Alright, the word is that Lex Lugar is set to return, and he'll either do the few following things. One, return to form a stable with the Steiners, or two, become a Horseman again. Ok, now Lugar is a wrestler on my "please retire" list. Lex Lugar draws no heat. As part of the Wolfpac, nobody cared about him. Even before that, nobody cared about Lex. Remember Lugar in the face Wolfpac. Man was he lame. The only time he was great was his title run against Hogan, where he would have the title for only one week. After he lost the world title, his career went to garbage. He has no talent, boring mic skills, and maybe 4 moves. Oh well, he's All-American.-Man, I feel bad for Perry Saturn. His back is really killing him at the moment, but the man is still going to wrestle Mondays and Pay Per Views. This man is all class, as he actually wrestles though injuries and works hard in every match to put on a great show. He's one of the toughest in the business, as he used to jump off the top rope in ECW with his badly injured leg. He's one of the top performers in wrestling, as he does his thing and doesn't complain to bookers on how a match goes, or if a booker makes him lose a match. I still say, DITCH THE DRESS!!!


-Alright, next week's Over the Edge looks like this so far according to WWF.com:=Stone Cold vs. the Undertaker with Shane and Vince McMahon's as the referees.=The Rock vs. Triple H.=Union(Mankind, Shamrock, Test, Big Show) vs. the Corperate Ministry(Bradshaw, Farooq, Vicera, Bossman).=X-Pac and Kane vs. Sexual Chocolate and D-Lo Brown for the tag titles.=Road Dogg vs. Mr. Ass.=Debra and Jeff Jarrett vs. Nicole Bass and Val Venis.=Al Snow vs. Hardcore Holly for the hardcore title.=Godfather vs. Blue Blazer for the IC title.-Haha, according to reports, the word is that Stone Cold does not like Sable at all! He said that on Howard Stern the other day, and that can't be good for the WWF. The word is that Stone Cold doesn't like how much attention Sable gets, yet she's got a bad attitude in the WWF locker room. Maybe he's jealous of Sable. Maybe he's mad at some of the higher ratings she sometimes gets. Hmm...Stone Cold's jealous of Sable, and now he's not happy about Rock being a face...hmmm, that's interesting. Could Stone Cold be turning into a Hogan? Oh no! -Well, good old Edge is whining about not being pushed, as he has felt he has paid his dues in the WWF, and he thinks it's time for a title push. He wouldn't be bad for one, except for the fact that he has no personality except for being in the Brood. Great champions in the WWF not only can wrestle great, but they must have the attitude as well, which is missing from Edge. Maybe if he goes on his own, starts to gain his own attitude, maybe he'll get that title push that has been predicted for quite some time now.

ECW Huge Announcement at Pay Per View!!

What the hell? ECW stuff? Well, I was intrigued about the whole "huge announcement", so I looked into it, and I thought of 3 possibilities. Here they are:A. The TNN television deal. I will love it if this is the announcement, as ECW will finally come back to me! This would be HUGE news for ECW, as this could be what seals the deal, making them a real force in wrestling. Maybe with a great TV deal, ECW won't lose as many wrestlers.B. Shane Douglas will announce his goodbyes for ECW. His announcement will be that he's wrestling his final match with the company, and he'll thank the fans for everything.C. Shane Douglas will NOT be leaving ECW, and he'll start a new legacy at ECW!! I sense that ECW was screwing with our heads with the WWF rumors, and they will laugh at anyone who reported Shane leaving. Well, this is what I think of the HUGE announcement, too bad I can't see it happen, unless I buy a Pay Per View of a federation that I can't see on TV anymore.

@That's it for #49 in a row. Be here for tomorrow as I will have the 50th Phat Daily Column in a row! Joy! As always, just chill...till the next episode, and remember, this column is opinionated.

4 days till the Phantom Menace!!!

Sweet News Here!

Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999

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