Welcome back to the column that NEVER takes a day off, that is the Phat Daily Column. Well, once again, no ECW Hardcore Revolution because somebody is unable to return a game when they rent it. Is it really that hard? I'm hoping to have a review of that in a week's time. On today's agenda, I get to critique Thunder because I forced myself to sit there for 2 hours and watch it. All of this and more, so on to the PDC.

But first...another proud moment.

Thanks to Rick Fuhrman for the wonderful sign at Thunder. He had a sign during the Sid/Kidman/Booker vs. Harris Boys/Jarrett match, where he walked down the aisle with the "Mr. Tito = God" sign in hand. To quote Mick Foley on the sign, "I think you were missing an "O" on the sign". Thanks a lot Rick!


-Many readers are getting a bad misunderstanding of my feelings towards the Rock. For some reason, I'm getting considered a "Rock basher", but I'm actually not. I believe, like the next guy, that the Rock is at the top of the industry today. The only thing that I don't like are those repetitive catch phrases that he says over and over. That's all!!! And the only time that I rip on his ability are his two finishers, the People's Elbow and the Rock bottom. To me, they are entertaining to watch, but they are about as strong as a big boot, leg drop combo. When I report something about the Rock, like maybe how wrestlers back Triple H, that is reporting what was sent to me. I enjoy watching the Rock, as he's one of the most entertaining wrestlers around, but I rip on everybody for little things..come on!

-One question I get asked a lot is when will Trish Stratus show up? I don't have a clue on that one, so please stop asking.

-So when will Vince come back? Some rumors are suggesting sometime before Wrestlemania so that he can fix the main event match. Others are saying the night after to create fresh storylines. Vince has the mentality now that he doesn't need to be on television. The ratings are high with a long storyline being dragged out, and that's the Triple H-Stephanie relationship. Hell, I'm really happy to see Shane back, as somebody needs to start feuding with him so that he can wrestle at Wrestlemania. I'd say Vince is really good with words, but Shane can really entertain in the ring, and during a time where matches seem to be more important than the storylines, Shane is perfect for this era.

-Speaking of Vince, did anybody read what he did for the British Bulldog? It was in the Calgary Sun section of Canoe, and it talked about how Vince personally flew the British Bulldog down to Atlanta to check him into a treatment center, will pay him 3 months salary for his stay there, and Vince is paying($75,000) for the treatment! That's very honorable of him, and it shows that he's not an egomaniac like many consider him to be. He cares for his wrestlers greatly. Unlike anybody in WCW, the WWF wants to help any WWF wrestlers whenever possible. If you want proof of that, just look at the Radicals. They just can't stop saying good things about the WWF!


-Reason for WCW struggling: messed up storylines. Yes, you probably already know that, but by watching Thunder last night, you could really see it. After the Flair vs. Buff match on Thunder, Curt Hennig, of all people, ran down to save Buff. Now didn't Hennig and Buff have a nice feud during the early Russo era? How forgetful are we WCW? But I guess that bad blood just disappears into thin air for the storylines, right?

-Thunder had two awesome table spots! The first one was from the "Dog"(Al Greene), or whoever that crazy mofo was that Finley and Knobbs brought down. He did a powerslam off the top rope, through a table, on one of the members of 3 Count. Devastating! Then, the Wall did a HUGE chokeslam on Crowbar from the ring aprin outside to the announcers table. Damn that was a massive chokeslam! Good stuff from WCW there, as I hope that they don't have to continually resort to that kind of punishment for their wrestlers.

-Poor Chavo. He had to give an explanation for his horrible storyline during the Russo era, as his business went bankrupt. Tonight, he fought Prince Iaukea, as I'm still baffled why WCW still insists on pushing this loser. Why WCW why? Maybe if one of the wrestlers dress up as a bigger 80s pop star, then maybe they will get the Cruiserweight title, right? Note to WCW: La Parka can perform. He's easily the most entertaining Luchadore around, as he has so much charisma, it's ridiculous! Oh wait, WCW has their thing about Cruiserweights, as few have even came close to the US title. Lord knows we just can't push an over Luchadore.

-Now the NWO contest in the back was a good piece of eye candy, but it was the worst wrote skits I've ever seen. Who wrote that crap? I bet stupid Kevin Nash was behind that one, as he's usually the thoughtful one on skits involving women. Well, the movement to maybe push Vampiro kept going on Thunder, as Vampiro fought Lex Luger this week. Oh joy, Luger made an example out of him by trying to break his arm. Enough already. I think that WCW is really misusing the Package, as he has the gimmick going for him, just nobody to push his character well. Speaking of the Package, a fan who held up a sign "The Package Sucks" kept getting that very sign censored by WCW.

-The WCW ref wars are so stupid. WCW had way too much backstage instances last night, as it really hurt the rest of the show. The main event, with Booker/Kidman/Sid vs. Harris Brothers/Jarrett, was good except for the fact that they wouldn't let Booker pin precious Jeff Jarrett. What is Jeff Jarrett anyway? All he does is rub off his former WWF persona, and when that gets old, which it already has, what can he do? Why not let him put over a much more talented and younger wrestler? Oh wait, this is WCW...we can't just do that.

Thunder Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 1

Last Word: If you aren't a patient wrestling fan, then this show would have drove you crazy. Tons of interviews, backstage scenes, and promos. Why can't they just settle it in the ring is what you should ask. At least the commentating was good tonight, with Heenan and Tenay. That is the best duo on WCW television right now, as they are way better than the high pitched guys on Nitro. Some good matches here on Thunder, and again, some bad. Therefore, I'll give it a


for a somewhat watchable show. I bet it will get a 2.1 in the ratings because I bet that many fans turned the channel when they saw a million interviews, promos, or backstage scenes.

@That's all for today's column. I'll be back with some more column tomorrow, so until then, just chill till the next episode. Phat Farm: NEW "Getting Educated" which you just can't resist to not Click Here and Read!Take Care, and Thanks for Reading Everyday.

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