Welcome back to yet another edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. The ratings came in yesterday, and oh my, it's unbelievable! Anyways, on the the PDC.


WCW Monday Nitro

First Hour: 5.1 Second Hour: 3.7 Third Hour: 4.0 Total Composite: 4.3

WWF Raw is War

First Hour: 6.4 Second Hour: 6.3

Head to Head: Raw's 6.35 to Nitro's 3.85. Raw Wins!

-Ok, what does that tell us? Well, that the WWF is providing much more entertainment? That could be it, or maybe viewers are bored of technical wrestling, and they want shock value. I do notice, however, that Raw goes down(a little) every week in the second hour compared to Nitro where they go up. Must be those dirty hyped up main events. It might even be worse when Nitro goes to a 'G' rating.

WWF News

-Those good ratings for the WWF programs might guarantee the WWF of a third hour now. I would only like a third hour, if and only if it was opposing Nitro's first hour. That way, you have 3 hours of head to head competiton. -Expect this Monday for Mankind to wrestle Stone Cold with Paul Wight as the referee, for Mankind to become the 2nd ref. Should be an interesting match. -Many speculate that either Rock or Paul Wight will be out of the corperation after Wrestlemania. Something interesting is going down in the main event at Wrestlemania. -The WWF isn't very pleased with Public Enemy's crowd reaction. Nobody really cares about PE anymore! Look for the WWF to get them over somehow, because they have lost their edge with the fans. -Just a warning to those who have Sable's pictures on your site. Playboy has struck down on every page that contains those pictures, and they will keep doing it, because that's their pictures which they intend to make cash off of. For the love of God, $5 isn't hard to come up with to buy a damn Playboy. But wait, what about the ones under 18? Well, get your uncle to hook you up, I don't know.

WCW News

-Lots of locker room heat continues for WCW. I think the whole federation will explode on each other if something isn't done. Bischoff has taken a few Nitros off recently, which has pissed many wrestlers off, cause Nash and Hogan are controlling the show. Nash has created a new Cliq in WCW, and they are the ones getting television time and pushes, not the ones who deserve it. -Ok, I hear that Sting MIGHT make his return at the March 15th Nitro. If he doen't show up then, I have no idea when he'll return! That's all I know about Sting, so please, no more Sting questions!! -Mikey Whipwreck will make his WCW debut when his injuries are completely healed. Whipwreck is very injury prone, and WCW wants to make sure that he's 100%. -Look for the Nature Boy to find a way to make his presidency in WCW a permanent thing. The WCW officials like having him in the role of the boss at WCW.

Well, that's all I have for you today, I'll be back tomorrow with another Phat Daily Column. So, have a good day!

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