Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. The ratings are in ladies and gentlemen! I must say I was surprised on how the NCAA tournament final didn't affect the ratings. Anyways, on to the PDC.

But before I go to the Phat Daily Column, I have something I want to say. Yesterday, I had one of my proudest moments as an internet wrestling columnist. I was surprised to hear about someone having my name on the Lords of Pain sign at Raw the other day. I was shocked when I read Ryan Brander's post yesterday. I never thought I would ever be liked enough to be on a sign, no less on a sign on Monday Night Raw. The man who held up the sign was Ryan Wild. I also want to thank his friend Vinny Trifilio for giving him the idea. I was touched yesterday when I heard about this, and I want to thank you guys very much for your appreciation, as it means a lot to me!


WCW Monday Nitro

First Hour: 4.3 Second Hour: 3.1 Third Hour: 3.2 Composite: 3.53

WWF Raw is War

First Hour: 6.6 Second Hour: 6.4 Composite: 6.5

Head to Head: Raw: 6.5 and Nitro: 3.15

-Alright, I am shocked to see no ratings affects except a little on Nitro. They usually pull around upper 3's and lower 4's. The WWF put up tough numbers again, as the post Wrestlemania Raw always does good. I am just wondering how the NCAA game did. I didn't see any of it all until the wrestling shows were over, and I got to see the final minutes, which is all I really care for in a basketball game. WCW had some matches which I figured would affect Raw's numbers, but by looking at the ratings, that WWF juggernaut can't be stopped now. I think both shows watered their shows down(a little) because of the NCAA game. Oh well.


-You really think that Bret Hart has quit WCW? That's just something to mess with your head. It's obviously an angle, as they are trying to create an angle kind of like McMahon screwing Bret. The Hitman will obviously come back, and by being so much against Bischoff now, he'll get some face heat, and he's finally going to have a decent angle. Plus, he knocked Goldberg out cold on Nitro, and embarassed him too, so their angle will be a good one too. Bret Hart, for the moment, is still going to be in WCW. -Oh my, the WCW hardcore division really has a hardcore member. Raven's sister, Chastity, was a porno star before she went into the wrestling business. How's that for a G rated company? That is sad though, because that will most likely cost poor Chastity her job. They should just ignore that, and go on. Besides, the WWF has many porn stars and strippers working for them now. The Godfather's Hoes are either strippers or porn stars and Ryan Shamrock is a stripper in real life. -It seems that the booking team(mainly Nash with Hogan having some say) is going to have someone defeat Ric Flair for the World Title. They think having Flair as champ has made no difference in the ratings. Plus, they don't get along with Flair, and Flair has accused them of booking him in a terrible match at Nitro last week vs. Rey Misterio, knowing how crappy the ratings were going to be so that they have an excuse for having him drop the title. -Next week's Nitro is supposed to have a new set-up and it will have the Macho Man coming back also. It will have a new look, new music, and it will be coming to you live from Las Vegas. They "claim" it could be the biggest Nitro in history. They are doing this just so maybe they can try to get some ratings. I think everyone is sick of that annoying Nitro music anyways. Hopefully, they start a cool Sting angle Monday, because I think it could draw some ratings, instead of seeing the usual, and BORING, Flair, Hogan, Nash, and Goldberg all the time.


-As many have reported, an angle is starting where Shane McMahon will now become the top corporate boss, and he will be even harsher than McMahon. They even might play it out to have Shane be the "one" that the Undertaker refers to. If you noticed on Raw, Shane didn't care too much about Stephanie getting kidnapped, plus he was left untouched when the Ministry kidnapped her. Kind of ironic. Maybe he's the answer the rather boring Ministry needs to spice them up in the storylines. (Credit Scoops for a lot of this info) -The WWF was rather pleased, and so was I, with Ken Shamrock's performance on RAW Monday, so they will try to involve him in more better angles before he goes off and tries to get into UFC again. Shamrock is a great performer, but nobody gives him any credit because they think that he's not so strong as just a studio wrestler. Just remember, Shamrock is making more money now, he doesn't have to kill himself to get ready for big fights anymore, and he has also already showed everyone that he can kick ass in UFC. Also, I think that incest angle is just some B.S. that Madden is starting, so don't believe it just yet. -The HHH turn will turn him into a main eventer, but it won't happen just yet. They want to build him up first. I'm just wondering, how can HHH and the Rock get along together. My money is on the Rock getting kicked out because of HHH, and those two will feud. That was an exciting feud back in the day, even if the Rock couldn't climb that ladder at Summerslam. Many have told me that HHH could be going after the Intercontinental Title that his former DX teammate Road Dog has, but I doubt it. When HHH re-signed with the WWF a few months ago, the WWF was pleased that he re-signed that they wanted to make him a main eventer and a title contender also. HHH deserves it, because he has been a hard and excellent worker in the WWF.

Extra stuff...

I just want to congradulate the good fellas at Top-rope.com for defeating my challenge of getting 500 Raw pictures, and they even beat it by 30. James Vaughn was mostly responsible for this, and that has to be a record somewhere. Another huge Milestone was Lordsofpain.net/WrestlingEmpire.com getting around 850 pictures from Wrestlemania!! Wow! No Chance In Hell that can be beat either!

Keep in mind that my e-mail account STILL can't send mail, so don't panic, or think I'm being a prick by not replying, I just can't do it! I'll try to figure out why I can't send mail. Sorry that I can't reply, but I do read all of your e-mail, and I must say I enjoy it. : )

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with another PHAT edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. So until then, happy wrestling. This is Mr. Tito, the King of the phat daily columns, signing off!

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