Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Today, I had this nice and long column about ready to present, but my stupid Compaq computer froze on me just when I was about done!!! Ack! That's the most frustrating thing that happens to me, as I spent a good hour on it this morning. Since I have to redo this thing in a mere 20 minutes, I'm going to keep it short. I had plans of discussing BB's firing, Buff, Scott Steiner, Undertaker, and so much more, but noooooo. Damn computer.


Wow, another Spike vs. Mike Awesome match. Lord only knows that we haven't seen that before. Seriously ECW, can't you book someone else besides Spike? Sure, Spike is probably your current best bump taker. If I were ECW, I'd put Sabu up against Awesome. You could make the disgruntled Sabu job too, and teach him a lesson for almost making half a million in ECW. But no. We have to put Spike Dudley in the ring for the 3rd time on ECW is TNN. Good thing that they continually put on good matches, or else I'd rip them hard. Those 3 powerbombs would kill a normal man, but Spike got the shoulder up. Damn! Then, Awesome drilled Spike through the table. I thought Awesome did that in their 2nd match? Anyway, good match, but how about something new?

I hate Steve Corino, but the man impressed me last night. He did one hell of a shoot interview last night that really impressed me. He ripped the home crowd so bad last night, and he ripped Dusty Rhodes as well. I thought it was so wrong when he said that Dusty was the one responsible for damaging the brakepads on Magnum T.A.'s car. So wrong there. That was one shocking interview.

You see, the brains at the Booking Department just can't get enough of Tajiri and Super Crazy. Oh wait, to disguise the match from showing signs of repetition, they throw Little Guido into the mix. Yay. Guido is eliminated fast, so here we go again. Good match, with Super Crazy winning. Can't they book someone else vs. Crazy or Tajiri? Is it this hard to do?

Hotline promo was whining how the WWF was trying to cripple ECW on TNN. That's a damn joke, as CBS is the ONE going after the WWF. Can we see some jealousy here? ECW had to really beg to get the TNN spot, and the WWF just has to produce, and CBS comes calling.

A small bump with the impact players, and suddenly Masato Tanaka finds himself fighting along Tommy Dreamer for the Tag Titles. Hell, he even wins it with Dreamer. One day of history and build up for a title change. Argh. Good match between the Impact Players and Tanaka/Dreamer. I can see them losing the titles fast with Raven coming down to interfere.

Phat Stats

Matches: 3
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 0
No Contests: 0
Disqualifications: 0

Last Word: Good overall show by ECW, although there were some repeated matches. But at any rate, it was very watchable, therefore, a grade of an


will do. I expect that ECW on TNN will get something around a 1.2 in the ratings, and it should be interesting to see if they defeat WCW Saturday Night this week!

Quick Notes

-Buff is worthless. His shoot interview on his website had him bash WCW hard, but now he's negotiating a new deal? Is WCW so blind on the internet or what? Buff isn't the stuff, he's a joke!

-Scott Steiner, according to the LAW, might have his contract bought out, therefore, he's a free agent. Do you think the WWF would want his bad attitude around? I don't think so.

-BB was fired, so what can she do now? Join WCW and do a shoot interview on the WWF, or she could join ECW and get pounded.

-Jim Ross stated that the Undertaker could come back around April or May, and that Trish Stratus will show up on television in a month or so. Those two are probably the ones I get asked most about, so remember those words from Jim Ross!

@Phew! Sorry for being so short, as I'm very limited when I expect to get a column done within an amount of time. Damn computer! I'll be back, with hopefully, a nice wrote out column for you all. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your Saturday!!!

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