Welcome back kiddies to the one and only Phat Daily Column. I got lots of good and bad reactions to my WCW is Doomed article. I want to thank those who wrote in. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Well, rumors are a flying about the Uncensored Flair-Hogan match. The word is that there could be a double turn, with Flair turning heel, and Hogan going back to face. My opinions are simple. Flair turning heel would be great, because when he's a heel, he can be really the dirtiest player in the game. But Hogan...turning face means the return of Hulkamania. I don't think I could watch WCW again with that crap going on again. Hulkamania makes me wanna puke!!-I hear that Booker T will soon be re-uniting with his brother to reform Harlem Heat. That is a total mistake. Booker T is doing very well as a singles wrestler, and by making him tag up with his stupid brother, could sink yet another great future star in WCW.-Scott Hall is gonna be out of the Uncensored card now, because of that incident after Superbrawl where he was drunk in the parking lot and a car ran over his foot. I really thought that his career was starting to get on track, but I guess I was wrong.


-LOD 2000's career is very unknown with the WWF. The were supposed to show up at Raw taping a few weeks back, but they couldn't make it. Hawk has been said to be mad at the company for the suicide angle. LOD is rumored to show up at the tag team battle royal, if there is one this year at Wrestlemania.-Many of you have asked "when is Paul Wight getting the title?" Well, this one is simple. The WWF wants Paul Wight to get in good shape before he wrestles. Also, they want to give him some credibility that was lost during his final days at WCW. Maybe then, he'll get the title. I think the Giant made the right move jumping ship, because WWF is where you make it big career wise. -I'm sure you have heard everything by now that Jim Ross will NOT become Dr. Death's manager. He was only doing that segment to get that angle over, and it worked!! What will happen now, is Jim Ross will let himself recover a little more before he returns to do his great commentating!

@Well, that's all I have for today! This is Mr. Tito, the only Phat Daily Columnist, signing off! Have a wonderful day!!!

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