Well, after a day off to study for a freaking hard Calculus test, I'm back! Sorry I couldn't make a Phat Daily Column for yesterday. Anyways, tonight is another Monday Night! Who will win the ratings between a taped Raw vs. a Live Nitro?


-Good old Sting hurt his shoulder the other night against Bam Bam Bigelo. That's just great, now it will take even longer for Sting to get his ass into the ring. Joy. -Flair is almost guaranteed to win the Uncensored match, whether it be by DQ, double turn, or whatever. Kinda makes you mad when you can almost predict every WCW pay per view now. Everyone and their mother knew that David Flair was gonna turn on his father. -Scott Steiner is due for a huge singles push where he'll start defeating some big name wrestlers, like DDP wasn't enough. Big Poppa Pump is the best heel in WCW now, and he's got the attitude that is perfect for a heel. Too bad WCW wants to keep a lid on that attitude.


-I can't seem to find much news, since everything evolves around the Raw tapings, and I'm not gonna give those dirty results out. Things to look for, a Jim Ross confrontation with Michael Cole, at tag match between Hardcore Holly-Al Snow vs. the New Age Outlaws, Mankind vs. Stone Cold with Paul Wight as special referee for Mankind to become a ref at Wrestlemania, and a good young talented match between Test and Xpac. -The WWF is completely denying that the 3 hours is in the works. 2 hours is plenty to have a great show. 3 hours is like a weaker pay per view everynight, just look at WCW.

@Well, that's all for this very slow news day. I'll be back tomorrow with Mr. Tito's famous Raw and Nitro grades. So until then, enjoy your monday night! This is Mr. Tito, the ONLY Phat Daily Columnist, signing off!.

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