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-Well, last night Buff defeated Booker T. This really shows that Buff is really set for his huge push now that he's 100%. But his victory of Buff questions me. He beat the "so called" #1 contender for the US belt. Shouldn't he be #1 or at least wouldn't Booker T be out of the #1 position? It just intrigues me.-Good Jimmy Hart is seeing his last days in WCW. He actually meant so much to the company, as he produced ALL of WCW's ring entrance music. I hear he's always been pissed at WCW for not releasing a WCW theme CD like the WWF does. WCW is losing some very important backstage talent, and that's what they need...backstage guidence.-Wrath is on a vacation right now, and he'll be returning to WCW soon. He re-signed with teh company recently, so they gave him a vacation(go figure). I hear he has a US title push in store for him. I don't think he's been any good since the days of Adam Bomb!!!-Lots of questions have surfaced about the WCW's Toughman division. How violent can they be if they can't do anything because of that damn 'G' rating? Absolutely nothing! Also with the 'G' rating, a few things will be now gone from WCW shows. Norman Smiley's wiggle dance, Scott Steiner's interviews, and the crotch chops will be now missing from your favorite WCW shows. Oh joy.


-Paul Wight is scheduled to wrestle the night after Wrestlemania. That probably means that he will NOT be fighting Mankind at Wrestlemania for the right to be referee. That match wouldn't be good to have for either careers at the moment. Mankind is very over as a wrestler now, and Paul Wight needs to re-establish himself as a huge wrestler. -What will the future roles of Kane and Chyna be in the future? If you have noticed, their wrestling roles have become close, with Kane only listening to Chyna, and Chyna alone. I say, to hell with the corperation, and have them both go to DX. Have Chyna and HHH kiss and make up, and put Kane in there, give him Green and Black tights, and bingo! -Reports are that the WWF is denying rumors that Monday Night Raw will become a 3 hour show. I hope it is not true, as it will water down their show, just look what it does to Nitro. Besides, they would be crazy to have RAW go past 11. They couldn't do their stuff in the stupid 8 o'clock hour either. Stay 2 HOURS!!!!! The only thing I thought of that would be positive would be the fact that you now have 3 whole hours head to head. BUT, I thought about that too, Nitro would probably extend their show to 4 hours, and we would all suffer!

I've got an extra treat for you kiddies today!!!!

WCW is Doomed!!!

Is WCW really doomed? Well, for now their company is still making money, but they are on their way down! Why you ask? Well, just look at the ratings. They are now getting manhandled by the WWF. Sure they were beating Raw back in the day, BUT the WWF was showing progress to fight them back, something the WCW isn't showing. WCW seems to be at war with themselves. Their wrestlers are very unhappy with their co-workers. Also, the old men run the company. Hogan especially. He's a damn spotlight hog! He thinks he owns that world belt. When was the last time he won that thing fair and square. That brings up another reason why WCW could be doomed. Too many screwjob finishes. Every match has to be a screwjob finish. None of the wrestlers will do the job, cleanly at least. Every wrestler, especially those past WWF champs, think they should beat everyone, and they will be damned if someone is better than them. Do they have a clue what wrestling really is? Do they know that everything is fixed? They get paid to do whatever for the company, but all the wrestlers get away with it. Their contracts should be enforced, and maybe money should be witheld if they don't do those jobs. Most of the most successful wrestlers at one time were jobbers of some sort. They payed their dues, until it was their deserving time to to get the push. So if they did it then, why not do it now? Besides, when you are too old, and a young tough superstar is coming after you, you have no chance in hell of winning. Not in WCW's case. Now we have their 'G' rating coming on. What that means is WCW will struggle to get heat to their heels. Scott Steiner, their top heat getter now, will be greatly affected by this. Another damn thing that WCW must eliminate to help their company out, is to get rid of lengthy vacations. I swear DDP goes on vacation all the time, especially when they need him. Sting, oh my. I could see maybe taking about 2 or 3 months off to air out personal problems, but any more than that is ridiculous. Of course, the Stinger has been wrestling house shows, and whether it's WCW or Sting himself that's keeping him away from television shows is a mystery. Piper..please retire if you are gonna come and go if you want! Also, WCW needs to get the right wrestlers in the spotlight. Chris Benoit. What the fuck? He's one of the best pound for pound wrestlers in the industry, but no, head booker Kevin Nash and Eric Bischoff are too chickenshit to give him a push. The fans will be getting what they want, so I guess they shouldn't do that, right? Oh please. Another thing they should do, is give up on Bret Hart. They completely misuse him! He should go back to the Calgary Stampede, and bring glory back to that federation. There are many other wrestlers that I could mention that aren't getting their due and are being held back since they aren't Kevin Nash's friends! That's just my opinion. (Credit: Idea for this section, Painlord. Additional insight, Matt Monroe)

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