Monday good to me. Oh hell yeah, welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Nothing like such wonderful Monday Night hype for two important shows, which I'll probably rip apart tomorrow. Anyway, the WWF is slowly hyping Wrestlemania, and WCW is trying to hype something else..and I haven't pinpointed it yet! Maybe they will throw on another unhyped supermatch for us all! Maybe the WWF will have the DX Express for us to laugh at again! You never know what occurs on Monday Nights, as it's a mystery sometimes. Well, let's get on to the PDC.


-I'm hearing that WWF's No Way Out did a good 1.2, which is a hell of a lot more than what WCW did for Superbrawl. Of course, the WWF had a good card to hype... Anyway, the WWF has been hot lately on Pay Per Views, and that's especially good news when you have Wrestlemania rolling around the corner. The WWF is doing great with Triple H as the main heel, and with the influx of young talent, the Pay Per Views can only get better. They are actually worth the $30 or so, unlike other federations who put on weak shows, or hardly have any matches hyped a week before the pay per view(I wonder who is suffering from that).

-Wow, Stone Cold won a popularity contest yesterday from Zogby America, which everyone seemed to pick up after I reported it at Yahoo News yesterday. Anyway, this is pretty good news for the WWF, UNLESS this poll was given to an area of Stone Cold marks. I'm kidding here, as Stone Cold had 13% of the votes, beating out the Rock (10%), and other wrestlers. This pretty much means that many are anticipating Stone Cold's return, and the WWF couldn't be happier. Wrestlemania, by the way, is the earliest that he'll return.

-Joy, the WWF has wasted their time and money on Steven Regal once again. Of course, he's probably going to help develop other wrestlers, but still. He seems to be a real problem in wrestling. He can never stay focused on wrestling, as when it comes time for a push, his motivation drops. He also slacks off on training, often, and he gets very lazy. Why the WWF has signed him is beyond me, as I'm hoping for him to just help out with developing wrestlers...just like Jim the Anvil Neidhart has been doing for the past few months.

-What can you expect on RAW tonight? So far, no reports have surfaced on a Vince McMahon return, so I can't hype that. Of course, Shane's comeback wasn't expected either, so the WWF might be ballsy to throw a fastball tonight. As for any of the matches, I have no clue. Everything is announced on WWF Code Red RAW preview, or whatever the hell it's called, and it's hard to watch that when you are making a column in the morning and it comes on in the afternoon! Duh...expect Radicals/DX vs. the rest of the WWF, and more with the Rock trying to get into Wrestlemania. Yay.


-Nitro is tonight, and is hyping it with phrases like "promoters have decided to punch up the program with more chaos than ever". What, let me guess, you might do something fun and interesting with the younger guys? You might write some good storylines for all of us to enjoy? Yeah, welcome to reality. That means that we'll see the Harris brothers jump everybody, Jarrett and Sid will have the spotlight, and maybe another older guy might have a boring interview. Lord only knows what WCW could do with their heads on straight.

-We get to see a Jarrett/Harris boys vs. Sid/Vampiro/? match. Yay, let's put over young talent by tagging them with Sid, who just can't draw ratings like WCW thinks he can. Of course, Sid probably needs a new partner, and I bet it could be Tank Abbott for this match. It just seems obvious since Sid and Bill Goldberg kissed and made up the night after they wrestled.

-The Wall gets to fight David Flair tonight. Now, I don't think that the Wall should be pushed at all. Yes, he destroyed Crowbar in probably the best moves or spots this year on Thunder, but it takes two to tango. Crowbar sold it so well, and he jumped along with it to make it look very good. I doubt that David Flair could take a hard bump either, but anything is possible. At least WCW now has the Wall wearing the business suit as he wrestles, that way, no rolls will be flapping around!

-Hennig and Buff seem to be tagging up, which I guess the past is forgotten, against Ric Flair and the Total Package. I wouldn't be surprised to see Hennig side with Flair and Package, even though he did help screw Flair in the WWF, and he did slam his head in the cage during Fall Brawl 97(I believe). But in this time of kiss and make up for WCW, anything is possible, and Horsemen could work in this new wholesome, family program era.

-Billy Kidman gets to fight Stevie Ray. Who booked this crap? Oh wait, it gets better. WCW says "Talk about a mismatch". Oh my gosh, that's the funniest thing that I've ever heard!!! Mismatch my ass! Now if Kidman has to put over Stevie Ray in favor of the New, and not to mention horrible, Harlem Heat, the Monday Night grades could get ugly. Although small, Kidman has more talent in one of his toes than the rest of the New Harlem Heat does combined. Oh yeah, he and Booker T are kinda feding now, so I bet Kidman will lose this match. Great booking here!

-Rey Mysterio Jr. returns tonight to address the fans. Oh please come back and take the Cruiserweight title away from Prince Iaukea!

-Yeah, here's a way to put over one of the most popular wrestlers(Norman Smiley) in WCW: have him fight Lenny Lane. Now wait a second, Lenny Lane does have some talent. But this match has the makings of lots of interference, and some good distractions to make it never be able to be a great match. Can WCW ever recognize how over Norman Smiley truly is? Is it that hard to hear the crowd go crazy for him? I suppose it is.

-Oh yeah, expect more matches announced for WCW's Uncensored, which is "WCW's most anticipated pay per view yet!" Yipee! Hey, maybe Uncensored will break the 0.1 plateau which Superbrawl accomplished. If I was the head of AOL/Time Warner or Turner Sports, I'd be really concerned when you have such a low buyrate repeated like that. Maybe something could be done for once.


-ECW's Living Dangerously is this Sunday, and as many readers pointed out to me, there is no general idea on who is fighting on the card at all! According to the official ECW site, which I had to wait a good 10 minutes for it to load, had nothing but ticket information on the PPV. Wow, and we thought WCW booked bad cards. Ha, look at ECW, they haven't booked anything at all! Of course, their pay per views, no matter what no-names they throw into the ring, will be very good every time. Let me guess...could we see another Spike Dudley vs. Mike Awesome match? I bet we will see the Impact Players win the ECW titles back from Tanaka and Dreamer for this pay per view, but still, I don't see any matches booked! For new fans to buy this pay per view, and to defeat the horrible Superbrawl numbers, wouldn't a booked card be nice?

-I'll keep trying to rent Hardcore Revolution this week, and I'll review it thereafter. Many readers are saying that it was WWF Attitude, only with ECW wrestlers and a few new options. Ouch. Just so you know, I wasn't a big fan of WWF Attitude, so it could get ugly whenever it happens! But I'll try to stay away from that logic when I review it.

@That's it for this lovely edition of the Phat Daily Column. You know I'll be back tomorrow with yet another edition to keep everyone on their toes with the evil Monday Night grades. See you tomorrow! 23 days till 1 year of consecutive columns!

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