Monday, Monday.... It's the start of yet another long week in the wrestling world, and real life as well. If only the weekend would get here already. Tonight, we have RAW is WAR to watch and hopefully enjoy. The WWF aims to wet our appetites for Judgment Day this Sunday, so we'll see if they can do it or not.

Most of the feedback for the X-Pac column mostly agreed with the fact that he needs to break out of his D-X shell, sort of like what Triple H did in late 1999. If he does that, then maybe Jim Ross will be right when he says that the "youngster has many great years ahead of him".

Let's review Heat, and then hype RAW. On to the PDC.

RAW did a mix of the hyped "new format" with guest host Big Show and they had 3 matches. I'm thinking this mixture will provide a better show overall.

HOWEVER, they introduced a new segment to the show. As if Mtv Heat could get any worse than it already is, they had Tazz doing a "World News Update", to which he tried to report WWF news or whatever. The segment was so half-assed and just overall garbage. Tazz was stuttering and struggling through the segment, which makes me wonder how much the WWF cares about Heat these days. It eventually led to Big Show tossing Michael Cole on a bunch of security guards, which I guess hurt Cole's neck.

First match of the night was Billy Gunn vs. Steven Richards, which was watchable I suppose, but very quick. Billy Gunn got a decent pop through out the match, and especially at the end. It's sort of scary to put one of the most brittle wrestlers, Richards, against one of the most sloppy wrestlers, Gunn. Oh well, maybe we'll see a day where Gunn will improve his ways. That will happen, once Hell completely freezes over.

The slow tag team push of X-Pac and Justin Credible kept rolling, as they easily Kaientai cleanly. It just seems that with the smaller sizes of Credible and X-Pac, they'd be much faster as a team. Oh well.

I had high hopes and expectations for the Jerry Lynn vs. Dean Malenko match, but I was left disappointed. Not from Malenko, either, because he was doing his usual selling and carrying of wrestlers. Jerry Lynn, on the other hand, was just sluggish. Here's why:

1. Different Rings: The ECW rings are MUCH smaller than the WWF's, and also, the ECW rings seemed to be louder and with more spring as well. The impact of Lynn's moves don't seem as good as they were in ECW.

2. Different Fans: Lynn's style of wrestling won't get him over in the WWF, as that's what the creative team thinks will happen. WWF fans get off on storylines, and they only care about matches if there's a good story behind it. Having him win the Lightweight title off of little Crash Holly on the first day, without any good build up for the WWF fans, makes Lynn's run as Lightweight champ off to a bad start.

Those 2 reasons are probably common knowledge. Anyway, Lynn got the win and without cheating too. Since the WWF had two heels wrestling, one guy who is new and the other isn't too appreciated by WWF fans anyway, there was complete silence for the match by the crowd.

LAST WORD: This show is going down the tubes. The WWF NY stuff has been a complete failure, and this show will NEVER get past the 2.0 level on shitty Mtv. NEVER. We'll go C for this week's edition of Heat.

Speaking of crappy Mtv, I just want to say that their new cartoon series that follows Heat, "Undergrads", is just total garbage. Possibly the worst cartoon series that I've ever seen. Why does Mtv think that they can compete with the Simpsons for the college crowd on Sunday Nights? Oops, this is a wrestling column...

RAW Hype

Well, tonight, we'll probably see plenty of interviews, since it's commonplace for the RAW before a Pay Per View. Especially with Austin and Triple H, because the WWF thinks they must give them more time to sell the Pay Per View. However, they don't realize that we've seen Triple H vs. Kane so many times, and Undertaker vs. Steve Austin has headlined 3 Pay Per Views before. With Austin and the Undertaker, both aren't exactly as good as they were before, so why care for the Pay Per View?

I bet you we'll either see a rematch from Backlash, of Triple H/Austin vs. Kane/Undertaker, or we'll see a Steve Austin vs. Kane match. Both matches will end shamelessly in a cheap Disqualification, since that's the only way to book WWF television shows these days.

Hopefully, an interesting stipuation will be added to the Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit feud. In my opinion, a ladder match for the Olympic medals would be golden. It would be nice, since their past 2 technical matches have put the WWF fans and even the wrasslin' fans to sleep. Both guys need a match where they can do more action, instead of amateur wrestling.

Maybe we'll see more spanking by Chyna and Lita? Either way, this feud is garbage. They should have turned Chyna a full fledged heel, but nooooo... They had to take a trick out of Vince Russo's notebook, and do the spanking. Oh well, it's just extra interest or ratings. What do they care?

There are only 3 matches booked for Judgment Day so far, so expect some slapping together of matches! It's only higher buyrates at stake.

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