Welcome back..to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Smackdown was on last night, as it attempted to get more buyers of the "Superbowl of Sports Entertainment", Wrestlemania. Hey, it's only 2 Days! 2 Days! 2 Days away! Just for the ones who keep asking, my Wrestlemania predictions will be on the Sunday Morning edition of the Phat Daily Column. Why would I do them today or Saturday when I have wonderful shows like Smackdown and ECW on TNN to rip on? On to the PDC!


-Thunder, which was the dumbest booker in the world's, some call him Kevin Sullivan, final day as WCW booker. Yes, and it truly showed too! Anyway, Thunder got a 2.05 in the ratings Thursday, which is slightly down. I've noticed that, for the past few weeks, the main event hour is lower than the opening hour. That shows they have nothing to impress us with in a main event. Looking at Nitro, it proves it all with the Hogan and Wall match. Hogan was in a horrible match last week on Thunder with Dustin Rhodes, and this week's Thunder featured the Wall fighting Vampiro. Hogan is just way past his prime, doing tricks that worked in 1989, and the Wall is like watching bad wrestling in slow motion. Come on. You wonder why ratings have been low..you are pushing the wrong guys!!!

-One thing I want to discuss more is good old Vince Russo on the NWO. Yes, you are reading the column of the guy who FAILED Nitro when Russo reunited the New World Order. Russo still feels that the NWO can still make a big impact. Yeah, if you plan on keeping the ratings lower than 3.0 everyweek. I agree with Boyd on this one, in that I want to see some creativity! That's the MAIN reason why I was really so cruel and evil to the Nitro where the NWO reunited. It was an old recycled angle for one, and since Russo was cosidered "such a great writer" then, he showed me that he lacked creativity to come up with his own ideas. I said he would probably be out the door for it, and yes he was about 1 month or so later. But the new NWO did NOT catch any significant ratings on the Nitros after it formed..in fact, ratings were dropping. So if that doesn't show you anything Vinnie Roo, then your doom for the second time is locked.

-Look for WCW news to be very slow with WCW taking a nice week off to "attempt" to write brand spanking new storylines. I just hope they get their damn heads screwed on straight. People think I'm sooo cruel to WCW, but what the hell have they given me as a fan? Bad and unwatchable shows? Do you think I enjoy seeing Hulk Hogan, whom I didn't like when I was younger, still wrestling as the top man at his age? Do you think I enjoy seeing the younger wrestlers in bad angles or having to put over the older guys? I've always watched WCW, and I've watched it ever since late 1988 when it was still NWA. I've been a loyal fan of their promotion, and I just get so frustrated when WCW can't book or produce any good shows anymore. Russo and Bischoff better book anything better than what Sullivan did, or I'm through watching it.


-Ouch. That's one word that you can say for CBS, as NBC possibly pulled a fast one on their counterpart. NBC not only bought into the XFL, but they also now own 3% of the WWF by buy $30 Million worth of WWFE stock. Of course, that was NBC's own doing, but it still can't please CBS. CBS and NBC have had wars over the years over ratings and football rights, so this XFL deal and NBC buying stock will anger CBS into possibly NOT giving the WWF a good deal. Of course, then again, it could make them want to buy more because NBC took the bait on having XFL games on their channel. Hey, tomorrow is April 1st by the way, as that is the first day where the WWF would announce if they have signed with anybody or not. Speaking of the XFL/NBC deal, I found it rather odd for UPN to let the WWF show their press conference about it.

-I guess the Wrestlemania card is ready, right? Well, yeah I guess, as a few matches were quickly booked tonight. I do have some major complaints about the hyping though from last night. For one, why the hell did they have the Dudley Boys job to Kane/Rikishi? I mean that I'm big fans of Kane and Rikishi, but how can you have your World Tag Team champions put over another tag team in a non-title match just 3 days before Wrestlemania? Not wise by the WWF, as the same could be said for the X-Pac/Road Dogg vs. Edge/Christian match, even though the Hardy Boys interfered on that to add "heat" to the match. I would have been REALLY pissed if T&A were to defeat the Hardy Boys by the way...

-Once again, another WWF title is made a mockery by a McMahon. So now, let me think here. Shane was European champion last year before Wrestlemania, Vince was World Champion last fall, and now Stephanie as women's champ?!? So that means that Linda McMahon is the ONLY McMahon to have never held a WWF championship of some sort. But back to the women's title, it was rather sad to see the WWF hand it to Stephanie though, because poor Jackie was a proud champ. If you have seen "WWF Come Get Some", you would see that she was very proud to be champion back in her day, and would be happy to win it again, which she recently did. Now, she gets to put over Stephanie, thus killing off another title. I think the WWF isn't too keen on the Women's title anymore due to the fact that the matches are struggling to gain ratings, and the fact that the division doesn't have many women to wrestle. Hmm.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with another Phat Daily Column which will feature (I hope) ECW on TNN getting full impressions, Phat Stats©, and a grade. One more week of NCAA tournaments to counter! So just chill.....till the next episode.

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