Welcome back to another kickass edition of the one and only Phat Daily Column. It was an interesting night of wrestling, and as always, it's time to break out the gradebook for Mr. Tito's Monday Night Grades. Let's go to the PDC, shall we?

Monday Night Impressions


-Alright, what the hell was up with the first hour of Nitro. That was the biggest load of crap for a wrestling program I have ever saw. It was pure junk. This kept Nitro from being a super show! I was puking, like I said last week, when I saw that Konnan video, again!-I did enjoy seeing Raven and Hak(Sandman) kill each other. Bam Bam doesn't fit in, but oh well. Hak can really take the bumps.-Good to see Jericho wrestling. It was announced that Saturn will be coming back dressed different for Uncensored. I don't even want to know.-Booker T vs. Big Poppa Pump twas a good match. But does that mean Steiner is the #1 US contender now???-Miller vs. Flynn isn't a bad feud after all. Two real professionals getting it on. Not bad.-Alright, Rey Misterio is beating all the big guys. Three huge victories over Nash, Bam Bam, and Norton should get him somewhere.-Bret Hart was in good form, against...Van Hammer??? Give him somebody good to fight!-Flair vs. Goldberg...good build up, great match, but one thing happened that Mr. Tito hates! A NWO run in happened.===$Well, I was impressed with the last 2 hours of Nitro. I felt they were good matches. Best Nitro I've seen in a while, excluding the worthless 2nd hour. This week's Nitro recieves a grade of:


for it's efforts. It would have been in the 'A' range if they didn't have that shitty first hour, and Mr. Tito will never, and I mean NEVER, give an 'A' to a Nitro with a hyped up main event, ending with a NWO run in.


-Alright, I'm getting tired of Raw opening up with corperation interviews. I've seen too many of those.-The D'Lo vs. Owen Hart match was good. I wonder who D'Lo will have as his tag partner in his war with Jarrett and Owen at Wrestlemania.-The Ministry made Raw kinda uninteresting tonight. They bore me to death.-Joy, we had the treat of hearing Terry Taylor instead of J.R. tonight. I was actually hoping to hear J.R. again.-I must say, the Shamrock-Goldust feud is messed up. Strange crap goes on during their matches.-Shane is gonna get killed at Wrestlemania. He's kinda funny when he's running his mouth.-The Godfather is the man, plain and simple. Droz and Blackman angle is kinda weak, cause Droz is stupid!-Alright, enough with fireballs in wrestling. They have been done many times, and they no longer create shock value. Please quit.-The King is the man. He was hilarious looking at the Sable Playboy. Sable should get crushed by Tori if they fight, since her real name is Terri Powers, a great women's wrestler.-The main event with Stone Cold and Mankind ended stupid. Oh well, at least Wrestlemania should be interesting with Mankind as ref too.===$Well, this TAPED edition of Raw was a weak one folks. The ministry parts made me turn the channel. WWF just wasn't there for me tonight. This edition of Monday Night Raw recieves a


for it's efforts. If it weren't for Nitro's shitty first hour, Nitro could have closed the gap a good bit. Lucky Raw.


-Reports are that when Bret's contract is up, he'll retire, not return to the WWF. I just wish the WCW figures out a way to use him, I'm tired of his stupid angles where they try to make him a cruel and evil man. WCW should have never made him help Hogan in the first place.-Well, Luna was released by the WWF as reported by many reporters. The question is...what about her husband Gangrel? He signed an extension a few months back. He's doing an excellent job in hte ring. No reason to fire him. We'll see if his wife's firing, which was caused by some heat against Sable and her loser husband Marc Mero, affects Gangrel any.-Look for the Acolytes to get some kind of Tag Team push. Those two, Farooq and Bradshaw, have become bad-asses in their own right, and I don't see any team stopping them. They demolished those Public Enemy losers. Pity.-Speaking of those Public Enemy losers, the WWF is downright mad that they can't get over with any heat or crowd reaction. Look for the WWF to make one last attempt to get them over, then it's curtains for those wash ups!-Jericho is very upset at WCW management, mainly at the head booker Kevin Nash. Nash is starting to kill off any Jericho television time, because one, he personally doesn't like him, and two, he feels he needs to re-sign with the company for a well deserved push. Jericho could be knocking on WWF's door soon.-Well, if you noticed on Nitro, you saw a "heel" side to Ric Flair that has been absent for a while when he fought Goldberg. Could this be proof of Flair's heel turn at Uncensored? What about Goldberg helping Flair? Could that be proof that Goldberg is well on his way to become the new Enforcer of the Horsemen? We'll just have to see.

@Phew! That's a nice long Phat Daily Column for ya. Anyways, have a good day! This is Mr. Tito, the only Phat Daily Columnist, signing off.

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