Yes indeed, this is yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. I this very column I will discuss the usual daily news in the wrestling world, along with some thoughts on the WWF's show that they call Smackdown. Also today, once again, no Hardcore Revolution game review. Who knows, maybe I'll finally get to rent it in 2 weeks or so. Does anybody that live around Tito want to invite him over to play ECW's Hardcore Revolution? :) Anyway, let's move on with this Friday edition of the Phat Daily Column.


-Ouch! The unopposed Thunder did a terrible 1.95 Wednesday night. Can ratings get any worse for WCW? Seriously, WCW needs to do something, and fast. When you have an unopposed prime time wrestling show, it should at least be 2.5 everyweek. Hell, Heat is the WWF's third ranked show, and it pulls 3 ratings every week in it's primetime spot. While I'll agree that this week's Thunder wasn't spectacular, I will say that it was watchable. I'm hoping that the 2.2 head to head rating from Nitro and this 1.95 from Thunder really serve as a big kick in the ass for WCW. They most certainly need it if they plan on remaining the #2 company.

-Bob Ryder of mentioned that Superbrawl has an early buyrate of maybe 0.20 or 0.15. This is absolutely terrible folks, as this can add to WCW's recent ratings lows. For Superbrawl, WCW should have realized that you have to book a good show in order to get buyers. Sure, it had SOME decent booked matches, but nothing that I'd jump around for. It also showed that a match involving Sid and Jeff Jarrett wasn't a big draw at all, and it will lead to yet another low buyrate for Uncensored.


-Mr. Ass, according to Scoops, will be missing 10-12 weeks to recover from his rotator cuff surgery. I agree with what Boyd said the other day about how Mr. Ass should return a pretty good face. I just hope that it doesn't go bad like it did last time. Remember? His singles career got to the point where certain wrestlers refused to wrestle him. The wrestlers then considered him one of the hardest wrestlers to work with. They weren't ripping on his attitude, but his ability. I couldn't agree more, as I remember that horrible match that Mr. Ass and Triple H put on. Argh! Anyway, I hope for a speedy recovery for the Assman, and maybe he'll come back a better man.


-The WWF is continually dropping the ball on Tazz, by having Crash Holly of all people defeat him. Oh, wait a second, Tazz is supposed to pay his dues to the top. Oh, I see. Even though the crowd already goes crazy for him, we have to let him job to a guy who should be in the lightweight division more often. Speaking of Lightweight division, good match by Rios and Jeff Hardy!

-Gee, does the win by X-Pac and Road Dogg vs. Edge/Christian mean that they are now the #1 contenders, or was it a non-#1 contender match? Maybe I missed something here. The WWF pulled a WCW on the Terri Runnels angle, as she is already having problems with the team she switched to. Now that she's broken up with the Hardys and having problems with Edge, what is there to do? I still don't know why she turned on the Hardys. Oh well. One thing you can say about Terri, is the fact that she's very pneumatic.

-Was anybody else pissed that Triple H was replacing Shane in the main event match like I was? It was a good main event tag match, but I was hoping to see Shane wrestle. For some reason, I feel that he's very entertaining to watch in the ring, and I'd rather see him wrestle than the best heel in the business. Oh well, but I'm still hoping for him to wrestle at Wrestlemania. I bet the Rock's pinning of Triple H will set some kind of special match up for RAW to enable the Rock to get to the Wrestlemania main event.

-No Mark Henry angle! Yipee!! Unless I missed something? Hey, the Radicals won their 6 man match. I guess they had some WEAK opponents. I think that Test is one of the best "wrestlers" in the business, but somebody buy that man charisma. He's so emotionless in the ring. Sgt. Slaughter put up a good fight against Kurt Angle, and Angle beat the former WWF champion cleanly. Call it coincidence with Kane chokeslamming Devon on Smackdown, as the Wall chokeslammed Crowbar on Thunder. They were taped the same night, so don't bitch at the WWF for copycatting. Bitch at them for a horribly performed chokeslam by Kane. If you saw Thunder, the Wall gave Crowbar one of the hardest chokeslams that I've ever seen, and he did it jumping off the side of the ring aprin and onto the table. Kane just dropped Devon through the table.

Smackdown Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 6
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Just an average day at Smackdown, as the WWF is really going to drag their hyping of Wrestlemania for the 4 weeks that they have to do it. Not a bad show, but nothing spectacular. I'll give it a


for this week. I'd expect a good rating of 4.9 for this show when the ratings come in late tomorrow night.


-Oh my God, ECW news! ECW's Hardcore Revolution did pretty good in sales last week, as they were 2nd for the Playstation, and 6th on the Nintendo 64. You probably noticed that they weren't in the rental list this week, as I usually post it. Well, it's said that when a game is released for two systems, as many people have both an N64 and a Playstation, they will either rent one or the other. Since they are two separate games, they won't be able to go on the list as one, thus, they aren't on the list this week. As for the ECW Hardcore Revolution review. Argh! My area video rental place is having no problem with the demand of the game, but for me, it's just that someone has had the game for 4 more days than he should have. I'll try my best to eventually review that game, so sorry if you've been expecting that quality review.

-Be real sure to watch ECW on TNN tonight at 8pm Eastern Time, as this week, ECW could very well defeat WCW Saturday Night! From the looks of Thunder and Nitro, Saturday Night is very due for some horrible ratings. Therefore, ECW might actually defeat that show and slowly crawl towards any other lower-end show. I know I'm cheering them on in this effort, as things could get very interesting if ECW were to get better ratings than that wretched show. I bet if ECW pulls it off, WCW will really be plugging Saturday Night on their weekday shows. That would be so funny.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow to give some "honest and nonbiased criticism" to ECW on TNN like I have been for every show this week. Yeah, besides, Heat, which I wasn't home to see, I've covered every show this week. So until the next column, just chill..till the next episode!

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