What could be a day without your daily serving of PDC? Today, I finally have the ECW Hardcore Revolution for N64 review. That should be very interesting. Also, nothing like some good Chunder thoughts as well today, along with some WWF thoughts about their cancelling the USA contract. Why keep this intro going, on to the PDC!

WWF cancels their USA Contract

Well, the WWF has finally done it. They've freed themselves from their USA contract in order to "explore other options", you know, like the very nice $100 Million CBS/TNN deal. It seems very reasonable that the WWF will jump all over the CBS offer, as their USA programming would then jump to the very bad channel that they call TNN. They would remain on UPN for their Smackdown show too. Can you just imagine the WWF on TNN? Ick. I sure as hell can't, as they won't be allowed to get away with some of the stuff that USA was willing to let them do on their channel.

It boils down to money.....or should I say XFL. It's all about funding the XFL, as that's a good reason for them leaning toward the CBS deal. XFL would probably be on TNN, or maybe even UPN...but that doesn't matter. What matters is that the WWF is having shows on TNN and UPN! That's horrible. How about this? Why not have RAW or Smackdown on the MAIN CBS channel, and have the rest of the programming on UPN? Why not?

If the WWF does jump to CBS, ECW's show is basically screwed! CBS will drop them like a bad habit, and I propose this for the USA channel. Pick up ECW!!! Yes, turn them into a supergiant instantly, and give them the WWF's former Monday Night slot if it happens. You could then have Nitro on TNT, RAW on TNN, and ECW on USA. Could you just imagine the madness? Total insanity on Monday night wrestling! I don't know, it's just an idea if USA unfortunately loses the WWF.

I'm personally thinking that jumping to CBS...well, TNN and UPN could be a bad risk for the WWF though. If something goes wrong, who will back them? With USA, they had great stability and great freedom. At CBS, argh, I mean UPN/TNN, they will be limited on what they do. I guess it's all about the buck, as the WWF could be coming to a TNN station near you!


-I posted some comments about what Hogan said on a radio station, readers wanted my good response, so here goes. Hogan called himself the savior of WCW, as he will resurrect them from the ashes of horrible ratings. Yeah, that's why nobody bought Superbrawl for your "special attraction" match with the Total Package. Hogan also claimed that the younger guys have egos. Oh my. Does he ever hear himself talk? How can they have an ego when the are never given a voice in WCW, nor or they given a chance to show their talents. It's your EGO, Hulk Hogan, that has held younger wrestlers from shining, and it's your "Me, Myself and I" attitude that hurts WCW. Yeah, just keep doing those 80's promos and showing up for pay per views only.

-Nothing like a good night of Thunder. Argh, can these shows get any worse? The main event had Vampiro fighting Jarrett. They used the same exact ending that the WWF used where the first referee gets knocked out, a second one comes in, counts, and the first one pulls the second ref out and argues with him while the heel gets a cheapshot in for the win. Geesh. Again, the same story with weakened storylines. They have ok storylines for their older guys, but nothing for their younger guys. They had a pretty decent 4 way tag match tonight though. I'll give them props for that.

-Oh joy, Sting and Hogan will be returning to Nitro this Monday, according to Mike Tenay from Thunder. Can you smell the ratings? I guess both Sting and Hogan got of their high-horses, and have come to save the day! Maybe they will help each other out, even though Sting turned on Hogan a while back! No, actually, they are returning to give a little added hype to Uncensored, you know, to defeat that 0.1 buyrate that Superbrawl had. Pitiful.

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

Alright, it's finally arrived. It was finally available to rent! I spent a good $2.00 to rent ECW Hardcore Revolution on N64, so really, it doesn't hurt me either way. Heading into this game, I must say that I wasn't a big fan of Attitude or Warzone. I didn't like the control or feel of both games, so I tried to play this game without that bias. So here goes....

ECW Hardcore Revolution for N64

When you turn on the game, it looks like a 16 bit game with its opening screens. I don't remember Attitude or Warzone being like that, but oh well. No biggie, right? I looked through the options before I played, and they have a decent create a wrestler. You can create a really crazy wrestler, looks wise that is, but the rest of it is somewhat limited. You have a career mode, different matches, pay per views, and so forth to play with, which are very good features. Now, on to the gameplay.

When I started this, I noticed that the graphics of the wrestlers were pretty good. Acclaim, for some reason, has always been pretty good on lifelike graphics. Remember the original Mortal Kombat for SNES? It was censored and the control sucked, but the fighters looked close to the arcade! Anyway, ECW HR has entrances for their wrestlers, which aren't bad(not as good as WM2k's), and they have quotes before each match, which is very interesting. The theme music, however, is very muffled. The gameplay is just like Attitude, but the sounds of the fighting is very weak. Styles is the commentator, and the wrestlers make noises, but it seems very quiet for some reason.

As for the wrestling itself. Argh, the control is horrible. It's like playing on old version of Street Fighter 2 with a broken controller. Terrible control, as mobility for wrestlers is way off, and you miss with punches bigtime. Grappling system is simply terrible, and the amount of moves is very limited. The matches seemed to go on forever before you would either win or lose, and it made for some very boring gameplay. The control is what bothered me, as I'm a casual gamer. I could see maybe if you were an advanced gamer, you could spend some time mastering this. I'm not patient, and I don't like the fighting engine of this game!

Last Word: Well, I really don't have anything good to say about this game. If you are an absolute ECW hardcore fan who loved the Acclaim WWF fans, then maybe this game is for you. If you are a casual videogamer like myself, hop aboard the THQ wagon for some great games! Maybe spend $2 like I did to rent this one and to try it out, but don't buy it unless you've tried it. In my opinion, this game is simply horrible. I'll give it a


for Acclaim's first attempt at ECW games, as they should have not recycled their old WWF game engines. Hopefully, the next ECW game will be much better. In the words of the great Netcop, "recommended to avoid".

A reader asked me if I could review WCW Mayhem sometime. That's not such a bad idea! I'm sure I could rent that one without having to reserve it, or I could just spend only $20 on it at Walmart.

@That's all for today's edition of the Phat Daily Column. Remember, this column is opinionated, so just chill...till the next episode!

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