Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Ah yes, nothing like a good Thunder to get the blood flowing. I'm still getting wonderful feedback on the Monday Night Impressions, which it seems as though fans are 50/50 in terms of good Nitro/bad Nitro or good RAW/bad RAW. I called them both bad, as others thought both shows were great, thought one was stronger than the other, and so forth. Well anyway, on to the PDC.

Midnight Express Baby!

-The Lords have answered my prayers and constant bugging, as the best form of the Mightnight Express, Beautiful Bobby Eaton and Sweet Stan Lane have been reunited. Thanks to that evil WCW, who didn't recognize Eaton's hard work with the younger talent, Eaton is now free to do whatever he wants. Jim Cornette said he will reform the great duo, and they will debut somewhere in June or July. My God, I'm marking out!!!! Of course, the last time we saw them was in the late 80s/early 90s, so they have probably lost a step or two...or three, or four, and probably five. But just the thought rules! Ok, I've marked out enough, on to the PDC.


-As I reported earlier yesterday, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho will be fighting, ONCE AGAIN, but this time at Judgement Day. Yeah, like that will make a difference. Why not put them in some sort of stipulation match? Maybe an "I Quit" match? Maybe a first blood match? It doesn't matter. WWF has been doing this a lot lately, and if you don't know what I mean, it's called repetition. Benoit and Jericho have fought at a televised match before Wrestlemania, at Wrestlemania in a 3 way match with Kurt Angle, at Backlash, at Smackdown the same week, and this past week's RAW. Maybe I forgot one, but that's a lot of times to wrestle in such a short period of time. Now I'm not saying their matches are bad, but it's worth more when they fight over spread periods of time. But hey, as long as people still watch it, why not get away with it?

-Slam! had something on Chyna's autobiography yesterday, saying it will be now pushed back to June. However, if you've been to your local book store, you could see that there is already a biography of her's on the shelf...an unofficial one at that. It's called the "Unofficial Biography of Joanie Laurer", or something of that nature. It's a 150 page paperback book which uses Chyna's real name, Joanie Laurer, instead of her wrestling name on the cover to MAYBE avoid any lawsuits. Inside, there are also some pictures of Chyna...well, more like ringside shots at wrestling arenas and maybe some "hot" pictures too. I thought about reading it and ripping it apart, but I've decided to only read official biographies. This came after I bought one of those unofficial theme CDs only to notice how bad it was. I wonder, however, if the WWF is aware of that unofficial Chyna book out there. Also, there is a Stone Cold one out there as well.

-Tonight, we have Smackdown...yes, a Smackdown without the Rock once again! I didn't really understand why the WWF needed the Rock so much until Monday Night. Well, we'll see how the WWF does in round 2 of life without the Rock. Here is the NON spoiler line up, an again, avoid those darn bars if you hate reading NON spoiler line ups.

T&A vs. the Dudley Boyz
Godfather vs. Chris Benoit
Chyna vs. Dean Malenko
Chris Jericho/Hardy Boyz vs. Kurt Angle/Edge/Christian
Special Table Match
Special 6 Man match

Yes, I couldn't even reveal those two matches, as they should be interesting.


-Nice of Buff Bagwell to drop the ball on his wrestling career, as he was arrested for punching a WCW crew member. Battery charges seem to be heading his way now, and the thought of Buff ever getting "over" in WCW has ended. Who knows, WCW could release him, and he would still be in trouble. Do you think the WWF would sign him for problems like this? Let's not forget his comments that one time on his website where he thought he should be good enough to be at the top with Stone Cold. Buff might have dug himself a hole which he can no longer dig himself out of, and that's sad considering he had so much promise before his head got cloudy.

-Here's a good question: What do the matches of Sting from Nitro against Jarrett and from Thunder against Mike Awesome have in common? Yes, it is a fact that Sting STILL can perform, and he should be in the main events anyway. NO! That's correct, but wrong for this point. They were both excellent matches ruined by a dragging feud with Vampiro. Can we say "it's time to move on"? That's what I'm wondering, especially since Sting has defeated Vampiro easily at the last 2 pay per views. But noooo, we have to drag this out with Vampiro. Sting, for the past two matches, has proven that he's still the man in WCW, and Russo/Bischoff should acknowledge that.

-As for the rest of Thunder....eh, it was OK at most. I still could care less about "Main Event" Chuck Palumbo, along with any feud containing the Misfits. Also, the David Flair thing is already ridiculous. Those skits were so stupid, and more crap from Russo isn't needed for this recycled angle. Oh boy, David Flair became engaged to Dafney...oh, can you smell the ratings for that wedding.

-I did like the opening Cruiserweight match, though, between Chris Candido and Crowbar. Nice to see Candido actually working with a good wrestler, and not the Artist. Candido did a really fast Rikishi driver last night, and that literally came out of no where. He is showing that he can still go, no matter what past problems he's had. It's a new beginning for Candido and Sytch, and so far, they are making good use of it. Congrats to both of them.

@That's all for today. Enjoy your Smackdown today. Oh yeah, I FINALLY updated the Backyard BBQ, which has been long awaited by those wanting their sites on it. A new Backyard column entitled "Double Z's Backyard Blockbuster" is up as well! You can enter it by clicking Here. Until tomorrow's column, just chill till the next episode.

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