Welcome to the very latest edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll take a look at the poor attempt the "WWE" made at a wrestling show last night, given a week before a Pay Per View. 2 weeks of poor material on RAW. That's something one would NOT want to keep up.

Sorry for not having a column yesterday. I was busy working and had a few things to do afterward instead of sitting down and ranting about wrestling for an hour. Just couldn't find the time... But I have the time today, and I'll probably get really nasty, too. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

Very positive feedback concerning the Week In Review column. Hmm, I just may keep it up, given the fact that I don't really have to write it on the weekend. I could just sum up each day as I go along through the week, and compile it at the end of the week.

On to the PDC.

RAW isn't TITO

The show started off with a handicap match between Brock Lesnar against the Hardy Boyz. Um, this feud is STILL going on? Funny how both Hardys were doing different things at one point, and then remembering "Hey, we hate Lesnar", thereby fighting him now in a handicap match. Lesnar was made to look bad, here, as Paul Heyman pulled out the referee before Lesnar could possibly kick out of the Hardy's offense. Hey, he no-sold harder moves and chairshots. After the match, Heyman announced that he'd tag up with Lesnar to fight the Hardy Boys at Judgment Day. Yay, another novelty match added to the card.

It's funny how Ric Flair talks about Kevin Nash not returning due to a bicep injury, when he was the one who actually suspended him. Oh, what did Nash do during his suspension, hurt his bicep jacking off? Although one could dispute that's how Nash actually hurt himself, the WWE lacks total logic in their storylines right now.

A complete waste of time with Ric Flair and the Big Show coming out to the ring. I don't care that Flair associates with the NWO now, and I'm not too pumped to see Flair/Big Show vs. Austin at Judgment Day.

Next match was Eddie Guerrero vs. Shawn Stasiak. Stasiak jobbed, Eddie won. No clear cut heel in this match, either. Oh, like the fans really want to cheer for Stasiak? Rob Van Dam would confront Eddie after the match. Let's hope that RVD steps up his performance at Judgment Day instead of doing his usual "going through the motions" offense that he has been performing lately.

Goofy segment with Tommy Dreamer, as he did such things as drinking toilet water, shaving his tongue, among other things. I believe that WWF officials are pleased with Dreamer's recent Heat performances that he'll start getting a small RAW push now. Hmmm...

In an example of why the Women's division can be REALLY BAD, Terri wrestled Molly Holly to a horrible match. It was just torture trying to see Molly carry Terri through every single move, and the Ontario crowd didn't really care much, either. What are they going to do, cheer a female with a 50 year old face with a 30 year old body?

Gotta love the cheap draws. Now, if I was at a WWF event, I'd be cheering my lungs off for Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan, given that both are legends in the business. The WWF used this feeling to get the Ontario crowd popping for a change. Not a very good match, though, given that both guys are years beyond their prime, although some would argue that Hogan has never wrestled well, ever. Steve Austin would help Hogan beat Flair, making me say "whoop-dee-doo" out loud.

Next match was Trish Stratus/Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Jazz/Steven Richards. Not a bad gimmick for the match, with both titles on the line and given what occurred last week. It could have been added to Judgment Day, but it already has enough novelty matches for one show. Trish finally won the Women's title from Jazz, but only since Jazz is injured and may need some time off. Not bad at all.

The handicap match between Big Show/X-Pac against Bradshaw was next. Should we now call X-Pac, Sean "The Barber" Waltman for reportedly trimming off Hayes's mullet? Wretched match, as the shell of the NWO beat up poor Bradshaw. Oh, I have such sympathy for that.

Then, in another attempt to jerk fans off about machines or destruction, the Undertaker hooked up Hulk Hogan to a motorcycle and was dragging him around the arena. I thought the final bump at the end wasn't bad, the the psychology of attacking each other with motorcycles or attacking the actual motorcycle itself is not a good way to hype a World Title match. If it was, then Jericho vs. Triple H in a Hell in the Cell match wouldn't have been added.

And finally, the Main Event. After Flair vs. Hogan, Flair spouted off that Austin would have to fight a lumberjack match against the newest NWO member. Guess who that NWO member would be? Someone in a completely different storyline, Booker T. Huh?!? Does this stuff get any worse?!?!? Utter crap of a match here, as the NWO gimmick is down the toilet and off to the sewage plant already.

LAST WORD: 2 crappy RAWs in a row. I didn't think last week's show could be topped in poor quality, but hey, I was proved wrong. This week's show gets a grade of


(D minus) as I'm nearing the "F" grades if it gets any worse next week. What will be the bad writing excuse this week? Because it was Mother's Day on Sunday? Ha! I predict a rating of 4.4.

Ah screw it, bring in Bill Goldberg, pay him millions, and push him to the moon!

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@I pray that Smackdown is at least decent, as it was last week in comparison to RAW. Just chill till the next episode.

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