Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. A Monday Night went right by, and I was thinking it would be the greatest Monday Night in history. We'll just see how I thought it went down by my famous Mr. Tito's Monday Night Grades. With that being said, lets go to the PDC, shall we?

Monday Night Impressions

-Ever since I have been doing the Monday Night grades, I have been recieving some good and mostly bad comments about my grades. One man, has been really on me about the grades, and so I decided I'd give him a shot. His name is Professor Frank McHone, and he is from the University of Hard Knocks, and he has a doctrine in Smackdown. We'll see how good the Professor really is as he will be grading and reviewing the shows too.


-Once again, the first hour was total crap. Can that first hour ever be something. WCW has many wrestlers in the back who complain of not getting any wrestling time. Why not have them wrestle instead of torturing us with those nWo segments. Oh yeah, Nitro played that stupid Konnan video, AGAIN!!-I felt the Toronto crowd was the best Nitro crowd I have heard in a while. They were all behind the Hitman, Hogan, and even Jericho before he fulled the fans. -Argh, the Flair interviews are becoming very painful to watch. DDP came back tonight also, as well as Sting. But what about Sting? He was the Crow Sting again, but all he did was make one small appearance, which meant absolutely nothing, and he was in the rafters again. Looks like we are repeating history. Oh well, the fact that Sting is back puts a smile on my face.-I don't think Rick Steiner can beat Scott Norton. Norton was the New Japan champ for heavens sake. Steiner has no skills anymore.-Booker T fights some of hte weaker wrestlers in the business. Chris Adams? Can the WCW book anyone better to do the J.O.B.? I mean, don't get me wrong, Chris Adams was a tough sucker beat way back in the days of World Class, but now he's and old man, and he's way out of shape. Get Booker some opponents!-Phew! I was thinking that Jerry Flynn was going to win against Jericho. It's good to see Jericho finally win one, and I must say, he killed the Canadian crowd. -I enjoyed the Bret Hart interview. That was great when he was saying that Goldberg wants Austin, and that he beat him everytime he fought him. I don't know about that, I thought Stone Cold beat him right after their "I quit" match at Wrestlemania? Maybe I'm wrong. I was glad to see the Hitman outsmart Goldberg by having the steel plate underneath the jersey for his spear. Good start to their feud. Don't worry Hitman fans though, he didn't quit, he's just going to have that massive Groin surgery that he needs.-Good to see Buff wrestling, and as a face?? The crowd was completely behind him. I hope he eventually kicks Big Poppa Pump's ass!-Looks like the Benoit and Malenko have already gone to sh*t by having two real cruiserweights defeat them. Must be those dirty bookers in the back. I don't see the team, Kidman and Rey Misterio, who are wrestling each other at Spring Stampede, being the champs. Poor booking I think.-I must say, I did enjoy the final match of the night, DDP vs. Hogan. Flair was cheating all night for DDP, and to see Flair mess up once allowing Hogan for the victory over DDP, was good. I think it was a clean win, just because Flair was cheating for DDP before. This shows where DDP's career is going, or just that Hogan is going to pile up some good victories to attain the credibility that he has lost.====$Well, I must say, it was a decent night of Nitro. They could have booked some better matches. Remember, I ignore the stupid first hour when I grade. The Hogan match was good, the Buff match was good, and the Hitman interview was good also. This Week's Nitro recieves a


for it's efforts.-Professor Frank McHone: Once again unless your name is Hogan, Nash, or Flair, you aren't going to be anything on Nitro. The Hart thing was ok, but I am so sick of the misuse of him. I say let him quit. We all know Goldberg is going to kill him in a match anyway. Nash is the booker after all. The best part of the whole show was Jericho saying "Canada Sucks." Good to see Buff back again also. This Nitro gets a C-. Not the show they had hyped at all. The Sting shot was horrible.


