Welcome to another fun-filled edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss the latest in professional wrestling and then review Best of Backyard Wrestling 4: Random Acts of Violence. VERY easy format to follow.

I'll get to the NES video game history feedback soon. Depending on that will determine if I'll move on to such systems as the Gameboy, SNES, and even the arcade games. If the readers want to see retro reviews of the old games, then I'll keep doing them. If not, then I'll stop all together.

There is one thing I must address though: I'm not a video game expert. Sure, I shoot my mouth off from time to time, and I'm a die-hard Nintendo supporter. But from a lot of stuff, I hear it from managers of video game stores who occasionally e-mail me from time to time, and just figures I hear in the news. And remember, my reviews are highly opinionated by myself, hence the name "Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column" with the section "Mr. Tito's Phat Video Game Reviews". It's not like I'm a member of Gamepro, IGN, or any other PAID game review companies. I just do this for fun, mmmk?

Speaking of "mmmk", last night's South Park was F'N hilarious!!! Just thought I'd add that note.

Anyway, on to the PDC.


-UPN, I suppose, will be apparently looking at the WWF Divas special closely next week to see if they could possibly make it a regular show. Hey, that would be a good idea. It's not that the Diva specials are any good, aside from seeing hot pieces of ass, but it could be the solution for the WWF's large stock of beautiful women who can't wrestle. The WWF is so wasteful in this regard that they have Torrie Wilson managing the undercard Tajiri.

Not much going on news-wise.....

-As far as Smackdown goes, however, it will be LIVE tonight, since many of the Asian tour superstars will be returning to the US. Can you say Jet-lag? Some of the wrestlers might not be in true form from the travelling, and the Rock especially, should be extremely tired from the film schedule and Asian tour, back to back. I wonder how the WWF will explain how he was left un-marked from the attack of Hogan on RAW a few weeks ago.

But hey, at least the Rock will have some back up, this time, with Steve Austin, who has been feuding with the NWO ever since Rock was "injured" with a "concussion". I'm not sure if the WWF will hotshot a tag match or not on one of the shows. I mean, I don't know if the WWF wants to give away Rock vs. Hogan yet. Maybe the Outsiders, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, against The Rock and Steve Austin? That's a big tag match there, although Rocky and Austin would have to heavily carry the match, given the age and knee problems of their opponents.

Also, Ric Flair will be returning to WWF television, as I hope they offer an explanation to why he wasn't on RAW. I'm sure Flair will consider accepting the spot, but then finally say "yes" when the Taker probably threatens to kill the rest of his family or stalk his daughter, similar to what DDP did to his wife. Either way, it's been the best Undertaker angle in years.

Chris Jericho will probably pursue more fucking hand lotion for his BITCH business associate, Stephanie McJuggs. Hey, there's NO need to be mad at Triple H because Jericho has never beaten him. Instead, his anger is shown through Stephanie instead, who is holding this WORLD TITLE feud down. It's funny, too, because Rock vs. Jericho was good because the WRESTLERS were interacting with each other. Jericho vs. Triple H sucks because STEPHANIE is interacting with each wrestler. Stephanie might as well challenge Triple H at Wrestlemania instead of Jericho.

Since Jericho is being so downplayed in this feud, it could easily be setting all of the fans up for a SWERVE at Wrestlemania, where Triple H and Stephanie will reunite for many more months of hell.

Mr. Tito's PHAT Video Review

Looks like the Best of Backyard Videos will now be released by twos, as they are currently working on editions #5 and #6 at the same time. Cool! I guarantee that I'll review them as quick as possible.

Best of Backyard Wrestling 4: Random Acts of Violence

If you just want one video for a quick brush up on what violent backyard wrestling is, then look no further than this video. When it says "Random Acts of Violence" on the cover, that's what it means. It's one big highlight reel of hardcore spots, with some focus given to gimmicks, which I loved! You name it, homemade tables, thumbtacks, glass, barbedwire, flaming tables, and chairshots all make this video, and it moves from clip to clip to keep the action very fresh.

The video is set up in no particular order, as it's like the first one, just moving from one spot performed to the next. Then, you get the same nude clips of the BackyardWrestling.com ladies as video #3 in between, although I'm not complaining. Also like #3, you see a lot of Carnage and many of the other crazier individuals from #3, but only doing their BEST spots from their shows. That's a big plus, as many of the matches in #3 had some breaks in between violent moves.

As for the moves, you'll see a lot of violent slams through the homemade tables. I like how a lot of them use trashcans as the legs of the tables. Then, you'll see a couple jumps from high places and on to tables, or people getting shoved off high places and onto tables. Either way, it will leave you cringing from the crashes made from the broken tables. Some of the table spots are just too violent, as compared to pro wrestling, which actually rigs their tables for the safety of their wrestlers. Lots of lightbulb attacks in this one, too, with several flourecent (sp?) bulbs set up as tables for a wrestler to get slammed through. OUCH!

I LOVE the focus on the gimmicks for this video. All I have to say is that the Sasquatch tag team RULED!!! I was in tears, laughing, when they first came out, but when they came out the second time from the woods, it was too much. The guy in the blue mask that came out to "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson was hilarious, too. Gotta love the guy who stood up on a beat up truck and asked "who is on welfare", with the crowd responding "you are" or mentioning his name. The Ice cream guy was funny too.

LAST WORD: Probably the best Best of Backyard Video yet, barely edging out #2 for the top spot. The highlights are exciting, the gimmicks are funny, and none of it will bore you, especially if you haven't seen backyard wrestling before. I highly recommend the video to EVERYONE, as I'm giving this video an


(A Plus), the perfect score. If you had to choose just one BOBY video, this would be it. In fact, let me rank them, with an explanation to why I ranked them.

Best of Backyard Rankings

#4 Best of Backyard Wrestling 3 - The brawling video of the bunch. It mainly consists of violent backyard wrestlers hitting each other with objects in a brawling style of wrestling, as opposed to the spot style seen in the other videos.

#3 Best of Backyard Wrestling 1 - The one that started them all... You could actually call this video the "Best of Trampoline Wrestling", as it consists of many acrobatic trampoline spots.

#2 Best of Backyard Wrestling 2 - If you like backyard matches, then this is it. Lots of great spot matches in this video tape, with this being more flashy than the 3rd video.

#1 Best of Backyard Wrestling 4 - Great highlight real of the violence in backyard wrestling, along with a glimpse at the gimmicks as well.

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