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Send in your Shouts, meaning your best comedic or satire filled one or two liners about professional wrestling this week. If you didn't catch the last PDC with the Shouts! in it, then Click Here for last week's column. If you need a better example on what I'm looking for, then Click Here for the Ohio University Post's the Yell, which is where I got the idea from. Send all Shouts to MrTitoPDC@lordsofpain.net. Thanks!

Welcome to the TUESDAY edition of the Phat Daily Column. If you haven't been with me for over the last 2 years, then man, you're missing out on some fun! Well, at least the classic show reviews which have been my biggest tradition for the PDC.

Hell, it goes all the way back to 1998, with my Second Column ever. Eventually, I formatted my column a lot better than it was then, added grades, and then added Phat Stats. So that's your history lesson for today, so I hope you're proud of it.

Without any further introduction, on to the PDC! Whooo!


WCW Nitro

Rick Steiner, who I saw defending the US Tag Titles with Eddie Gilbert against Kevin Sullivan and Danny Spivey when I rented Wrestle War 1989 (notice the date there), started out the show, talking shit on Booker T. That led a quick match between Booker T against Rick Steiner, which had a nice little run in. At least it was better than a long interview, joy.

Not a bad cruiserweight tag match between 3 out of 4 unknowns, with Elix Skipper being the only so called known wrestler. Kid Romeo, I thought, made an impressive debut and he should be a good prospect for WCW. He has the look of a wrestler, but damn it, kill that Ricky Martin music!

Decent match with Lex Luger and Shawn O'Haire, with Luger properly doing the job. I thought he had an attitude? O'Haire is the next superstar of WCW, so it's nice to see that it's getting some recognition. Now if Buff could start jobbing too...........

The Flair-Jarrett-Dustin-Dusty segment was too stupid for my tastes. Not much else I could say.

FINGER OF SHAME for Hugh Morrus defeating Mike Awesome. After the match, Lance Storm attacked, thus setting up yet another possible match at a Pay Per View between Storm and Morrus/Rection. WILL THIS STUPID CRAP END?!?

Why did Kid Romeo and Elix Skipper help Chavo defeat Shane Helms? Anybody booking back there tonight?

Good tag match at the end for Nitro, with a clean pin on Rick Steiner by DDP. I wonder if Rick will ever start losing to the younger wrestlers? At least his feud with Hugh Morrus MIGHT have been dropped.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 6
Goofy Matches: 1
Clean Wins: 4
Goofy Clean Wins: 1
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0

LAST WORD: This show had its Ups, and then it had its downs. Some matches were well booked, the others made you question who the hell was truly in charge backstage. A so-so show for me, giving this show the grade of a


for this week's show. They should have really thought things out beforehand, but that's why they are the #2 federation with no signs of catching up. I predict a 1.9 for the second hour, which is against RAW's first.


Paul Heyman was the commentator, filling BIG SHOES left by the void of Jerry Lawler. Heyman struggled at first, which I guess is understandable since he could have been nervous and badly prepared. He got better as the show went on, and the "Bush" comment was classic!

The opening bore... excuse me, the opening fun sports entertainment moment had the return of Triple H. Everyone ran to the ring for a fun rumble, with the Rock hitting 7 Right Hands in less than 30 seconds. This somehow leads to Angle/Triple H vs. Rock/Austin.

Ah yes, the pieces of the Benoit vs. Guerrero feud are falling into place. YES! Just hold them off until Wrestlemania, and I swear mark out (or at least fake it) for stupid Sports Entertainment. Benoit screwed Guerrero out of his IC Title match, as the Perry "Walrus" Saturn and Dean-O Malenko. Oh my gosh, in a PDC EXCLUSIVE, here is a picture of Perry Saturn from the action:

Scary, eh? Every opponent better watch out for those vicious Perry Saturn tusks.

Well, Lita lost tonight to make way for Chyna vs. Ivory at Wrestlemania. Will the WWF try to screw with wrestling fans' feelings and make Chyna do an injury angle, again?!? Oh lord. The ending of this match was very important, as Jeff Hardy accidentally hit Lita for the loss. Hey, the Hardys are going for the titles tonight....

Oh good, the wise WWF pushed up the Rikishi/Haku vs. Undertaker/Kane match to last night. Thank you. No need to be bored with that at Wrestlemania. Undertaker and Haku are still worthless, and they need to realize that their time is up, therefore, it's time to put over some younger and BETTER talent.

I take it that the WWF has no idea on what to do with Trish Stratus now, eh? Apparently so, as they did an angle where she was sorry for her actions. What actions?!? I guess she'll just be the McMahon slave now. If she does a good job, she'll get larger breast implants.

Holy shit! New Tag Team Champs?!? Well, add in the error by Jeff Hardy earlier in the night, it looks like we're having a split over the World Titles. Kind of like Strike Force, only the wrestlers are more talented. :) Christian helped the Hardys win this week, which means that we may see another TLC tag match, to you know, spike those buyrates!

You know, that wasn't a bad Hardcore match between Raven and the Big Show wasn't all that bad. Snow took a pretty nasty bump on the chairs, and the Big Show took some decent head shots. Where's the Ninja this week?

Good main event, and do you want to know why? Angle and Triple H carried that match, with Stone Cold Steve Austin getting the majority of the ring time. That's why. I liked the booking of having Debra, who is more than welcome back, as the Rock's manager. It added a good finisher to the match, despite Angle being the bitch of the doubleheaded face monster. Rock, by the way, hit a good 17 Right Hands in the very short time he wrestled in this match.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 6
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

LAST WORD: Not a bad show overall. I don't know where Triple H will end up, but Austin and the Rock seem to be building up nicely. An actual title change tonight, and a few other good matches give this show an


this week. Good show overall, and I hope it gets better with Paul Heyman around. I predict a 4.7 in the first hour.

CLICK HERE to vote Paul Heyman's announcing performance. (Go to the very bottom of the post)

Overall, a good night of wrestling.

Wrestler(s) of the Night: The Hardy Boyz (new champs)

Match of the Night: DDP/Booker T vs. Steiner Brothers

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@That's all for today. I shall be back tomorrow with your SHOUTS and Ratings Analysis. Just chill till the next episode.

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Zap2it.com reports that the UPN XFL game scored a 1.7 in the overnight ratings this week, which is down slightly from a 1.8 last week (about a 6% decrease).

On RAW last night, an XFL promo said the following: "in a desparate attempt to get ratings, the XFL will go inside the cheerleaders' locker room." Wow, they are finally understanding what a failure it has been thus far.

No TNN Overnight, or no other news to discuss. Look for the official ratings to be featured in tomorrow's Gazette.