-I don't see why the WWF lets Stone Cold have his own belt. I like the new championship belt, and I feel the Stone Cold belt looks to cheesy. -That women's match, even though it was nice to watch, went no where, except to continue to show how much of a badass Sable is. That was dumb to have the Ministry come down, but it made many of those who reported that Stephanie would get kidnapped come true, only a few months later. -I have to say, I enjoyed watching Ken Shamrock tonight. This was the best I have ever seen him. He was running around like a madman to find Stephanie, and he even put Christian in the ankle hold even after the bloodbath. He acted the search for Stephanie really well. Kudos to Shamrock tonight for a great performance. -The Big Show has lost his touch, already?!? Sure he flatlined Test, but it didn't mean much. The WWF needs to reconfigure him. I think they should start by giving him new tights. Maybe they could give him his Waterboy gimmick as Captain Insano. That would get him over. : )-That was the worst Dr. Death match I have seen ever! Death couldn't wrestler worth a damn last night. Al Snow is pretty whacked. He's probably just saving the Hardcore one for himself.-It was nice to see the Rock actually get a clean pin on someone for once. Usually some corporate member helps interfere during the match. Good match vs. Mr. Ass.-Oh no, Goldust is the IC champ again. He hinted it after the match what was coming back. If you remember what he was like when he was IC champ, it was scary. It looks to be coming back, and I don't like Gaydust. -The Legion of Doom returned to action, and they were way out of shape. They need to get in shape if they are going to make their last run. I felt they were in slow motion last night, but seeing the Doomsday Device was nice. Too bad they got screwed out of the titles. Get in shape LoD, and the titles could be yours again. Just wondering, where was Paul Ellering during that match? He didn't help out much when Debra was distracting the ref. -I was very happy to see Kane come down to the rescue of Xpac. It's my dream to see him join DX. Have him come down in Green and Black tights, and have him do a crotch chop when he raises his arms to make the fire come out. He's perfect for DX!!! Do it WWF!!-Paul Wight and Stone Cold together. I don't think that will be a way to Paul Wight over. ====$Well, I expected more from this Monday Night Raw, especially the one after Wrestlemania. Not a bad show, but it could have been better. This week's Monday Night Raw recieves a


for it's efforts.-Professor Frank McHone: I was not really impressed with RAW. No where near as good as it should have been following the great Wrestlemania last night. Golddust as IC champ??? What is that all about? The Ministry angle is already too old and stupid. I guess Shamrock is the superman of the Corporation now. The Austin angle sucked also. At least the main event was actually believable unlike the no-sell job Hogan did. A few surprises at least on this show. This Raw gets a B-.


-Oh my, ESPN is going to have an Outside the Lines special on Wrestling, and if you have watched those shows before, you can remember that they aren't too nice and they expose whatever they are doing very much. It could cause a blackeye for wrestling, which isn't good. It will air tonight on ESPN at 7:30, and it could hurt wrestling's credibility.-Dave Scherer reports that Scott Hall has reunited with his Ex-Wife and they even remarried. I hope this finally gives Scott Hall satisfaction in his life, so that his life doesn't keep getting embarassed by drugs and alcohol. Scott Hall will probably return, and hopefully when he comes back, his old demons won't come back to haunt him.-Wow, I got lots of e-mails about Michael Cole's slip up. I didn't notice it from the noise in the room where I was watching, but what does it matter. If you didn't know that Stone Cold wasn't going to win the match, you weren't a wrestling fan. It was very obvious, even when we found out that Stone Cold was going to be in the main event at Wrestlemania. Besides, Michael Cole is not perfect. So he made a mistake, so what, big deal. I think he has done a terrific job at the announcers table, and if you don't like it, just go enjoy Tony Shiavone announce, ok?-Well, I have recieved a mixed reaction about Wrestlemania yesterday. Some say it was the worst Wrestlemania ever, while others say it was the best one ever. I say it was a very good one, but not the best. Many of you questioned my 'A' grade that I gave it yesterday. I gave it an 'A' because I was highly entertained by the show. I thought the main event was a classic, and I enjoyed most of the other matches. I felt Wrestlemania was a great finisher to angles, as well as a great creator of them as well. Wrestlemania pulled off a 1 million dollar gate by the way.

@That's it for today's edition of the Phat Daily Column. I hope you have enjoyed it! I'll be back tomorrow with ratings news, hopefully, as well as the continuing saga know as Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. So take care, and happy wrestling. This is Mr. Tito, the King of phat daily columns, signing off!. Have a nice day!

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