Welcome to yet another installment of the Phat Daily Column. This is #48 in a row, and I hope WCW has a show next week, because this lack of news is killing me! I think I'm going to do something fun tonight, so on to the PDC!

Mr. Tito's Wrestling Wishlist!

Alright, since the news is very slow, I think I'll do a wrestling wishlist tonight, and this way I can incorperate some news as well as some hopes for the future of wrestling!

-Alright, I really hope that TNN signs ECW to become a weekly television program, because it would not only benefit both companies, it would benefit me! I really miss my ECW! I remember when my ECW used to be on a Friday night two years ago. I would go out that night, and come back around Midnight, and ECW came out, making Friday the best night of the week. It would later be moved to Saturday, and ECW would be kicked off by those idiots at WB in Pittsburgh, therefore, I've been without the ECW show for a long time. If they get ECW, it would be a great lead in for the Roller Derby, and that would get over as well. A great night of violence for me!-I really wish that WCW would finally beef up the tag team division. I love tag team wrestling, not the boring ones, but the ones with great teamwork moves, and very high energy moves. WCW has made a joke out of the Tag Division, as they completely ignored it or they gave the belts to two non tag wrestlers. -I wish that the WWF would stop having the Undertaker be so demonic. I wish he could get in the ring and just wrestle like he used to, and that's what made him great. This crap where he wants to sacrafice everyone and their mother is making me sick! Wrestle, not be stupid.-A wish for WCW that is somewhat starting to happen. Kill off every alliance, every group in WCW. Too much backstabbing and annoying alliances hurt WCW. If they just have everyone on their own(besides the set tag teams), and have the main eventers go after the belt, like they sometimes do. I hear that dirty Wolfpac is coming back, and all I can do is shake my head.-I hope WCW finally gives Chris Benoit a chance in singles to shine. He's one of the best wrestlers pound for pound, and he has so much wrestling talent that WCW loves to overlook. I'm tired of him not getting any respect in WCW, and having him tag with Malenko is getting his career no where. -I wish Eric Bischoff would prove that he's the boss in WCW, by actually taking charge of WCW. He should take all booking responsibilities away from any wrestlers, and hire a good booking team, which doesn't include morons like Kevin Nash. -I wish Baseball bats could only be used in Baseball...-I wish RAW was live every week. Taped shows are always weaker than live shows, plus dirty RAW taping results are everywhere to ruin your Monday Night fun. WWF is making millions...so why not live every week. Until WCW starts beating the live shows, I guess I'll have to get used to the tape shows.-I wish UPN would start spreading more channels thoughout the states, mainly my area, just in case Smackdown becomes an official show at UPN. I mean come on, I have two WB channels! Can't I just exchange one of those for a UPN?-I really wish that Scott Hall would get his life in order and finally return to wrestling like he's getting paid to do. Now, he had a problem before, and he was in re-hab, but now, all he has is personal problems, but can't you wrestle a light schedule(Mondays and Pay Per Views) and handle your problems at the same time. Oh, that reminds me.-I really really wish that WCW would no longer allow wresters garbage time off to handle "personal" problems, unless they really are serious. It's pissing me off to see wrestlers take time off for no injuries. They get paid to wrestle, not take time off for "personal" problems which everyone has.-I wish that Hak would get more respect by letting actually become the top ranked hardcore wrestler in WCW. Hak, in my opinion, is the best and he makes the matches the best by taking the most abuse, and performing crazy moves that no other wrestler would grow the sack to perform. -I hope this Jericho contract situation ends soon. I'm tired of hearing different stories on where he'll sign. Come on July! (That's when his contract ends)-I wish the Rock and Stone Cold would realize that the fans love them both, so why argue about it? -I wish the WWF would have put more credibility and hope into the former European title. That title was made a joke by HBK, and it was even made a bigger joke by Shane. Maybe a new singles belt is another wish, like a TV title.-Here's my biggest wish. I'm a huge Stevie Richards mark, so I wish he would somehow show up in the WWF. I think he would be perfect for the WWF. That's just my opinion.-I wish that some of the older wrestlers in both federations that have already been great, to start helping the younger wrestlers over. Do like the older wrestlers did for them back in the day.-I wish that both federations would quit critisizing one another and just wrestle! I'm tired of the trash talking.-I wish that USA and TNT would realize that their Monday Night Wrestling programs get far better ratings than US Opens, NBA playoffs, and the Doggie shows. That won't happen though.-I wish I had the ideas the ability to make 100 Phat Daily Columns in a row!

@Well that's it for today's strange edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. This is Mr. Tito, NOT named after Tito Santana, signing off!! So until next time, just chill...till the next episode.

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999

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