Welcome to the Thursday edition of the Phat Daily Column, you know, the one who has taken 2 weeks off now. I guess it's the curse of Chunder that will always come back to haunt me and burn me out for Thursdays, which used to be the day where I reviewed WCW's Thunder.

It really pisses that the WWFE keeps pushing back the start up for WCW. Why? Obviously, I am craving the ability to speculate how the federation will shape up and I really want to watch the show, if it ever happens. I worry that the future UPN time cutback could be the writing on the wall that TNN will be pricks to the WWF. We'll just see.

But in the mean time, let's eat some Daily Apples, mmmmmk?

-Last week, it was reported that one wrestler out of the WWF locker room was the one leaking out information about Triple H and others holding back other wrestlers to the dirtsheet writers. After pondering this for a while, I'll have to agree on that. Why??? Well, I have a good idea on who the "rat" backstage is, and if you think about it, you could easily come to the conclusion about who it is too.

Just think about it. It was said that a currently disgruntled WWF wrestler, who feels that he's getting a lack of push, so just think of anyone who isn't getting television time lately, on the Big 2 shows and Pay Per View. Also, think about anyone who wasn't happy with their previous organization before coming to the WWF, as they blamed the power structure there for not gaining prestige. So in reality, if you put 1 and 1 together, you too could figure out who is making the claims. It's probably right under your nose.

Don't bother e-mailing me about it though, for I won't share my theory on who's spilling the beans backstage, nor will I confirm or deny any wrestlers you may suggest. I have confidence in who I believe is telling bullshit stories, as I've heard about his past doings at another federation. Just think.... A person who isn't getting a push/television time, and someone who was disgruntled in another federations. I don't care to mention his/her name, for I feel it's ridiculous of the WWF to let the obvious person do it every week.

-It appears that the real reason why WWF Smackdown is getting cut down is because of advertising. Wrestling has taken so much in the mainstream media, and have gained a bad rap from certain parental groups or whatever else. This is a strong reason why TNN doesn't give a shit enough to give the WWF a free 2 hour slot for their WCW show. TNN has a bunch of bogus programming throughout the week, which gains no where near the ratings anything WWF produces does. But the advertising rates for the highly rated shows just don't seem to be coming their way anymore.

Here's a good question: What timeslot would USA Networks give the WWF for WCW, if the WWF was still with them? USA would say: "pick a timeslot, any timeslot!!" USA Networks never cared what the WWF aired, just as long as it made the ratings for the other shows jump up. Why on earth do you think USA might sign a deal with the pathetic Hulk Hogan wrestling federation? (Although they did refuse ECW) Point is that USA bent over backwards for the WWF, and TNN won't because Viacom won't give the WWF any leverage whatsoever. Does TNN ever remember who saved their Cable Station from years of horrible ratings?

-Speaking of Hulk Hogan, let's discuss his so-called federation who may get television time on USA Networks. Some people are already creaming over the fact that it will be competition to watch, but I disagree. This federation will be nothing but Old Timer wrestling! Do you actually think any of the current young wrestlers like Hogan? Many of them have been backstage at WCW, and they know what goes on with that man when he has full control over his character. Now, he'll have FULL control over one federation. That means you'll see guys like the Honky Tonk Man, Brutus Beefcake, and all of the 1980s WWF stars fighting in the main event every week. I seriously doubt any guys like Lex Luger, Kevin Nash, or anyone under Time Warner contract will even budge about joining Hogan. The only real interest seems to be Hulk Hogan vs. Jerry Lawler, but how good of a match could those two put on these days? SCARY!

-I see that good old Eric Bischoff will be travelling overseas for a wrestling event. Despite the many other "projects" he always claims to be working on, his ego rests on wrestling. You just know he'll try to form a "new" promotion, or just join up with Hogan's joke of a fed. Bischoff, no matter what anybody says, will NEVER EVER see the success he saw with WCW. Hell, his success with WCW only came from the LARGE amounts of Ted Turner's money he could spend on wrestlers, shows, or anything else. For those of you who call Bischoff a brilliant man, as yourself this question: Would Eric Bischoff be a good President of WCW if he didn't have unlimited resources or money to work with? Case and point. I'm sure anybody could run a fucking wrestling federation when they are able to spend large amounts of cash on it.

Funny how a bunch of has-beens were discussed today.

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