Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Both WCW and the WWF are in the middle of controversies, although the WWF is in it with the press, and WCW is within the federation, trying to get along. Oh well, on to the news...


-WWF, of course, has been in the news a lot lately about the content of it's show. When I heard about the "accidental" nudity that could happen at Wrestlemania, I was thinking maybe that was too far. Sure, I would love to see the "accidental" nudity, because it's more than likely gonna happen to Debra. I would enjoy that very much, but the WWF's ass would be grass if they did that. The Pay Per View industry would be on them, as well as M & M's, their sponsor. -What will come of J.R. now that he's a heel? Well, the WWF, right now, feels that Ross needs to recover just a bit more to return to broadcasting. Jim Ross will probably be there just to provide heat for someone like Dr. Death. He'll continue to do that, until he's able to talk better, and then return to commentating. -Wreckless Youth could very well become a WWF superstar. If you don't know him, he's a very talented independent wrestler. He should help spice up the lightweight division...Thank God! -Come on March 8th!! -And finally, the Road Dog is getting trouble for calling Hardcore Holly and Al Snow "pussies". Did he ever see Howard Stern's Private Parts for the 7 words you can't say in communication?


-Well, WCW is having massive backstage problems, and Eric Bischoff is gonna try to calm things down with a wrestler meeting. What Bischoff needs to do is to take away Hogan and Nash's power, and hire a better booker that will give pushes to those who deserve them. -Good old Rick Rude may be joining a WCW broadcast soon OR he might end up as Hennig and Windham's manager. It's a shame he can't wrestle anymore. I mean he could, but he would have to pay back 1 million dollars in insurance just to come back. That's a shame. -WCW is most likely gonna have a toughman belt for Raven and HaK(I hate that name!!) to fight over. But with this stupid 'G' rating coming, how can they have violent matches? Those two, Hak as Sandman, back in ECW days killed each other with some of the most violent matches I have ever seen! Damn shame that can't be repeated at WCW.

Just a side note today. I have noticed lately that a few pages have reporters copying my column. I'm flattered that someone thinks my column is good enough to copy, but I think you can't get by just being a copy and paste reporter all your life. Being original isn't hard to do, so try it sometime copiers and pasters.

@Well, that's all I have for today! Come back tomorrow, for another edition of the Phat Daily Column.

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