Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Yet another Monday Night of wrestler went buy us last night, with WCW hyping their 13 days till Uncensored, and the WWF slowly building up Wrestlemania. Did either of them put up a great effort? You'll find out, in my opinion, how the shows did. So on to the PDC, which I'm hoping that I don't have to cut short due to the fact that I need to vote this morning, along with getting ready for a Calculus 4 test.

But first...Thank you very much to whoever held up the "Tito is Good" sign during the Too Cool vs. Road Dogg/X-Pac. It's very much appreciated, as they remembered the "o" like Mick Foley has said. Anyway, thank you very very very much!

Monday Night Impressions


WCW is resorting to having the Wall smash little guys through tables, which was awesome last night, to get him over. They got cocky of this in attempt to really put him over for the main event tag match. Did this work? Well, sort of, as the Wall was the man to put Sid in the final chokeslam for the win. Of course, WCW has to bust their ass everyweek to try to get the Wall over, when they could do so little to give Booker T, Kanyon, Kidman, and Vampiro a push. At least Sid was the one pinned in the main event. I thought for sure that Vampiro would have to job that one.

What the? Kaz Hayashi has resorted to a Steve Blackman like gimmick! Damn Tank, he hurt my boy La Parka. I must say this...Ric Flair vs. Curt Hennig was a spectacular match! Clean win for Hennig as well! Oh my, Demon helped out Norman Smiley. Did anybody care? Ha, I called that Kidman would get pinned tonight, but I didn't know it would be a tag team match. Yay, lets have Booker T and Kidman pound on each other, but lord knows that nobody else will put them over!

Why WCW is continually pushing any LOSER from the Knobbs/Finley/Dog stable is out of my mind. Oh joy, this Dustin Rhodes-Terry Funk feud really makes me want to buy Uncensored! Nice of WCW to put over a pay per view match with taped interviews...another reason to buy Uncensored! I only wish that the Harris Brothers would get some other talent besides giving people H-Bombs. The H-Bombs are really cool, but their other moves suck so bad. Juventud impersonating the Rock cracks me up.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 9
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 4
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 1

Last Word: An average Nitro, with the wrong people getting put over is an easy sentence to sum it all up. The highlight of the night was the Flair vs. Hennig match. The rest of the show was watchable, but nothing spectacular. Therefore, I'll give it another generous


, and they will probably get pounded in head to head competition, which I'm calling for a 2.3 against the first hour of RAW.


RAW opened up with another long, and boring interview...zzzzzzzz. Damn, I have to say that the Crash Holly 24-7 title defense is damn funny! I was laughing so hard when the Posse broght the referee to his hotel room. Tonight was a bad night of disqualifications, as two repeated matches, Big Show vs. Kane and Triple H vs. Rikishi couldn't have any proper finishes. The main event was OK, as that was the weakest gave I've ever seen around the ring. What happened to the classic blue bar cages?

Please end this Kane vs. X-Pac feud before I change the channel! Interesting, as Bob Backlund of all people, saved Kurt Angle. God, I love that cross-face chickenwing! I was actually cheering for Backlund back in his Bret Hart feud, just because he re-established himself with that very move. The crowd, to me, seemed very quiet during certain matches..especially the Matt Hardy vs. "No Charisma whatsoever" Steve Blackman match up.

Did anybody notice the Eliminator like move that Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko did to finish off Christian? Total Elimination!!! (sorry for the 1996 ECW mark out moment) My gosh, I have nothing else to say.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 10
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 3
No Contests: 2

Last Word: Damn, this seems like a very long month for the WWF, as they are slowly hyping Wrestlemania. Tonight's show dragged at points, and it had lots of matches without true endings. That doesn't help you in my gradebook. It was an average show, I guess, for the WWF, therefore a


for their efforts this week. They will probably pound WCW into the ground in the one hour head to head match up with a 6.2 opening hour rating.

Other Wrestling Stuff

-Yesterday, I took it upon myself to dog ECW for not announcing the Pay Per View matches, and right after my column was posted, a few matches popped up. One match involves ruining the TNN show, so I'll be quiet there. The other consists of the Rhodes and Corino match, which I should have remembered...but it wasn't listed on the OFFICIAL ECW site, so I wasn't reminded too well. They are having the television title tournament there as well, so I guess that will fill the card, right? I suppose.

-Speaking of ECW, their TNN show put up a good number of a 1.3 for their Friday night show. That's significantly different, and that's one hell of a job by ECW. Can they do this every week? Can they make it bigger? That's what I want them to prove! This good rating sets them up for a possible win against WCW Saturday Night. Remember, WCW Saturday Night, last week, got a 1.3 rating. I expect ECW to defeat the show this week due to Thunder and Nitro's poor performances last week.

-Did anybody read the comments from Bruce Hart's column at StampedeWrestling.com? My gosh, they are some great comments from one brother to another. You see, Bruce is standing by Davey Boy Smith. Bret sort of ripped Smith and Vince in his last column on Canoe.ca, and Bruce basically had enough. He revealed in his column, and I was shocked when I found out, that Davey Boy Smith was trying to get into the WWF BEFORE Owen Hart's death. In fact, Owen Hart was helping the Bulldog get back into the WWF! Call Bret a hypocrite, as he bashed Bulldog for joining a federation which allowed for Owen to leave the world. If you haven't read that column yet, please go to StampedeWrestling.com now!

-Poor Spike Dudley may need surgery on his knee(I do believe), so the man who can take what Mike Awesome can dish out, might be off television for a while. That's somewhat of a shame, as the little guy busts his ass in the ring every week. Did you see those 4 powerbombs he took on last week's show? OUCH! I highly doubt that many in ECW would have taken those, but Spike was probably willing. I might bash Spike Dudley because he fights Awesome way too much, but I never said that he wasn't a tough mofo.

-Alright, according to the LAW, the WWF will release another theme CD in the summer of 2000. Volume 5 will probably follow in the footsteps of 3 and 4, as it has the Godfather's theme(finally), Tazz, Cactus Jack, Acolytes, Dudley Boys, Too Cool, and yet another Rock theme. Come on Summer of 2000!

@That's all for this very edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'm out of here to go vote, which if you are 18 and it's election day for you, get out and do so! See you tomorrow with Ratings analysis, and be aware that Thursday should have an ECW Hardcore Revolution review! 22 more days until 1 year of consecutive columns!

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