Welcome back, to the Sunday Edition of the Phat Daily Column. It's a very SLOW Sunday too, but we do have the Hardcore Heaven pay per view coming up tonight. Also today, I have a Phat Video Review of DDP's Feel the Bang video, along with predictions of Hardcore Heaven. So enjoy. On to the PDC.


Some are saying that the Ric Flair/Vince Russo/David Flair segments seem to be the highest rated segments of Nitro or Thunder. That's rather odd, especially considering that the angle is very recycled with Vince Russo now in the role of the NWO, with David Flair claiming he is the "father he never had" and so forth. It's rather strange for such repetition to be high in the ratings, but it's only been one week, and it could be purely coincidence their segements are up. I'll judge this one better in due time.

I guess I've been right all of the time about Sting. He still can perform in the ring. Compared to all of the other older wrestlers, he can turn up the energy and produce some sweet matches. Just look what he did for Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome. He made them work to their ability, and it produced some great main events. This Monday, Sting will prove himself again in a "House of Pain" match against Vampiro. I really hope it ends the Vampiro feud for Sting, because it's time to move on to bigger and better things, because he's STILL the franchise of WCW.

Speaking of Vampiro, it seems that he'll be getting a new contract after all. I heard he had a slight dispute over his contract last week, as jobbers were making more than him and he was main eventing some shows. Hell, that would piss me off too, especially since Vampiro has worked hard to get where he's at in WCW. Many think that I don't like Vampiro because of this long and dragging Sting feud. NO, as I supported Vampiro when nobody could care less about how talented he really was. I hate long and dragging feuds, and I just wasn't thrilled with the two screwjob endings for two excellent Sting main events. That's all.


The Rock should be in the states by now, and his return is going to be HUGE according to the WWF. I take it we will get a response from the Rock concerning the wonderful Iron Man match that he is now booked in. Look for the WWF ratings to go up thanks to the Rock's return, because they were suffering a little when he was filming the Mummy 2. I bet his Monday Night return will feature some sort of special match against Triple H or against a team made up by Corporation X.

I keep getting asked when Stone Cold Steve Austin's next appearance in the WWF will be. Well, right now he is working hard to get into ringshape again, and he probably wouldn't really want to come back until he could wrestle again. I'm sure we'll see an appearance soon by the Rattlesnake, because the center stage in wrestling is hard NOT to go after. If WCW starts gaining just a little bit of ground, I'm sure his phone will be ringing, and who knows, we could see him sooner than we thought.

Predictions: ECW's Hardcore Heaven

Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn
You see, if you wait long enough for these guys to fight, the payoff will be great. This match is very anticipated because both wrestlers were on the shelf for a long time due to injuries. Therefore, they couldn't wrestle for all of this time. See, it helped build this match, and Paul Heyman should take a look at the attraction of this match, and not shove it down our throats as he would book it for ECW on TNN everyweek. I'm predicting that Jerry Lynn will, once again, do the JOB to Rob Van Dam since RVD is on his way back to the top of ECW again. Should be a spectacular match.
Tito's Prediction: Rob Van Dam

Rhino vs. the Sandman
The Sandman has never been the television champ before, but I don't really see much reason to give it to him. I'm still wondering if he remembers Justin Credible beating his ass before he left to go to WCW. Sandman should make his way to the main event, but instead, he'll put over Rhino. That's fine with me though, since putting over younger talent is always the key to making a federation survive, now isn't it WCW?
Tito's Prediction: Rhino

Lance Storm vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. World Champ Justin Credible
Well, Impact Players and Tommy Dreamer head to head. As usual, Tommy Dreamer will take the bumps and the beat downs in this contest, with a few things done by Storm and Credible. I wonder how hard Storm will go just in case he has to show up for Nitro tomorrow night. ECW needs to repair that bridge that Mike Awesome burnt down, so they will probably keep the title on Credible to build it up once again.
Tito's Pick: Justin Credible

I'm sure there are plenty more matches, but since no ECW sites have a full card to look at as reference, these are the only true matches that I can think of. I can remember seeing that Super Crazy and Tajiri could tag up, but I don't know. Enjoy the show.

Mr. Tito's PHAT Video Review

Today's video is a part of the WCW Superstar Series, and since I read DDP's Book, Positively Page, last week, I was inspired to buy Feel the Bang to see the many highlights of his career. Therefore, he's the review!

DDP: Feel the Bang

The video is mainly DDP talking and highlights of various points in his career. It starts off in 1997 with his feud with the Macho Man, Randy Savage. I was expecting to briefly show early highlights of his career in WCW, as an announcer, a tag partner/manager for Diamond Stud and Vinnie Vegas, and his rise to fame. I expected that, especially since a younger DDP was featured on the back cover of the video tape. BUT, the rest of the video was well worth a watch.

DDP was involved in some intense matches, especially the ones with Raven and Macho Man. I can remember how brutal those ones were back when I originally saw them. The matches featured on this tape show the best highlights, and I really understand why DDP uses icebags in the back from watching those very matches. Especially the ones with Raven. He went at Raven hard, and took a ton of shots from weapons in those matches.

The video goes up to where DDP won a title shot at Fall Brawl. Before that, they showed the celebrity matches with Jay Leno, and also with Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman. I was reminded on how bad those matches really were, but they did do a lot for professional wrestling in terms of mainstream press. For those two celebrity matches, DDP was the only one who could perform, while the others were just acting, including Hogan.

Feel the Bang had some good highlights, and it flowed well with DDP explaining each match up. The highlights featured were very well put together, as DDP said that in his book. I just wish SOME of DDP's early career could have been shown, but it's still a good watch. I'll give it a


@That's all for today. Enjoy today, as it is Mother's Day. I'll be back with some Monday Night Hype, so just chill till the next episode.

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