Welcome to yet another fun filled edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss the latest issues in professional wrestling and then have an actual Multimedia review. I purchased the Tough Enough 2 soundtrack yesterday, and I'll have my FULL review of that today.

Come to think of it, who else reviews so much wrestling multimedia? I mean, Click Here to see my massive Multimedia review section, loaded with books, videos, music CDs, and video games.

You know, I was expecting to get blasted for my D minus grade yesterday from RAW, but I did NOT get a single piece of hatemail. Wow. As we'll discuss later, the ratings add to the fact that RAW completely sucked. I don't think I've seen a positive review of RAW out there on the net or on any message boards.

Lots to cover, so on to the PDC...


-RAW's rating was a 3.9, and this is the RAW BEFORE the Pay Per View. Great effort put on by the WWE to get their fans the F out of the room when watching RAW. The Booker T NWO turn was one of the worst turns in history, given the fact that Booker T had NOTHING to do with Austin at the time and since he was involved with another storyline in a completely different direction. The WWE got what it deserved by this rating, and I sincerely hope the ratings continue to slide if they keep up this poor effort at assembling a television show.

-Judgment Day is NOT a sellout, and probably not near that. Hogan is NOT drawing fans anymore, and fans can't even get excited for all of the novelty booking the WWF has done, such as making the Chris Jericho vs. Triple H match in the Hell in the Cell. The lack of long term booking and constant pushing of a small group of talent is starting to wear and tear on the fans, as the energy to really care is dwindling by each show the WWF puts on. So what does this mean? The WWF needs a shot in the arm of some kind.

But what could they do? Put Stephanie back on television? HAHAHAHA, yeah right! We don't want to go below 3.0 in the ratings. I bet that bitch will put herself on television very shortly, as her arrogant mind will blame the WWF wrestlers for not keeping the ratings up. What else... Oh, maybe do more NWO heel turns? Oh sure... Push Hulk Hogan even more?!?

Nope, there's only one or two solutions. One solution is to bring in Scott Steiner, but while I can see that presenting some interesting match ups, I don't see it boosting ratings that much. The other solution is, of course, Bill Goldberg. The electricity of his return would be huge, and you could just imagine the buyrates and attendance boost that he could provide.

-Jazz is now out 4 to 6 months. It's funny that the only time she lost to Trish Stratus was in a tag team match, and the reason she lost the belt was because of an injury. Looks like someone, *cough*Heyman*cough* is very protective of Jazz backstage. For what?!? The so-called wrestling experts on the net, which is an absolute joke, sooooo overrate Jazz like she's some kind of prize to the Women's division. How so? Because Trish sells all of her moves like it's death? Because she's from ECW? Because her moveset features a splash that any given backyard wrestler could perform better? Give me a break!

-X-Pac is the apparent barber of Michael PS Hayes on the infamous plane trip home from England. Anybody care to bet if X-Pac will be punished for his actions? The newsletter reports said that the second Hayes knew X-Pac did it, he didn't bother confronting Waltman about it. Gee, could that mean that someone has some pull backstage?

Mr. Tito's Phat Music Review

I've purchased EVERY WWF CD ever since the first WWF Full Metal came out (or the first WWF theme CD), with the EXCEPTION of the Stone Cold Country CD. I personally HATE Country music, and everything about it... Well, not everything, as Shania and Faith are quite hot...

-Tough Enough 2 Soundtrack-

On the back cover, Jake has Hawk in a headlock. I wonder if that means anything? We'll do this one in the usual track by track fashion.

Cold - "Gone Away" - This is the track the CD has on its featured sticker. Not a bad song.

Limp Bizkit - "Crushed" - I believe this is one of the tracks off the Old Songs New Songs remix CD (or whatever it's called). It's ok, I guess. I'm not a big fan of the sampled lyrics, though.

Staind - "Take It" - I'm sick of this song from the radio play that Staind gets and from having their CD, too. I find Staind to get really old and quick.

Trust Company - "Falling Apart" - One of the more weaker tracks on the CD.

Puddle of Mudd - "Control" - I thought this was a well done acoustic piece by Puddle of Mudd. Too bad this song and their others get WAY overplayed on the radio to even consider really liking this group.

Weezer - "Oh Lisa" - Typical Weezer song. They really haven't been themselves ever since their first self titled CD. For some reason, I buy all of their CDs, including their latest, and none of them were as well rounded as the first CD. I keep getting my hopes up, only to have some disappointment.

Queens of the Stone Age - "Millionaire" - Yecch, bad song. Next.

Unwritten Law - "Seeing Red" - Good track, although I already burned it on a CD and heard it many times already. Unwritten Law played this song flawlessly on the Jay Leno show the other night, which I found impressive.

Bloodhound Gang - "The Bad Touch (Bully Remix)" - I'll admit it, I'm a Bloodhound Gang fanatic! Their 3 CDs are fantastic, especially the 2nd one, and I could probably recite many songs off the top of my head. "I want you smothered, want you covered, like my Waffle House hashbrowns", etc, etc. I believe that the Bad Touch was specifically written to gain some mainstream attention, only to make many unfortunate girls buy their "Hooray for Boobies" album and be shocked at some of the songs on that CD. This remix of the Bad Touch is like a rock version of the original track. It's not as good as the original, as the guitars sound very odd with the upbeat lyrics.

Cinder - "Break Your Silence" - This song was decent, I thought. I have no idea who they are, but they weren't bad.

Marz - "Out of the Cage" - A senseless song here. Too much swearing for my liking, and I do listen to a bunch of sick and mean stuff out there. Hell, I listen to the Bloodhound Gang and I didn't like the swearing in this song. Too much "motherfucker" said in this track.

Injected - "Faithless" - I've heard this on the radio, and like the Cold song, it's not too bad.

Rob Zombie - "Feel So Numb" - I have Zombie's recent CD, and I do like this song. I'm surprised Zombie didn't give the WWF a remix of this song, like he usually does for all soundtracks or specialty CDs. Amazing.

LAST WORD: Not a bad CD, but definitely not a must buy. Probably slightly weaker than the first Tough Enough 2 soundtrack, hence my


(B minus) grade. I guess if you like all or many of the bands listed here, hell, why not, go ahead and buy it. If not, CD burners are fun to use or just don't bother buying it at all.

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