Welcome back to the P to the D to the C, as we are going to do this Tito-style. Oh my Gosh, what am I to do on this slow Sunday, where there are no pay per views to hype, and there are now shows to review. Should I panic? No, I did that yesterday when my computer froze when I about had the PDC finished. Like usual, I'll make the best of it, and I'll see how I managed to write this thing on this dreaded Sunday morning.


-Smackdown got a 4.7 in the ratings this week, which is slightly down from last week's 4.9 I do believe. Although the rating is still pretty good, I thought that Smackdown wasn't really a spectacular show this week. I gave it a B which shows an average but decent show when I decided to grade it this week. It still helped UPN get ahead of FOX and WB, and it's no wonder that CBS is chasing after the WWF. Like I said WWF, only sign with CBS if you can have a show on the main CBS channel...

-Speaking of those chasings, Dave Scherer reported yesterday about some comments from USA network about the WWF. They claim that they would still be the highest rated show without the WWF programs on their channel. To quote the great Richard Pryor from the great movie titled "The Toy": "I might as well pull up my pantlegs, because the bullshit is starting to rise!" or something like that. Anyway, USA is insane to make that comment. Who watches anything else on USA besides WWF? Look at all of the shows that have come and gone throughout the years at USA. The only ones that I can remember having a long stay at USA is Pacific Blue and La Femme Nikita, and wouldn't you know it that they usually follow WWF programming for ratings. For USA to say that would be great enough reason to sign the dotted line with CBS.


-This is one of the comments that I was going to discuss on yesterday's PDC, but it obviously didn't happen(thanks computer!). Anyway, Meltzer was reporting that Bret Hart will be out of action until July 30th! Oh my, and just when WCW needs him most. I suppose that concussion is the type that you can never recover from, and/or he just wants to make sure that he takes "all the precautions" when he takes his 4 and a half months off. I'm not really understanding why Bret wants all of this time off, but at least they are cutting his pay a little bit, even though that won't hurt very much.

-The Gods have answered our prayers, as Kevin Nash is no longer a part of the horrible WCW booking team. Now if we could only get Kevin Sullivan off the team, then things MIGHT be able to get better in WCW. I can't believe that the AOL/Time Warner higher ups don't notice how bad WCW's ratings have been lately, or that every wrestler seems to be very unhappy wrestling in WCW. Duh!!! I guess they still think they are in 1997, when they were still winning. I'm sorry, but when you pull a 2.2 in a head to head hour with RAW, something needs to change. It's only going to get worse unless WCW shows some brass backstage and towards their administration.

You know the other day, while reading Bret Hart's column on Slam Wrestling!, a few good points were brought up. If you haven't read it yet, Bret discussed Davey Boy Smith's trip to rehab, where Vince McMahon personally took Bulldog down to the rehab center, and he's picking up the tab as well. In Bret's column, you'd think that he would be bashing the Bulldog for messing up his life, but not this time. He questioned why Vince McMahon is finally doing something this "nice" for a wrestler, when he's never done it before for a wrestler in a time of need. Is it just that Vince McMahon is a nicer guy now, or are there other reasons?

You could imply that Vince McMahon only did it to soften up the Hart family for the pending Owen Hart trial. Some could make a very good point about that, as the Harts seem to have a lot of leverage in that case. But what about this: maybe nobody has went up to Vince before when they had any drug related problems? Bulldog was mainly overloading on pain killers, and that's not too easy to notice. The very obvious cases have been handled well by Vince McMahon, as he would suspend a person or order them to rehab. Bulldog was different. Nobody knew what he was on. He told the WWF that he needed help, and Vince was there to lend a hand.

Some of the drugs that some wrestlers take these days are hardly noticeable. Especially any type of pain killer, as it doesn't change your appearance or give you a different attitude. Many say that wrestling officials should notice this, but how can you when you don't notice it? Many have left us because they had problems that you couldn't notice, and they didn't know when they were to the point where their health was in serious trouble. I think that Bulldog was reaching that point, and he pleaded for help, and there was a very understanding hand to reach out for.

@That's all I have to say for today. I'll be back tomorrow with the Monday Night hype. Same Tito time, same Tito place, same Tito channel!!! Why not chill till the next episode?

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