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-Well, I took a look at the RAW tapings, it looks like a decent show, but nothing like the most recent RAW. Now whether it impresses me Monday Night is another story. Everyone is asking me why on Earth did I start reading the Tapings? Well, when I would make a column with an opinion what would happen in the WWF in the future, and the dirty Taping results which many readers read would contradict a part of my column, I would really hear about it. I read the spoilers so I avoid getting myself in trouble, and it saves me a lot of hate mail, even though my opinions about Chastity get enough of that. Anyways, another thing is that I would either never mention the RAW spoilers, or I would mention in my column that I don't like to read the spoilers, and thus a bunch of savages send me the results anyways. -The word is that Shane Douglas is almost WWF bound. It will really seem like reality if he isn't a part of ECW's next Pay Per View. Now if Shane Douglas returns, I just don't see how he could forget his WWF past. I mean for God sakes, they made him a damn Dean, and made him write on a chalk board before and after matches. Not only does he hate what the WWF did to his career, he hates Shawn Michaels. Maybe now that Shawn isn't around as much helps, but all of the WWF cut downs he made during interviews doesn't help much either. We'll see if he can put aside his differences and go to the WWF.


-Madden is reporting that Sid, Yokozuna, and Tammy Sytch are rumored to be negotiating with WCW. This is garbage, and has no relevant proof that it is true. For one, Yokozuna is still in terrible shape to be allowed to wrestle in either federation, and the only way he could enter WCW, is if Hogan lobbies for him to get signed, but Yokozuna must JOB to Hogan. That's why the Warrior was brought back, for Hogan to defeat. As for Sid, well everyone says that Nash wants Sid, but Nash may be a booker, but he doesn't sign talent. I hear that Arn Anderson is getting Flair to help WCW stay away from the idea of getting Sid back. As for Tammy Sytch, I have no idea about her or her career, but what I do know is that there seems to be no proof to back up her even talking to WCW. None whatsoever.-Uh oh, get ready for a possible long title reign. That's right, Kevin Nash is setting himself up to hold the World title for a long time, possibly for over 6 months. Eek! You know, Kevin Nash always barks backstage that he thinks Bret Hart isn't over with the fans, well Big Sexy, you aren't exactly over either. Bret Hart hasn't been given a good angle or opportunity to get over, as you, yourself, have been involved in many high profiled angles and matches that helped get you over. I used to be a fan of yours Nash, but when you booked yourself to lose to Hogan to reform the nWo, I lost all respect for you. What are you now? A face? A heel? Hogan's slave? Now that was a bit harsh, but you are always doing stuff for Hogan while together in the nWo, and not for yourself. Oh well.

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