Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Well, the ratings are in! Oops, let me reword this, the ratings for the WWF are in, since there was no Nitro. I wonder if the NBA playoffs will pre-empt Nitro next week, because if it happens, WCW might really be finished. Anyways, on to the 45th consecutive PDC. Enjoy!

Ratings Analysis

Raw is War

First Hour: 7.8 Second Hour: 8.4 Composite: 8.1

NBA ratings on TNT(courtesy of Scoops) Piston vs. Hawks: 1.2 Suns vs. Trailblazers: 1.4

-Alright, the WWF made a killing without WCW around this week. This ratings show that around 1.5 or so of WCW's ratings are true WCW fans, and the extra 2 points that the WWF won over on the off day were wrestling fans that usually flip back and forth. But what will happen when WCW actually comes back. I personally think that the WWF put on a good enough show to win some of the WCW fans over. Usually when the other federation is pre-empted, the other immediately slacks off, but the WWF didn't. They put on a top notch show, and that will do wonders for gaining fans, and keeping them. Many of you questioned my grade of an F to Nitro for having no show at all. Well, I give an F to any show that is pre-empted. It's automatic, and if I did the Monday Night grades during the Dog Show when RAW was pre-empted, I would have flunked RAW too. I think being pre-empted is like skipping class on purpose when there is a test coming up. Something like that. Also, the NBA playoffs did terrible in the ratings, so why on Earth do you say that Nitro should be pre-empted? Time Warner owns WCW, so all profits from sponsors are theirs. Time Warner doesn't own the NBA, in fact they have to pay millions just to carry the NBA playoffs, and Billionaire Ted only owns one of the NBA teams. So tell me, is having NBA playoffs on instead of Nitro really benefitting TNT? I don't think so.


-I swear, the WWF can pull a gimmick out of no where. I completely forgot to mention this in my Monday column, but one new wrestler's gimmick had me laughing for a long time. The gimmick I laughed at was newcomer Sean Stasiak. He's the new love slave of PMS, and his wrestling name is Meat!!!! I was laughing so hard when he came out, because I remember the classic movie that the name came from. Good old Porky's! One of the best movies ever! -Well, this past edition of RAW became the highest rated program on Cable...ever! Man is WWF on fire! Many of the basic networks are probably knocking in WWF's door now, well except for FOX, because of the reports that the owner of FOX tried to buy the WWF from Vince. That's not good, because FOX should have not offered to buy the WWF, but to have them on their network as a weekly show. That way, the owner of FOX(Murdock?) can get revenge on Ted Turner since he hates him so much. -There is tons of backstage heat with Debra and Sable. Sable thinks that she's the top bimbo in federation, and anyone who is even close she treats like crap. She really hates the fact that they gave the title to Sable. The only thing Sable will do now, is to possible form a stable with someone, or just to manage Nicole Bass. She's only sticking around because of the publicity that she is getting, and she's happy about how her Playboys sold.


-Nothing much on WCW today, as news usually arrives after a Monday Night show happens. So this week, it will be rather hard to get WCW news, and it's even harder with no Thunder either! Argh! So what do I have to do, watch WCW Saturday Night to see what reactions occur after a Pay Per View? I don't think so, as half of the good WCW talent have stipulations in their contracts not to wrestle those terrible Saturday Night shows. If Nitro is pre-empted, I wouldn't be surprised if WCW's real downfall starts to happen, and who knows, maybe a Tuesday Nitro will be fun to watch. -Well, Goldberg's injury is legit, and reports were that his ankle was black and blue, but his ankle isn't broken. It's just badly bruised, but still this can't be good for WCW, but it might not hurt for WCW to have these off weeks with the pre-empted. This way Goldberg, along with many other banged up WCW superstars, can rest for this week and get ready when WCW does come back to Monday and Thursday. -Speaking of Goldberg, word is that Eric Bischoff wants him heel, and he wants the Hitman to be a face when they wrestle again? Interesting, but maybe it's the answer to getting the Quitman, ahem, I mean Hitman over. Just as long as WCW uses Bret properly before his contract is up in December...

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