Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Phew! Another Monday Night went right by! As usual, I've got the great Monday Night Impressions to serve up to you. Anyways, on to the PDC.

Monday Night Impression


-Well, the show actually started off with a match this week, instead of an interview like I'm accustomed to. It was odd to see someone coming out to help Kane in a match. It seems that Road Dogg, X-Pac, and Kane are together, so have them as DX! Interesting to see Sexual Chocolate and D-Lo come down to attack X-Pac and Kane, who was tied up in the ropes. -Doh! I opened my mouth too soon. The Union, UPYouRS, or whatever came out for an interview. Then if that wasn't predictable, Shane comes out with his Corporate Ministry. At least HBK saved this interview from really going no where. He signed some interesting matches. If you saw Shawn Michaels, he's obviously not in the wrestling shape that he was. He was flabby than usual, as he used to be really cut musclewise. I guess that claim that HBK's back surgery was a work is wrong!-Paul Wight vs. Paul Bearer was an excuse for both the Union and the Corporate Ministry to get in the ring and beat on each other. It also showed what a coward the Undertaker has become.-That whole Debra vs. Sable situation was rather interesting, as Val came down, but it distracted Debra, and Sable did what I would have done in the ring. : ) Of course, Jarrett lays out Val Venis, and HBK awards Debra with the women's title since he thinks it should be awarded to the one who loses the evening gown. Good call. -Test vs. Bossman was alright, but they should fight over who gets to use the theme music. Anyways, this match reminded me of Ray Traylor's "sock full of silver dollars" matches he used to have with John Tenta I do believe. -Ok, it was nice to see Cactus Jack again, BUT that's not the best that I've seen Cactus. That was one of his worst matches ever, and he really seems to be moving slower and slower with those bad knees. Maybe it was because of his competitors. Either way, I've seen better Cactus Jack matches, but seeing him back was nice.-Farooq and Bradshaw was a good match, as they really pounded on one another. Too bad the Corporate Ministry had to ruin the match. -Now I really enjoyed Patterson and Brisco vs. Pete Gas and Rodney. The mean street posse really gave it to the oldtimers this time around. It was a good match, but there was something else that cracked me up. You guessed it, Hogan's music for Patterson and Brisco. When it first came on, I was like what the hell? Very funny stuff, and I'm sure it doesn't sit well with the bald man sitting at home recovering from knee surgery.-Jarrett vs. Venis was a good match, but Debra was in it with Jarrett the whole time, thus costing Val the match. -Chyna vs. Shamrock shouldn't have happened. Even though the bitch slapped Kenny around a little, he still should have just walked away.-The final match was pretty good with Stone Cold/Rock/Vince vs. Undertaker/HHH/Shane, as Stone Cold took Vince of Shane when he was pinning him, and Stone Cold gave Shane another stunner for the win. We'll hear about this next Monday night for sure.====$Well, this was a good show by the WWF, especially one going against a pre-empted Nitro. I figured they'd slack off this week, but they didn't. For that, the WWF recieves a Tito Grade of an


for their Monday Night show. Good work WWF.Professor Frank McHone says: This was possibly the best Monday night wrestling show I have ever seen. The Stooges making fun of Hogan was great. The whole idea of making the Corporate Ministry like the old NWO, and Shane, in Vince's words, "A bigger better Bischoff," is great. Unlike the old NWO, the Corporate Ministry is not afraid to job. Debra and her puppies looked great as ever. A good feud is developing between Venis and Jarrett. Solid wrestling all night. The first two matches were better than WCW's entire PPV last evening. This edition of Raw gets an A.

Monday Nitro

-Oh no! No Monday Night show. Therefore, for being so stupid for having an NBA game take their place, especially the night after the Pay Per View, WCW recieves a big FAT


for their no show, and for TNT really "dropping the ball" on their Monday Night show. How about them apples?

Wrestling News and Views

-Yesterday, I was hammered from an opinion that I made about the Chastity situation, and I shouldn't have. Let me say it again, and I'll say it more clearly this time around. The WWF had no right to bash WCW for Chastity's former profession. Chastity is a FORMER porno star. That means she did it then, but she doesn't do it now. Get it? She was a porn star for that one movie, just because she needed the money? Maybe? Either way, she has never starred in a film during her wrestling career. I'm sure she's not proud of her former career, and the WWF has absolutely no right to critisize WCW about it, claiming that they are supposed to be "family oriented". What garbage, and WCW is a PG show anyways. They don't have a G rating at all. The WWF had no right to help expose Chastity's former career, because that was her former career. I could see if the WWF did it if she was STILL a porno star, but she obviously isn't one now. DUH! If you send me bothersome e-mails about this, I won't read them nor will reply. I got harped on yesterday by everyone about this, just for stating my opinion as I proudly am today.-Well, it appears that Titanville is really laughing at how much WCW is trying to imitate them. Let's see, the large nurse is supposed to be called Asia, WCW constantly has T and A now(if you don't know what those letters stand for, here a hint: Gorgeous George), having more edge in their interviews, and now having Eric Bischoff as a face boss. Hmm...oh yeah, but what about the WWF copy as Bret and Bischoff had an argument with Bret quitting at the end of his skit with Goldberg. Hmm. Interesting. Of course, when the WWF was down, they copied WCW..you know, with all of those supergroups, until they found their style. WCW needs to do that.-Darn it! More time off for Scott Hall! Argh! Can he ever get his life in order? I was happy about him remarrying his ex-wife again, but what the hell, he's divorcing her again? Can Chico ever get his life straight, or will he ever return to the ring to actually wrestle? He's had way too much time off, and he isn't in re-hab like he usually is. He gets paid way too much to take that much time off. Every wrestler that takes too much time off needs to get smacked around. I'm really tired of WCW wrestlers taking time off even when they aren't injured. Even Sting, the man who I'm supposed to be a "mark" of, takes too much time off.

Phat Chat News!

-Well, I'm very very pleased to announce this week's guest for Phat Chat on a special Night this week at Thursday Night at 7:30 EASTERN. My guest this week is none other than the great Lords of Pain/Wrestling Empire Webmaster, Calvin Martin!!!!! He will be there Thursday Night at 7:30 Eastern to answer any questions that you want to ask him. To get to Phat Chat by Java, go to http://talk.to/mrtito OR you can reach it by mIRC by going to the server irc.webchatting.com and the channel #phatchat. I hope to see you there!!

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