Welcome to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Well, last night was rather interesting in Phat Chat. The guest was the great Calvin Martin, and a few big names showed up. Marc Middleton, Matt Monroe, Christopher Micheals, Wrestling Historian, Ryan Brander, and Bradford Riley showed up, and so did everyone else. That room was crazy. Many showed up for Phat Chat, and the chatroom got flooded. Then a well known Newsboard administrator shows up, and man, I thought I was hosting the Jerry Springer show. Anyways, through all of this insanity, Calvin kept answering fans questions, and that proves he's all class. Maybe that's why LoP is the best. Well, there was no Thunder last night, thank you low rating NBA, so I guess this drought of WCW news continues! Argh! Anyways, on to the Phat Daily Column.

The State of WCW

Alright, no Thunder, so how on Earth will we find out what is going on after a Pay Per View? WCW Saturday Night? No! I guess we will have to wait until May 24, which is Hogan's rumored return(NBA is probably pre-empting Nitro again). This isn't good for WCW, as the night after the Pay Per View always gains some interest. That is a great chance to start brand new fresh angles, or add to the heat that the Pay Per View made. But something else came to mind for WCW. What if these two weeks off could really help them. Maybe they are sitting down right now and wondering why they have fallen so much lately. Bad angles? You betcha, as we still have no clue about Macho Man and DDP. Bad screw job matches? Yes indeed, as their most hyped up matches which are claimed to make this Nitro "the biggest Nitro in the history of WCW" end up ending with a run in or a horrible screwjob. I hope WCW really thinks about their federation with this time off. I've said this many times, but they need to push their top skilled wrestlers and their younger, hungrier wrestlers. Maybe the booking committee(Kevin Nash), is sitting down, figuring up some great angles, and actually scripting them for once instead of doing angles on the fly. What can WCW do to get better? Well, first they need to get back on television, but after that, Eric Bischoff needs to take charge of his sagging federation. He has a little bit lately, but he still has wrestlers in charge, which really isn't good to have. He needs to quit giving total control to certain wrestlers, and actually be a President of WCW. Bischoff is the key, and he could actually save the federation he put on top once before. These NBA playoffs hurt very much though, and they come at a time where WCW needs to be there to bother the WWF. If it comes back, bad ratings could really affect them, and a Tuesday Nitro could start, thus ending the Monday Night Wars. I hope that doesn't happen, because competition brings out the best in the both of them. You see what happens(MOST OF THE TIME) when a federation is unopposed one night, they take it easy. WCW needs to kick it in gear, so that they can prove their 1996-1997 run wasn't a fluke. Oh well, at least WCW isn't getting pre-empted by a dog show!!!

State of WWF

Can the WWF lose steam? They appear very powerful now, and they appear to me that they are much more powerful than WCW was during their run. With the high ratings from the recent RAW, Smackdown, and even Heat, I don't see how they could be stopped. Even on a day where I think RAW is horrible one night, it still gets stellar ratings. The WWF is really appealing to the fans, that's why. There are some problems with the WWF I notice. One is the supergroups! The Coporate Ministry is freakin huge, and the Union will lower the wrestler's careers. I see the Union is just like the Wolfpac, they get good pops, but no title contention. Another thing I notice, is the baseball bats. Now I'm sure I'll get told about Sting's baseball bat, but did his bat ever shatter over someone's head?? The WWF has such a cult following with children, that some crazy kid will think that a bat can shatter over anotehr little kid's head, and thus bad press for the WWF. I mean I'm not trying to sound like one of those concerned parents, but the bat swinging has to go. One more thing for the WWF to do. Create or find at least 2 more main eventers. I keep seeing matches over and over again, and I think 2 new main eventers could really make it exciting, as if it wasn't exciting already. So what does the future have in store with the WWF? Well, right now we'll have to see what network gets the WWF, because the WWF proved what ratings it could get there, considering many don't have UPN(including myself). It seems to be a friendly atmosphere in the WWF, with only a few incidents of backstage heat. It seems that the WWF's wrestlers are actually enjoying wrestling with the WWF. Paul Wight, although he isn't over too much in the WWF, he enjoys wrestling in the WWF. He's actually used, and not misused like before. The WWF is trying so hard to get him over too. WWF is proving everyday that they are on top, but let's hope success doesn't get to their head like before when WCW got on top.

@Well, that's it for today's PDC. This was the lovely #47 consecutive column. I hope I can stay alive during the weekend! Keep it real, and just chill...till the next episode.

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999

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