Good ol' Friday. You know what I like about college? You can stack the rest of your days to possibly set yourself for a day off. That's what I have again done for this quarter, which gives me a nice day off to relax. Yes, that's right, so for those of you who have to go to school or work on Friday, allow me to deliver this message:


Excuse me. Now that I've lost a good many readers, let's proceed....

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NO multimedia reviews today. The video had nothing to review, besides some 1980s WWF videos. Sure, it would be fun for me to review those, but it would bore the majority of the readers, unfortunately. Actually, I'm glad the store had no more to review, cause I didn't want to live through another WCW "Best of" video. The Uncensored video is enough for me, thank you.

A couple readers have pointed out the absence of the Mick Foley video reviews. Yes, I'm guilty there. I've already reviewed the Madman Unmasked one, which was the same thing as the A&E biography review. I have yet to review "the 3 Faces of Foley" or the latest Mick Foley video, "Hard Knocks and Cheap Pops". Maybe someday, I'll get those in for a review. Video rental stores seem to be slacking on wrestling videos lately.

Anyway, we have a show to review, WWF Smackdown, today, so everything is all good. This column would have been earlier, but since my Smackdown comes on a WB station, it came much later in the night and I couldn't compile a PDC when being very tired late last night. When I'm tired, I make a significant amount of errors, if you haven't noticed in the really late night PDCs.

Oh well. On to the PDC.


At least I can still use one Glenn Chandler banner. Did I mention that Mr. Chandler makes great banners? The GREAT Chunder banner must be put on the shelf, and the Monday Night Impressions one had pictures of certain wrestlers that "Big Brother" would attack LoP for (legal threats, you name it!).

You know what pisses me off? Whenever they involve police within angles. You want to know why? Because there is so much assault that goes on in wrestling, and they do nothing about it. However, whenever a dirty heel, like Triple H insists on police protection, the Undertaker gets arrested at will. During the rest of the night, a stable or an alliance will come down to beat a wrestler. Shouldn't the cops concern themselves more about that instead? I'd certainly hope so. And of course, no cops will arrest you if you destroy a motorcycle, either. Triple H vs. Undertaker has been so poorly hyped as of late.

Justin Credible has yet to prove the wrestling world why the WWF has picked him up. Credible and X-Pac took on the Acolytes in a simply horrible match, with run ins here and there to hype the stupid Tazz/Acolytes vs. RTC match at Wrestlemania, which I bet about 0.0000001 % of the WWF fans want to see.

Backstage angles everywhere! I found it funny that Shane McMahon was backstage. He should have brought at LEAST one WCW guy with him, and he should use at LEAST one WCW guy at Wrestlemania. WCW fans, I feel, are going to buy Wrestlemania just to possibly see one of their stars popping up on the show. A name wrestler already signed, like BOOKER T would be PERFECT for the role. Ok, I'll quit marking out for Booker T....

Good tag match, overall, by Test/Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero/Kurt Angle. Do you know why it was a good match? Because all 4 guys can work a match, simply put.

Oh no, a Rock and Austin brawl! That really doesn't get me any more excited for their match Sunday.

Ok Jerry Lynn fans, you can calm yourselves down since he didn't appear on Smackdown. RhYno beat Matt Hardy in a quick match, with the screwjob from Edge/Christian. I guess RhYno paid his dues for winning the match afterward, when the Dudleys and the Hardyz just kicked his ass. Hey, isn't Paul Heyman part of the creative team now? How much do you wanna bet that Rhyno, Spike, and possibly Jerry Lynn might just walk into the TLC match?

Don't really care for Chyna saving Trish from Ivory. Not at all. Chyna better win that Women's title, or there will be nothing else to do with her character at this point.

I've seen better main events, and the tag match didn't get me excited for Wrestlemania, either.

LAST WORD: Too much "sports entertainment" for me to handle, and too many slapped together tag matches as well. We'll go C- (C minus) for this show.


Honestly, Vince McMahon needs to totally drop the XFL after this season. It's become the biggest laughing stock in sports history, and the ratings continue to plunge week after week. Vince McMahon should offer a buyout to the NFL just so it forces them to expand. They could add the Los Angeles Xtreme, Orlando Rage, and Las Vegas Outlaws to the league. That could give something for Vince to stroke his ego upon, and to allow him to focus on the newly acquired WCW, which will need some attention. Wrestling is what Vince does best, and he should expand that before the trend of wrestling dies out.

Like I said above.... The WWF really needs to consider having at least one WCW personality or wrestler there Sunday Night at Wrestlemania. Just ONE wrestler won't hurt, and it will give something for the WCW fans, who gladly bought the Pay Per View after what they saw Monday Night, something to gain out of buying the Pay Per View to watch more shows. It's just simple logic, that's all.

Slam! posted a rumor about Sting possibly accepting the Time Warner buyout plan, and just retiring. Now I know that Sting is getting older, but you can't deny that he still has some recognition in the wrestling world. He is one of the few that has never been under a Vince McMahon contract. Well, maybe his rumored retirement is to keep up this fact, and show total loyalty to the company he's been a part of since late 1987 or early 1988. Argh, first I mark for Booker T, and now Sting. That's two paragraphs that many won't agree on.

Oh my God, the Gimmick battle royal is getting worse by the day! They better add a personality of the Brooklyn Brawler to the battle royal. Not just the Brawler, but he's played other stupid gimmicks, like the Abe "knuckleball" Schwartz gimmick about the baseball strike. OR, I propose adding the famous Xanta Klaus, which was the famous evil Santa Claus that Ted Dibiase created because he can buy anybody! The WWF should also add Aldo Montoya just because Justin Credible isn't booked on the card. Why not add the 1-2-3 Kid while you're at it? Well, the Kid did hold championships, but you gotta admit that the name is stupid. Why not add any present WWF wrestlers? Hey, if you are going to embarrass the guys who you wasted a gimmick on, then you should do the same for the current roster. Who knows, a good gimmick instead of the ones being made fun of for this battle royal could have made a difference in one of their careers. You never know!

Isn't it so funny that ever since the WWF bought out WCW, many of the former employees are just totally kissing ass now? Especially the ones who left the WWF in a bad way or have bashed the WWF in some spoken or written form. It's like they think the WWF will forget everything once their career is on the line. Uh huh. Where were your good words toward the WWF before you bought your company out? Exactly. Keep kissing ass, because I'm sure it won't amount to anything but just a good laugh from the wrestling community.

The Jackson 5

No Jackson 5 this week.

Want to know why? I don't have very much wrestling to judge by this week. There was too many quick matches and "sports entertainment" going on for the shows.

I don't rank "sports entertainment", thank you.


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@That's all for today. I'll be back with some kind of history pertaining to Wrestlemania. I might just pick one Wrestlemania to review closely, or do an overview of all of them... Not sure yet. See you tomorrow! Take a 25 Question Test over your Favorite Legend of Zelda Nintendo Game!!!!!

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

Mr. Tito 1998 - 2001 Exclusive to

Click Here to read a good article about the San Francisco Demons attendance for their game. The have an average of 35,005 attending each game!!! Many are attending because the 49ers games are too expensive, or they have been shut out of the game because of the corporations buying up blocks of tickets.

I've noticed that in the San Francisco games, the fans are HUGE fanatics of the Demons. Lots of jerseys within the stands, and they are cheering for most of the game. The same pattern has been showing for Las Vegas, a city that is always ignored when considering a professional sports team.

Nothing else really out there about the XFL. It seems to get less media coverage as a league by the week.