Good ol' Sunday. No Pay Per View to discuss, nor is there a WCW show to talk about, either. Maybe I could bullshit about Jakked or Metal, but if only those shows would have set times in my area, then maybe I could do that! Of course, Jakked features second rate matches, so why care about that? It's too bad I couldn't catch the latest Jakked, for I wanted to see Perry Saturn's last WWF match! Ha!

Good feedback on the Triple H column, although it was common knowledge to some. I just wanted to review the great days of snobbish blueblood days, for the most part. I tried to limit or exclude any so called backstage stuff, like Triple H's involvement with the Clique or his current status.

Hey, why not keep talking about Clique wrestlers? Let's look into one Sean Waltman or X-Pac, and how he doesn't have the momentum today like he used to, and then argue why he can't expand his character.

On to the PDC!

X-Pac or X-Pired?

Back in the early to mid 1990s, a new hot prospect was being talked about. A wrestler dubbed the Lightning Kid was tearing up the indy scene, and he one of the few good wrestlers on the Global Wrestling Federation program on ESPN. Everyone thought it was only a matter of time before the WWF would snatch him up. Eventually, they did that.

In the WWF, he eventually grabbed the lame name 1-2-3 Kid for his various upsets in the WWF, on such stars as Razor Ramon. In the WWF, he carried over his innovative wrestling ability, by doing his many kicks and high flying maneuvers. In the WWF, however, he began to acquire some injuries and compiled several concussions. I'd say it made Sean Waltman reconsider his style of wrestling, but he kept going. The ongoing injuries and a few backstage problems allowed Vince to let the Kid talk to WCW about joining his Clique buddies, Hall and Nash. At the time, the 1-2-3 Kid's character became totally stale, since you can only fight or feud with Razor so many times and the Million Dollar Corporation did nothing for his career.

However, in WCW, Waltman experienced a rebirth of his character. Now named Syxx, Waltman was a vital part of the New World Order. As Syxx, he showed a great new attitude to mix with his wrestling ability. Syxx was a hated member of the NWO, which is odd because many fans cheered the NWO. They were booing him to get his teeth knocked in, and not like today, where they boo because they don't want to see him or his two stupid pals, Credible and Albert. He then went on to feud with Eddie Guerrero over the US title, which led to a great match at Souled Out 1997. Next, Waltman went after Dean Malenko for the Lightweight title for some very good matches. Waltman kept the title for quite some time, until he got in trouble. One Nitro, he screamed some cursewords during a match of his, which was easily heard on television. To make things worse, he about shanked Ric Flair's tights, which made Bischoff even more mad.

Bischoff "punished" Waltman by stripping his title away from him. Waltman didn't do much after that, as the shit was about to hit the fan backstage. There was an ongoing power struggle between Hall/Nash against Hogan/Bischoff, and Syxx was about to become a pawn of that war. X-Pac suffered a nasty neck injury, which kept him out for over 90 days. The 90 day marker, by the way, was in most WCW contracts at the time, to which if you are inactive for that many days, you can be released without question. Bischoff used this opportunity to one-up Hall and Nash, and on a certain day, Sean Waltman received a Fed-Ex from Bischoff stating that he was FIRED!

The WWF must have been impressed with the new Waltman or Syxx, as they quickly picked him up and made him the post Wrestlemania surprise! The night after Wrestlemania, Waltman came on RAW and did one of the best shoot interviews ever. He stated that if Kevin Nash and Scott Hall could be in the WWF right now, they would in a heartbeat. Just a big ol' shoot on Bischoff, which made Waltman incredibly over in the WWF from the get-go. Looks like he was going to pick up right where he left off in WCW. He did at first, but there was a big problem. Degeneration X oddly turned face, so the cocky attitude he gained for his character in WCW, he couldn't quite use now. Besides some good European Title feuds and some tag titles with Kane, X-Pac was stuck in the rut of being a D-X wrestler. Even with Triple H injured and the New Age Outlaws split up, X-Pac's character was badly damaged by being a face the whole time.

Degeneration X would later reform to give Triple H a stable of flunkies to have around him, which made X-Pac a heel again, finally. However, the damage was done. As a face DX member previously, the attitude for his character was totally lost. Also, X-Pac could no longer wrestle his flashy high risk or martial arts style thanks to the many injuries over the years. It carried on through X-Factor, which his career, to me, is in question, even at the young age he is.

My argument is that X-Pac is still stuck in the shell of what he was in 1998 and 1999. He hasn't improved much since then, and as a heel now, he wasn't as cool as the original X-Pac or Syxx in WCW. In my opinion, X-Pac needs to somehow break that shell. All he has to do is to look at what his buddy, Triple H, did. Triple H was in that same shell as a face or DX member. Then, Triple H beefed up, changed his attitude completely, and actually changed his wrestling style as well, oddly enough.

That's what X-Pac must do! His past work proves that he could be a decent part of the WWF, and possibly elevate his career to new levels. The potential is definitely there, but it's up to him to do whatever he needs to improve his character. Until then, the most he appears to be getting is stupid stable feuds or possible tag titles with Credible, which isn't bad, but Waltman *could* be a good singles wrestler again. However, that's totally up to him, and only then will he be rewarded with a spot on the Wrestlemania roster (which he was denied this year, besides Heat).

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