Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column First off, I want to thank everyone for their e-mails yesterday, as it was greatly appreciated. Anyway, we were treated to some Chunder, which was the last Chunder before Russo enters our lives again. Well, I can't think of anything else for this introduction, so on to the Phat Daily Column.


-Uh oh, NBC has signed an agreement with WWF Entertainment to host XFL games, which in some people's eyes, means that the CBS deal is over for the WWF. I doubt that, as now CBS/Viacom will move to put XFL games on the dreaded TNN instead of UPN like they originally intended. This deal is probably the reason why the WWFE stock keeps rising, because NBC is the most respectable network around. Buyers know that, and they have jumped all over it when they heard about the XFL on NBC when it leaked out. I still can't wait until the WWF makes their decision for their WRESTLING.

-Smackdown is tonight, and it looks to be a pretty outrageous show heading into Wrestlemania. I don't know, I have nothing to say in case of ruining someone's wrestling enjoyment, but here is the Smackdown preview with NON spoilers. Many don't even read the non spoilers, so I'll put bars around them so you can move past them quickly, ok?

Dudley Boyz vs. Rikishi/Kane
Tazz vs. Crash Holly
Edge/Christian vs. X-Pac/Road Dogg
Rock vs. Kurt Angle
Eddy Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho
Scotty Too Hotty vs. Dean Malenko
T & A vs. Hardy Boyz
Special matches are added as well


-You know, I'm starting to dig this new attitude of WCW. On their website, they have LOTS of Russo on it, and the whole company has talked about nothing but changes. They make it seem like the second coming or something like that. I guess you could say "Good for WCW" because they haven't had anything to brag about since the LAST time Russo came aboard. Yes, they claimed that Russo was the man who would turn WCW around the first time. Remember what happened? He starts off good, with some decent storylines at first. Then, the storylines get out of wack bigtime. The ratings drop, and BAM, he's out of our lives and Sullivan is here. So just look at Russo's past in WCW before you draw conclusion's that he's the "man" in WCW. Remember, he was the one who recycled an old angle (NWO) when his writing couldn't draw ratings. It was HIS idea to create the "Artist formerly known as Prince Iaukea". So always remember the past, and hope that it's NOT repeated.

-Good old Thunder...since it's the last week before the complete makeover, why not sink this era to the ground, because Thunder, once again, was a horrible show. One thing I did like was the fact that WCW is pushing Cruiserweights...problem is that the Artist still has the title. I could go on and on about the rest of this painful show, but I won't because it would be just too easy. I will discuss 2 things. One, I want to know who the hell considered Brian Knobbs as a hardcore wrestlers? He's, by far, the biggest joke in WCW right now, and why he doesn't wrestle exclusively on Worldwide still baffles me. He pretty much dished out on the Dog this week, which is NOT hardcore. Secondly, the main event showed me a lot. It showed me that the Wall has a lot of developing he must do. Vampiro tried to carry the match, but you just can't when you opponent is sooo slow. Vampiro is ready for the bigtime, but Wall isn't. Maybe if he got in a little better shape?

-I do, however, like how WCW is letting their wrestlers "shoot" over Russo and Bischoff coming in. It should show those boys at Time Warner why their federation was in ruins for the past few months. I'd have to say Booker's was the best, as he said he was tired of all the ass kissing going on in the back. Once again, I plead with Russo. PUSH Booker T

-From all of the rumors going around, Bobby Heenan is NOT fired. Why would they fire him anyway? He's the best heel announcer they have, no matter what they say about Mark Madden. I'm starting to get annoyed by Madden's high pitched voice everyweek on Nitro. Thunder, although the matches are much worse, have some good announcing with Tenay and Heenan. Like I've been preaching though..if Russo and Bischoff are looking for a new announcing team for Nitro, why not try Scott Hudson and Bobby Heenan? Remember when Shiavone took 3 weeks off and Hudson stepped in? Those were the best commentated Nitros I've ever heard! Why not give it a try?

@That's all I have to say for today's Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow to rip on Smackdown or maybe praise it? Who knows. See you tomorrow!

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