Welcome to an all new edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, I'm going to discuss the latest issues in pro wrestling, wrap up the NES wrestling history with my ranking of all of the games, and review the Best of Backyard Wrestling Volume 3. It's a jam packed PDC for today, if you will...

Regarding what I threatened a few weeks ago... There will be NO new editions of Bad Tito, my column that rips the hell out of "internet reporters". Sure, I get angry when I see 14 year old reporterz stealing the Wrestling Observer posts, giving no credit to even Dave Meltzer for his original work and no credit to myself for compiling and posting the news that I pay for every month. It's just an overall ignorance that the internet has with their failure to credit any of the REAL news sources.

I could mess with those reporter's heads and make up a newsbyte... Nah, that would be disrespectful to the LoP readers, whom I have great respect for. But just imagine. Since many rip off LoP for news anyway, if I were to start a rumor, it would be funny to see how far it would spread. I long for the days when Scotsman used to send fake news to those child reporters, and then keep score of who fell for it.

Oh well. On to the PDC.


-Why is it when I review RAW, I ALWAYS forget to mention Mark Henry. Before the main event, Henry stepped out of the curtain to salute the WWF fans, now officially as the "World's Strongest Man". Seriously, how long will it take for the WWF writers to get bored with the "World's Strongest Man" gimmick and have him dating transvestites or old ladies again? Also, how long will it take for the WWF officials to start griping on Henry for his weight again, even though they allow the fattest fuck, the Big Show, to weigh 500 plus pounds? Man, the 10-year, $10 Million contract that Henry signed in 1996 sure has been worth it!

-Within 2 weeks of Wrestlemania, RAW went down slightly in the ratings with their 4.5 rating. Hmmm... looks like fans aren't highly interested in the WWF right now, as the current angles (nWo) aren't drawing big numbers as expected. Yikes. My theory is that the Rock's absence has really hurt the WWF for a couple big moments with Hogan, and also, I'm getting the vibe that the 1998 WWF fans feel that the NWO wrestlers are just a bunch of old guys trying to make it big in the WWF. They don't see the trio as a threat or something interesting to television.

And speaking of the NWO... I've heard a few rumors recently that Stephanie McMahon will become the NEW leader of the New World Order once the split occurs. She'll use the NWO to go after her husband, from what I'm told. Oh lord help us! Is there anything in this world that Stephanie CAN'T ruin?!? Right now, Stephanie is sucking the life out of the Triple H vs. Jericho feud, which was hot a few months ago when Triple H declared that Jericho NEVER beat him. Now, it's Stephanie wanting some fucking hand lotion. What trash.

-I kind of like the idea of the WWF Anthology, which will be a CD containing themes ranging from the 1980's to the present. Of course, I don't know how interested I'll truly be in the CD, because I've already downloaded and burned many of the past themes that I really enjoyed, and plus, I have all of the WWF CDs for the present music. My guess is that the Anthology would have themes like Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Snuka, Bret Hart, Million Dollar Man, Macho Man Randy Savage, Owen Hart, Yokozuna, Rock, Steve Austin, Triple H, and many others. Should be interesting.

NES Wrestling History Wrap-Up

For the past few weeks, I've reviewed 9 of the NES wrestling games from the past. I had a good deal of fun with this, but what did you think? Did you enjoy the video game reviews of the past? Did you hate it? Was there anything you thought could improve a video game reviewing series? If so, I want to hear it! Please e-mail me your comments, suggestions, etc on the NES reviews. Tell me if you liked or disliked them, and then explain why.

In my opinion, here are the ranking of the NES games:

9. WWF Wrestlemania
8. WWF Wrestlemania Challenge
7. Tag Team Wrestling
6. WWF Steel Cage Challenge
5. M.U.S.C.L.E.
4. WWF King of the Ring
3. NES Pro Wrestling
2. Tecmo World Wrestling
1. World Championship Wrestling (WCW)

9 games is pretty massive for the NES, although the system produced many games in its days. I thought that the top 4 were very good, while the last 5 had some good, but more bad.

Anyway, please e-mail me your thoughts on the NES wrestling history reviews.

Mr. Tito's PHAT Video Review

As a big supporter of Backyard Wrestling, I usually make sure I review the Best of Backyard videos whenever they come out. I enjoyed the first two for the most part, so I figured I'd enjoy #3 and #4. Part 3 will be reviewed today, while 4 will be reviewed tomorrow.

Best of Backyard Wrestling Volume 3

Whereas Volume 1 is like a trampoline highlight reel and Volume 2 is filled with spot/hardcore matches, Volume 3 appears to follow the pattern of brawling matches. The video hardly has the daredevil stunts that #1 and #2 has, but the matches are violent with lots of chairshots, lightbulb shots, and LOTS of blood.

You can just see the influence that ECW has on the backyard wrestlers. Many of the matches have wrestlers hitting a dangerous spot, and then breaking for a while to do another. I guess when you're performing the moves without a professional background, it happens. Also, lots of flaming tables, thumbtacks, barbed wire, and whatever else many ECW wrestlers or Mick Foley used to perform.

You'll see a lot from the backyard wrestler named Carnage. His federation appears to have everyone against him. It's either that, or his matches are the only ones watchable. He's the one in the other videos with the pulled back blond hair, shaved on the sides, and he always wears the ICP shirt with the camoflage pants. Man, that dude is nuts! He can sure take a beating, and also, he can sure give it out as well.

I don't really have much else to say about this video, other than it's a more brawling video than the others. It's a good watch, although I recommend volumes 1, 2, and especially 4 before this one. And if you want an extra incentive, there's plenty of nudity from the Backyard Wrestling babes. Some girl on girl action, as well.

LAST WORD: Good video overall. If you're just looking at checking out one of the Best of Backyard Wrestling videos, I'd recommend checking out #2 or #4 instead. But if you thirst for a collection of quality backyard wrestling, why not go for #3? I'll give this video a


(B plus). Again, it's a good video, but not as good as the other ones. Still recommended.

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