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Speaking of being busy.... A couple readers are already jumping on me to quickly read the new Mick Foley book, "Foley is Good". Well, I really really want to read that book, but as of right now, I'm very much strapped for time. I'm sure someone will say "well, this columnist is reading it now, and he'll review it soon, so why don't you?" However, you don't realize that this isn't my full time job, compared to those other writers. I'm strapped for time as it is with school, work, or any personal time. Now if it was my Full Time job, you'd probably see a column that's 5 times longer than you see now, and every book, video, you name it, would get reviewed.

But unfortunately, this isn't my Full Time job, for it's only a hobby. So in reality, it's just a hobby for putting up with constant nagging, like the Mick Foley book. On to the PDC.

I was actually thinking the WWF would do an Edge/Christian vs. Benoit/Jericho match, but instead, they broke them up into two different matches. I guess both matches were decent, but if you have these two teams feuding, where will it lead? Benoit is already signed for Judgment Day against Kurt Angle, so a big payoff tag match can't happen. See, this is the problem with WWF shows these days. They do these little feuds in between Pay Per Views, and then they blow them off the week before the PPV, and wonder why no heat occurs in the matches they quickly booked. If you are going to do a feud, keep it going the whole month and blow it off at the Pay Per View.

What do you get when you put an OVERRATED wrestler (Albert) against a WASHED UP wrestler (Raven)? A lame match that does nothing for either wrestler. Damn it, what the hell is the WWF doing with Albert? He's terrible. If anything, he lacks the same exact thing that Benoit, Bull Buchanan, Dean Malenko, and many other: no charisma or mic skills. Besides, he's tossing guys who are much smaller than him, which I could look good doing. I DARE the WWF to put him up against the Undertaker. I just dare them. We'll see how much "potential" Albert has then, because he'll look extremely bad for someone who won't bump around for him. Nuff said!

I thought the Right To Censor was going to get broken up soon? They have no purpose on television now, but yet we'll keep throwing them out there. Yipee! Even worse, the Hardys needed Eddie Guerrero's cheap help to win this match, thus making the RTC look good in the match. That's pathetic. The Hardy Boyz should beat these guys cleanly, since they are about 300 times more marketable than the RTC. But hey, who says you must give a fuck when you are in cruise control?

Wow, I was thinking we'd see Rikishi vs. Triple H at Judgment Day, but instead we got it at Smackdown. LAME DQ FINISH! Since it was a LAME DQ FINISH, money should say that this match will occur at Judgment Day. Hey, wouldn't this match hurt the credibility or surprise factor of their match? Of course. But Kane came back later, as his CRUSHED arm, according to Jim Ross, must have instantly healed to set up a match with Triple H at Judgment Day. Like we've seen that match before.

Again, I'm convinced that the WWF has exhausted EVERY possible big money match within the WWF. It's nearly impossible to book a big main event or a strong undercard match because everyone has fought each other so many damn times. The only big money match that's left is the rematch between Triple H and Steve Austin, since their match from No Way Out was sooo damn good! But anyway, this match exhausting could explain some of the current ratings downfall, in my opinion.

Hey, Spike Dudley won. Now all of the ECW marks can stop whining about how Spike isn't getting they mega-push they expect for every ECW wrestler. He defeated Crash, which makes me wonder if Spike will test himself in the Lightweight division. Lord knows that division needs another good wrestler.

Decent hardcore action from Rhyno and Bradshaw, which eventually led to the Big Show interfering. Oh my, I guess we'll see Big Show vs. Bradshaw at Judgment Day? That will be a hard one to bet on, folks. Why? Well, Bradshaw is in line for a singles push, and the WWF always wants to give the Big Show a chance. I'll have to think long and hard when predicting that match.

FINGER OF SHAME for having no main event. Instead, we got some BULLSHIT sports entertainment, which will alienate the "wrestling" fans the WWF needs to hold on to when watching the next WWF show.

LAST WORD: Yuck, yuck, yuck! This might have been one of the worst Smackdowns I've ever seen in my life. Just an overall boring and ridiculous show. It earned a D+ (D plus) in my gradebook. Oh man, I really want to see Judgment Day now.


I hate to say "I told you so", as the XFL officially closed up last night. As I stated in the Economics of Wrestling #1 about the XFL, history showed that rival leagues have a tough time operating against a tough monopoly sports league, such as the NFL. Now mix that with the ridiculous views on football by Vince McMahon and the overall poor play by second rate players, and you've got one big failure of a league.

After losing approximately $35 Million, Vince McMahon finally threw in the towel. I admire the effort by Vince, but he should have realized that he's a WRESTLING business guy, not a football one. Vince should have focused more on improving his own WWF, and then put more energy into the start up WCW show. I'm thinking that the dropping of the XFL will allow TNN to be a little more nicer to the WWF about the WCW timeslot, since the XFL put a strain on their Arena Football coverage.

Well, it looks like Perry Saturn has screwed up his WWF career by roughing up another worker at a recent WWF taping. I guess he was just taking his frustrations out by getting screwed by the WWF hierarchy, right? Oops, I just gave away what I was talking about yesterday! Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised, whatsoever, if Saturn gets a big release after this. He's been the biggest disappointment out of the Radicalz, despite being handed a valet (Terri) and the European Title one time. He went from being a great singles competitor in WCW, to worthless in the WWF.

Funny that the WWF is cancelling a houseshow this weekend due to injuries. Let's see here.... Undertaker is injured, Kane is "acting" like he's injured, you don't want to risk injuring Austin at a houseshow, same with Triple H, and whatever else. The houseshow, cancelled, was in Columbus, OH. Now I know there was another date scheduled, but this is an odd cancellation. It's somewhat ironic that the WWF just cancels a show in a place where a wrestling tax almost happened. Could the WWF be sending a message to Ohio?

Speaking of this, I really did become a bigger fan of the WWF when they threatened the Ohio House that they'd never come into Ohio again if the tax was passed. The WWF told them that their events boom the surrounding city's economy, since food stores, hotels, or any thing else would benefit. The 5% that Ohio wanted to rip away would hurt the WWF's funds going toward wrestler's hotel rooms or any other small costs. Sure, the WWF is a multi-million dollar company, but every little big counts.

The Jackson 5

5. Rikishi: A long road towards becoming the big face he was.

4. Steve Austin: Needs to wrestle more on television shows.

3. Rhino: Probably the only hardcore champ, of recent memory, that looks hard to beat.

2. Triple H: Please give this guy better opponents, please.

1. Chris Jericho: Impressive wrestling lately, including the cage match, despite a bad back, according to Meltzer.

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